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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion by Justin

Sami Gets Her Man!

Sami planning a surprise birthday party for Lucas was wonderful, because it also involved a little help from Maggie and Julie, who believe that Lucas and Sami are right for each other! Sami popped out of Lucasí birthday cake with so much enthusiasm that I couldnít help but smile when she kissed Lucas and told him she was going to give him the best birthday ever. The entire event was well done. I was trying to figure out why Sami was taking the blame for everything that Kate and Eugenia had done to her, but then once the tapes came out Kate was finally exposed as the nasty witch she is, just think Kate, if you would have confessed before the tapes were brought out, you might have been able to redeem yourself.

I will give Kate credit, because once it was out in the open Kate after only a few attempts to get herself out of this sticky predicament owned up to everything she had done to Sami, and vowed that she would do it all over again. Iím also glad that Kate spared us the waterworks and attack mode and didnít even try to manipulate everyone by crying and going after at Sami. But I will say how disappointed how it played out, nothing overly climatic occurred, but it would have been fun to watch.

Let me say this I do like Kateís determination on the issue that she wants her children to be happy. I mean it is kind of sweet in a deranged sort of way that your mom would go through all the trouble just to make you happy. Now Kate will be like if Lucas is not in my life anymore then he wonít be in Samiís life either, which will enter a drunken Nicole.


How funny was Nicole this week. I have been a big fan of Nicole since she showed up as a waitress at Salem Place. To see Nicole acting goofy and staggering around was just so entertaining to watch. They should make Nicole like the character Karen on Will and Grace, for those of you who have never watched Will and Grace tune in for one episode just to see Karen. Seeing Nicole that funny was great Iím ready for more Sami and Nicole schemes.

Dr. North

Dr. North is a tricky character to figure out right now. I remember watching Days when this actor played Roman, and seeing the old Marlena and Roman flashbacks makes me wonder if he will be the real Roman? If Dr. North is the real Roman then I would love for Marlena and Roman to get back together, just watching the scene between Deidre Hall and Wayne Northrop there is still something between these two!

What is he hoping to find by getting all of Marlenaís medical history since the days she arrived in Salem? He has got my interest now!


I wonder if Phillip does know that Shawn and Belle wants to be together? The way he is acting makes me think that he does. In a way he acts as if he is rubbing Shawnís nose in the fact that he and Belle are married, going to have a baby, and that Shawn is no longer able to be with her. So did Phillip read that e-mail that Jan sent?

I hope that Phillip is unaware of Belle and Shawnís feelings, because it would lower my opinion of him if he started knowingly keeping Belle from the one she loves, even though Belle can do a lot better than Shawn, but if Phillip purposely keeps them apart then he wouldnít be right for her either.

Lexie and Tek

Normally I try to write on the previous weeks story that is from Monday to Friday, but in this case I watched todayís episode, which is the 8th, and was horrified with what Lexi and Tek did today. I do not like the fact that they made love. I donít care how long it has been that she has been without her husbandís touch, the fact that she made love to another man in a hospital room when Abe was wondering the hallways was inexcusable.

Now rationally yes Lexie and Abe are having problems because he is blind and impotent, but Lexie said out of her own mouth that their was more to a marriage to her than just sex, now she is complaining that she isnít getting any. Make up your mind!

Then Lexie said something that didnít register with me. Lexie told Tek that she couldnít sneak around anymore like this? What! Did this happen before and I just didnít see that episode or has this been going on off camera? Tek keep your equipment in your pocket until Lexie divorces Abe. I am just personally against cheating when you are in a committed relationship and if the vows of marriage arenít a committed relationship then I donít know what is!


So Hope is kidnapped again, does she hold the record of kidnappings yet or is Marlena still in the lead? Iíve lost track! Anyways even though we didnít get to see the scenes where Hope attacked Bart and started a fire, it was still a neat thought that tiny Hope can kick some major butt! I loved when Bart pleaded with Tony to not allow him check on Hope anymore, which was a nice touch! Hopefully when this story unravels, Caroline and Victor are on their way back to Salem alongside Hope and Bo!


First why was Chelsea driving her car when she isnít that experience with a standard car? Next, why would Abby willing go with her knowing how reckless Chelsea has been lately? My final question is why then knowingly was she driving without insurance? You would think that surrogate parents Billie and Patrick would make sure she had taken care of that by now? Chelsea outran the cop that was trailing them to Abbyís house where they thought they would be able to lose the cop? Chelsea is having more and more poor judgment. At least Max out of the goodness of his heart or a little further south I should say, was able to save Chelsea any bad damage!


Here we go again. Patrick is getting his mysterious call wanting him to do something that he just donít want to do or as he said it Iím not going to hurt her. Logically it would have to be Tony calling him, because after Patrick backstabbing, not literally, Tony on the island Tony would have had him taken care of by now, so I will say that Patrick is still working for Tony. Now here is the question, is he a good guy or a bad guy? I hope that he is a good guy, and turns out to be an ISA agent or something on that order. Otherwise not even his six-pack abs can save him.

Frankie, Jennifer, and Jack

If something does happen to Jack and he does die or appear to be dead and Tony ends up with him once again. I really wouldnít mind Frankie and Jennifer exploring their feelings for each other again. If Frankie would have never left Salem I donít think Jack and Jen would have ever happened. Now donít get me wrong I like Jack and Jen together, but Iím just saying if something should happen Jen and Frankie would be a great couple.

Hey, itís just what I think!


A face can launch a thousand ships, but one voice can make a difference! E-mail me at

P.S. I just finished reading Allison Sweenyís autobiography (Days Of My Live, So Far) it was a very fast read and highly enjoyable, if you get a chance read it, it is worth it!

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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