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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion by Justin

Mimiís Secret Revealed

Letís just jump right into the main event this week, which was Belle loudly talking about Mimiís abortion. First off let me say that Rex needed to know the truth, but even though Iím glad that it is all out in the open Belle truthfully shouldnít have kept going on and on about the abortion. Mimi told Belle that Rex was close by and Belle should have just dropped it, but instead it seemed like Belle got louder when Mimi told her where Rex was, so I donít believe Belle accidentally let it slip. If Mimi wanted to keep her abortion a secret then Belle should have just zipped her lips and let Mimi keep making her mistakes.

When Mimi said the paybacks are a bitch I was so ready for it all to come tumbling out, but was disappointed when it didnít occur. Even though it wouldnít have been right for Mimi to knowingly and purposely blab Belleís situation to Phillip just to cause Belle anguish, it would have been one of the best Days moments in a long time! I am starting to play around with the thought of what a great villainess Mimi would be!

My last though on the issue of Mimiís secret being reveled was the huge let down to Rexís departure from the show. He is standing on the roof, we see him leave and then that is it. But then we find that his clothes are gone, he had time to type out a resignation to Aliceís, and accept a job in Chicago. These could have been great moments for Mimi to beg him to stay and whatnot before he left but once again Days cheats us out of some great potential moments. I just hope that Cassie as well didnít leave with Rex, like many people are starting to speculate.

The Fancy Face III

I am glad to see more classic Bo and Hope scenes. I remember them always being on the Fancy Face when I would watch them many years ago. This is how I will always remember Bo and Hope, traveling on their Fancy Face. The exploding alcohol bottle and being tracked by a Tony worker I just donít care about anymore. Like my last few articles have mentioned I am jaded when it comes to the DiMera stories anymore. Even if Stefano comes back, which is what is being speculated, with the return of a fan favorite actor. I still would say get rid of the super villain and finally take a different approach to the show.

Reading between the Lines

Daytime has never been one to skip around how people act. Recently we have watched Chelsea chasing after Patrick. Chelsea won the car at the dance competition and it was a standard car. Chelsea didnít know how to drive a standard and asked Patrick if he would teach her. She puts her hand on his and more less tells him that she wants to feel how he handles his stick. Okay that is not too complicated to figure out.

Then we have to watch Billie on a date with Max, which she doesnít want to be out with him, but to keep him away from Chelsea she decides to go with him. As they are dancing together Max tells Billie, ďShe was making it hard,ĒÖthere is a brief pauseÖ and says for him, ďto dance because she was so beautiful.Ē

I think that this kind of talk is for the younger teen audience that the show has attracted or are hoping to attract. I mean look at the shows that were/are on prime time they use more sexual innuendoes that they are able to get away with, but on daytime it is on during the day time! I think pretty soon that soap operas will be more graphic, use stronger language, and more risky nudity of course it wouldnít be full nudity, but Iím sure a butt or too will begin to be shown now and then. The reason that this will happen is because that is what the public is currently watching and it will start to linger into daytime sooner or later.


I didnít want Marlena to lose the baby, but it happened and as much as I hated this move when I found out that she was going to lose the baby, I then realized something. I gave this a little more thought and came up with, yes Marlena lost the baby, but watch it show up in a few years. Once everything is settled some bizarre situation would have happened the baby was taken from Marlena and implanted into someone else, maybe even Belle. Yes it is a far stretch, but there were more possibilities for Marlena to have a baby a little late in the game, than having her lose the baby just to play the amnesia story line which again it tiresome to watch another amnesia story.


What was up with Sami trying to convince her mother that she was really in love with Roman and not John? We all know that Sami wants her parents back together and maybe someday down the line that will happen, but right now Marlena is with John. Come on Sami, just focus on your own troubles and stop causing other people distress.

The one good thing or bad thing that came out last week, depending on how you look at it was Sami and Nicole scheming together again. I like this very much, because this will finally cause Kateís downfall, which I am eagerly awaiting. Also, I am intrigued on what they will do to get Brady away from Chloe. I never cared for Brady and Nicole together, but Brady is a whack-o, which Iíll talk about later.

Kate and Roman

I do understand what Kate is saying. Kate was more hurt with the fact that Roman was keeping this secret from her than the actual situation that occurred, which is understandable. To speak against Kate, because she is annoying I donít think Kate is that grateful that Roman came back to her. I believe that Kate still wants to marry John, but canít because she knows that Marlena is always first with him as of with Roman. If John would leave Marlena I honestly believe that she would would be like Roman who? I would love for Kate and John to just say I understand the situation and why it occurred, but it still hurts knowing that you two slept together and just let it go.


I just donít believe how quickly Brady turned on Nicole the way he did. He is treating her very badly, which yes she deserves, but he hasnít put any blame on Chloe who is the one that faked her death. I might be able to understand Bradyís anger when he finds out that Nicole was the nurse that caused the infection, but to be this angry so earlier is just whack! Am I the only one who remember Nicole trying to tell Brady that Chloe was alive and him just saying she was nuts? I mean come on, if at first you didnít want to hear it, then you are angry because you didnít tell him, make up your mind, see a shrink!


We all knew that Bonnie was going to have a shopping spree before the credit cards were deactivated. If Bonnie would have had a normal shopping spree then fine, but buying a sports car was hilarious! If I were Mickey and Maggie I wouldnít have told Bonnie the cards were deactivated until the day they were, just to prevent something like this from happening. But like Maggie told her she is going to have to pay back every cent, which could mean Bonnie taking the car back from Chelsea!

On a side note about Bonnie I really enjoyed Trick Pony performances. I am a huge country music fan and I love the way the show is incorporating country music into the show. Now I am ready for Reba to show up and perform. (For all of you out there, Reba McEntire is my favorite singer.)


Is it just me or is their something going on with Lexie? The looks that she gives at times make me a little suspicious that she is up to something or is she over stressed and over worked? I guess time will tell. If Lexie goes back to being bad that is alright with me, I liked it when Lexie was the evil one is Salem, not only that we got to see more of her out of the hospital.

Hey, itís just what I think!


A face can launch a thousand ships, but one voice can make a difference! E-mail me at

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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