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2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

Things are looking really good on the DAYS front.  The best theyíve ever been since the island storyline.  Except for probably Marlenaís storyline, I think DAYS will be all right for the next few months to come.

Brady/Chloe: They were only on one day this week, but thatís okay.  We still got some romance from them.  Again, Chloe looked ready to wimp out on Brady because of her scars, but after talking to Dr. Travis, she now knows for sure that no matter what she looks like, Brady will always love her.  Good for you, Chloe.  Letís see you show that to Brady and all of us watching you.  As for Brady, he really got the Salem brain that the men on this show seem to lack and gave Nicole another well-deserved tongue-lashing.  You tell her, Brady!  No matter what she thinks, she is not getting you back and she never will again!  And an even better job getting her fired from Titan!  Now, sheís got nothing left to keep herself supported.  On a side note, Iím glad he mentioned his job at Titan, which we havenít heard him mention in quite awhile.

Rex/Mimi: Well, thanks to Belle berating Mimi too loudly, Rex finally found out the truth about Mimiís abortion.  Now, Iím sure there are many of you who donít think the truth shouldíve come out that way.  I think it was the perfect way for it to come out.  Mimiís been a complete coward throughout this whole mess.  She wasnít going to tell Rex herself anytime soon.  So Iím glad he found out the way he did.  In fact, Iím also glad at what happened as a result.  Just like Mimi feared, Rex broke off their engagement and left town for a job he was offered in Chicago.  Now, two things baffle me about this.  Firstly, when the hell was he offered the job in Chicago?  He never mentioned it until just before he left.  Secondly, how on Earth did he get all his stuff moved out of Shawnís loft so fast before he left?  Well, I wonít think too much off that.  As long as heís gone now.  Iíll miss Eric Winter (ex-Rex) a lot, but I wonít feel the same way about Rex.  He just got way too stupid for my liking.  As for Mimi, well, I found myself saying to my TV, ďCry all you want, you little coward.  I donít feel sorry for you one bit.Ē  Which I didnít.  Farah Fath (Mimi) really nailed the emotions very well, but I still have no sympathy for Mimi.  She knew this would happen if Rex found out the truth from someone else, and it did.  She brought all of this on herself.  Donít blame Belle, blame yourself.  But I did like the way you railed on her, calling her a hypocrite for keeping a secret from Philip just like you did to Rex.

Shawn/Belle/Philip: Belle decided to tell Philip the truth ó that sheís still in love with Shawn ó as soon as heís strong enough.  It seemed like a good plan.  Except . . . lo and behold, sheís pregnant with Philipís baby, and that changes everything.  As far as everyone knows, itís Philipís baby because neither Shawn nor Belle remember their night of lovemaking in the barn.  But Iíll bet itís actually Shawnís baby from that night, not Philipís.  It has to be.  But if Belleís going to keep being self-righteous and decide to stay with Philip, Iíd like to see Shawn get with Mimi.  It really is his only other option now.

John/Marlena/Roman/Kate: Thanks to Samiís little blame game from last week, Marlena got overexcited and lost her unborn baby.  And even worse yet, she went into cardiac arrest soon after and woke up with ó wait for it, wait for it ó amnesia.  Oh, God, spare us all!  What is it with amnesia on soaps these days?  In the í80s and í90s, amnesia storylines were fun, but now, theyíre just old and overused.  I give Sami no credit whatsoever for her attempt to reunite her parents by naming Roman as the man her mother loves.  I give John no credit for starting up his fight with Roman.  I was ready to throttle Kate when she told Shawn that only family was allowed in Marlenaís cubicle.  Uh, pardon me, Kate, but you arenít family, either, are you?  Didnít think so.  But I give Roman props for telling John that he made love to two of his wives and now experienced the pain of his wife getting pregnant by another man.  However, if he keeps up this concern for his ex-wife, not his current wife, heís going to run his marriage right into the ground.  Kate told him that very thing this week, and I actually gave her a huge amount of credit for that, calling out her husband on his hypocrisy.

Lucas/Sami: Like I said before, I do not approve of Sami trying to reunite her parents the way she did.  She needs to start acting like a woman, not a child, and accept that her parentsí marriage is over.  They will never be together again.  Unless a new writer who actually loved Roman and Marlena comes along and puts them back together.  But she deserves props for saying that if she proves that Kate set her up, Lucas will have to beg for her forgiveness, because he will have to do that.

Bo/Hope: Didnít see them much this week, but that one day I did see them on was fairly peaceful.  I have no gripes at all, except that I just know the guy spying on them is working for Tony.  He just has to be.

Jack/Jennifer/Frankie: Itís been confirmed ó Jack is going to make Frankie his replacement when he dies just so Patrick wonít have Jennifer.  Honestly, Jack, I just donít think itís necessary now that heís getting cozy with your friend, Billie.  (Iíll get to that later.)  Like I said last week, I applaud Jack for taking initiative to get things started right away.  But I have to give him two thumbs down for the part of his plan that is being done simply out of malice toward Patrick.  Now, Iím probably going to take some brunt from this (hey, none of you, except for Justin, ever E-mail me, so what am I talking about?), but I actually like Patrick a lot more than I like Jack.  The last few months are clear proof of that.  So if TPTB are, God forbid, planning to kill Jack off because of his illness, at least I wonít have to see or hear all of his terrible anti-Patrick comments again.  And I really would like to see Frankie reunite with Jennifer should Jack die (knock on wood!), because the two really do appear to have quite a bit of chemistry.

Maggie/Bonnie: I loved their face-off, but I didnít love it when Bonnie tried to make herself out to be the victim by turning on the very-much-fake waterworks.  Itís obvious she wanted to have one last shopping spree before her credit cards were no longer useable.  And what do you know?  Now, theyíre not.

Patrick/Billie/Chelsea/Max: I have to admit, Patrick and Chelsea had the moves at that dance contest.  No wonder they won so easily.  But, my God, how corny was that comment Chelsea made about seeing how well Patrick handled his stick, when we knew she was referring to his . . . well, you know.  As for her fantasy about Patrick making out with her in her new car, thatís all itís going to be ó a fantasy.  Especially now that Patrick and Billie are aware of her crush on Patrick, all thanks to Max.  I was over the moon when Patrick and Billie, my favorite couple, finally kissed.  The only bit of skepticism I have about this is that Patrick seemed to still be hung up on Jennifer a few weeks back.  Iím not too skeptical, though, because back in late March or early April, Patrick admitted to Billie he had some interest in her.  So I think itís evident heís been harboring at least some feelings for her.  Furthermore, I know there are some of you out there who now think that the possibility of these two pairing up has fizzled out.  Mostly because it took too long and they kept making Billie to hung up and Bo, and Patrick on Jennifer.  Some of you are probably wanting them to try putting Billie with Frankie.  Not happening.  Heís a little busy with Jennifer right now, thank God.

Next week, Wayne Northrop returns to DAYS!  Bo and Hope get closer to finding Victor and Caroline.  And finally, the moment weíve all been waiting for ó Kate finally goes down for what she did to Sami!  So tune in for these phenomenal events!

And thatís just whatís on my mind!

To let me know whatís on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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