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2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

Sorry this column was so late this week.  My PC was in the shop and I was out of town, attending a funeral for my grandfather.  He died from complications that arose after a surgery to remove some cancer from his lungs.

This week was probably the best one ever since the show got back to the good stuff.  The best thing we saw was probably the long-awaited exposure of Kate and Eugeniaís scheme and her ousting from Lucasís life!  There were other significant things, as well, but that event was probably the best!

Brady/Chloe: Again, we only saw Brady and Chloe for one day this week, but thatís okay.  We still got some romance.  Unfortunately, we got to see Chloeís cowardly side return as she seemed determined to make sure Brady let her go.  But Iím going to give Brady a lot of credit for telling her the one thing weíve known all along.  If Chloeís really willing to throw away her future with Brady over a few scars that really wonít matter in the long run, then she probably doesnít love him as much as sheís let on.  Maybe their love is a lie.  That convinced Chloe to wake up and realize that Brady would love her no matter what she looked like.  So does this mean weíve seen the last of Chloe the Coward and will finally see the Chloe we can actually root for again?  Weíll have to wait until we see them again.

Shawn/Belle/Philip: The only person in this triangle Iím really going to rant against is Belle.  Sheís still in love with Shawn, yet sheís going to stay with Philip all because sheís carrying his baby?  (What if it isnít his baby?)  I hate to say this, but the character of Belle Black is definitely heading toward ruination.  Unless sheís already there, that is.  I really wouldnít mind seeing this character ditched.  Iím just glad my precious Kirsten Storms (ex-Belle) isnít here to see what TPTB have done to her former character.  And now, come to think of it, Iím going to make a quick rant about Philip.  Is he that eager to make love to Belle that he canít wait until heís actually ready to go up the stairs of the loft?

Shawn/Mimi: I never noticed until watching their scenes on Monday just how much chemistry these two had!  Seriously, the spark is there, and I think itís only a matter of time before it ignites a flame.  I was cheering Shawn on when he hit Mimi with the harsh (but accurate) truth ó itís ď[her] own damn faultĒ that Rex left her.  I really think she should give Belle a break and just take responsibility for her own actions.  Trying to get revenge against Belle just out of her frustration is not the answer at all.

John/Marlena/Alex: So this week, we finally got to meet Dr. Alex North, who is played by an old fan favorite ó Wayne Northrop.  I was a little bit excited to meet him.  Iíd already seen what he looked like, but I was surprised to hear what he sounded like.  Now, I never watched DAYS before 2002 (not on a full-time basis, anyway), but I learned from several sources that Wayne Northrop is the original Roman Brady.  And I think there are a few things that may point to Alex being the real Roman.  First, he immediately came to Salem when he heard that heíd be treating Marlena.  Second, Marlena definitely seemed to have a reaction to him.  Third, that flashback we were shown definitely looked like Roman and Marlena in the old days.  Fourth, the chemistry between Alex and Marlena is definitely there, and fans also saw it between Wayne Northrop and Deidre Hall (Marlena) when Wayne was Roman.  So If Alex really is the real Roman, I think Johnís going to have to watch out.  Especially considering what Alexís intentions with Marlena are.  And speaking of John, come on!  A worldwide scavenger hunt to find items to jog Marlenaís memory?  Why not just try things from your penthouse?

Roman/Kate: Iíd say they definitely made inroads where John and Marlena were concerned.  Roman had a choice to make and he chose Kate.  Now, I donít know whether to be happy or upset about this, considering he still doesnít know the truth about Kate.  Or he didnít until Lucasís birthday party.  I was so ready to smack the makeup off Kate when I saw her smirk at Sami seemingly losing the battle for Lucas.  Thatís why I felt so relieved when her house of cards came tumbling down and her lies were put out there in the open.  So basically, the only good news Kate got all week was that Rex had broken his engagement to Mimi.  (I agree with Kate that she was not right for Rex after all of her lies.  Her lies pretty much confirmed that.)  She also got the pleasure of learning Belle was pregnant and that Shawn wouldnít be bothering her and Philip anymore.  But getting back to the fallout of Kateís ultimate defeat, Iím left wondering now is what happens to Roman and Kateís marriage?  Maybe itís going to end as a result of this.  (Please, God?)

Lucas/Sami: Well, Lucas must be feeling pretty stupid now.  He knows the truth about his mother that he shouldíve known months ago.  But Iím glad he knows now.  Iím sure he understands that what Kate did was done out of love, but I donít see any forgiveness coming to his mother for quite a long time to come.  Those scenes of Sami getting everything ready to finally expose Kate were a riot, beginning with the plan involving stealing the tapes from Eugenia (with Nicoleís help, of course) and ending with the birthday present (Eugeniaís tapes) at Lucasís surprise party.  I loved how Sami lulled Kate into a false sense of security by admitting her ďguiltĒ in sleeping with Brandon (even though it was really to see if Kate would tell the truth herself, even though we all knew she wouldnít), and then blew her and Eugenia right out of the water.  Now, the ironic part about all this is that Samiís usually the one busted for everything sheís done.  But Samiís the one doing the busting this time around.  And thatís just incredible!

Eugenia: So Eugenia finally got her job from Kate, as well as her money.  Iím not surprised.  Kate was really desperate to keep the truth from coming out.  I give kudos to Daphne Bloomer for nailing all of Eugeniaís emotions this week.  The anger at losing her tapes because of drunken, bumbling Nicole, the suspicion she felt from Sami being so nice to her and Kate at Lucasís birthday party, the uneasy look on her face when Sami played the tapes to Lucas, and the utter devastation she experienced when she knew she was busted and Kate took the new job away from her.  But despite her devastation and her vows to make Sami and Kate pay for her life being ruined (again), I didnít feel a bit sorry for her.  She deserved it.  I hope this isnít the last weíve seen of her.  Tekís storyline with Lexie is really pointless.  Iíd like to see Eugenia get with him.

Bo/Hope: The only really exciting part I saw this week was when the frogman causing all of Bo and Hopeís problems kidnapped Hope right off the deck of the Fancy Face III and took her overboard with him.  The rest of it was pretty dull for me.

Tony/Bart: These two are back again for the first time in nearly two months.  Iím glad to see Bart.  Heís as hilarious as ever, making the comments about protecting his manhood and basically all the things that Hope did to hurt him.  However, Iím not at all glad to see Tony.  Heís the same cartoon villain he was before we were treated to all those glorious weeks of his absence.  I basically ignored all of his dialogue, so Iím not going to say much more about him.

Jack/Jennifer/Frankie: As far as Jack is concerned, Billie is right.  Heís making a terrible mistake by not telling Jennifer the truth.  But I canít believe his sickness included losing his sense of touch!  That burn really looked painful!  And I thought his anti-Patrick crap was getting a little bit lighter when all he said was he couldnít take a chance where Patrick was concerned.  But it all came rushing right back when he made the comment about Patrick being like a bad rash that wouldnít go away.  Couldnít stand him.  As for Frankie and Jennifer, I really adored that flashback of them dancing together.  It looks like there really was something between them back then, and it may be resurfacing between them and they donít even know it yet.  Like I said last week, if Jack does, God forbid, die from his illness, I wouldnít mind Jennifer getting with Frankie at all.  They look like theyíd have a happy, loving relationship.

Maggie/Julie/Alice: The three of them were lovely sights to see this week at Lucasís birthday party.  None of them did anything for me to rant about, so Iíll move on.

Chelsea/Max/Abby: I canít believe how much trouble Chelsea got herself and Abby into ó and she just barely got her new car!  She got into a car chase with the police because she wouldnít stop when she was speeding.  However, something she said did evoke some sympathy from me.  She said that after losing her parents, she didnít want to lose anything else ever again.  But most of my sympathy left when she said that ďanything elseĒ included Patrick.  Get over it, girl!  Heís too old for you!  And now, sheís turning into a little slut by wanting to give Max her virginity after saving her and Abbyís bacon.  If this girlís supposed to have redeeming qualities, Iím really not seeing them.

Patrick/Billie: I really donít think attacking Max for overhearing his phone conversation was the way for Patrick to go.  In fact, I know it wasnít the way to go.  Iím really wondering what these mysterious phone calls Patrick makes are all about.  I really hope heís not in contact with the DiMeras.  But I do hope that by ďherĒ (the person he told his mystery contact he wouldnít hurt, no matter what), he meant Billie.  The two of them have really grown close since they met in that cave on the island and have a good shot at a real relationship.  But I wish Patrick would open up to Billie on what heís really up to first.  Thatíd be a step in the right direction.

Next week, Victor and Caroline are finally seen again!  Lucas and Samiís engagement is back on!  And weíll see another romp between Tek and Lexie!  So tune in next week as these events and more unfold!

And thatís just whatís on my mind!

To let me know whatís on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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