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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion by Justin

I have been engrossed with the new Harry Potter book the Half Blood Prince, which is a very fascinating read if you are a Harry Potter fan I strongly recommend this book. Anyways this weeks a lot has happened and I have many thoughts!

Sami and Lucas

I am starting to agree with many of the message boards on the issue of Sami and Lucas. If Lucas does love Sami then try to get past what she has or hasnít done. I literally felt sorry for Sami as she reached her break down about always hurting the people that she loves. If this isnít showing a softer side of Sami to Lucas then I donít know what will. I have never liked the pairing of these two individuals together, because neither will ever be able to completely trust each other. They will always bring up past mistakes that if they ever do stay together they will end up throwing their past in each other faces. But now I have to admit seeing Samiís break down and Lucas comforting her the way he did, there is something between them. Ultimately though, Lucas knows how Sami operates way does he want to change her, should you love someone for who they are, not the potential they have to become.

I did enjoy Sami attacking Kate and blaming her for Marlenaís fall. It is amusing that Sami always jumps to the wrong conclusion whenever Kate is standing there. Sami is and may always been that little girl who was faced to grow up without her parents. I think that is way Sami is liked by most viewers, because we understand how she got so messed up.

Mickey and Maggieís Wedding

Chez Rouge is a beautiful restaurant and it was a lovely wedding, but I donít know about you all out there but dress just wasnít for Maggie. Maggie looked beautiful, but that wedding dress wasnít something Maggie would have wore. Maggie usually shows off her shoulders and has beautiful gowns, but this wedding dress just didnít compliment her beauty, as it should have.

Watching Mickey and Maggie exchange vows I grew sadden that this isnít the originally Mickey that we all loved. Although I think that John Ingle is doing a terrific job as Mickey, itís just not the same. It is kind of like Mickey is a new character all together that Maggie is marrying, which is why if Bonnie would have ended up with Mickey I wouldnít have been outraged, because it could have worked either way. Iím just glad that Mickey and Maggie in thought are still as strong as ever.


Billie is so desperate to find her daughter right now that she is ready to jump at another clue that gives her a chance to get killed. This will most likely be the time that everyone will realize that Chelsea is in fact the long lost Georgia Brady. It will most likely take until the end of summer to find Georgia, but I canít see the point of dragging this out any longer than summer. Once Georgia is found then Billie will be able to call Bo for help with Georgiaís unpredictable behavior all of the time. Besides, I think we are all getting tired of the search for Georgia when we know that she is living in the same house with Billie.


I havenít really touched upon Jack supposed terminal illness, because I think that Jack is truly terminally ill. Bo and Hope will find Tony just in enough time that Tony will offer the only known antidote for Jackís mysterious illness and Tony will not go to jail, which I say renege on your word draw up some faulty paperwork that wouldnít hold up in court give Jack the antidote and send Tony to prison. Hey, Tony would do it why not beat him at his own game, besides Iím getting worn out with the DeMiraís itís time to let them all go and focus on a new approach to the show.


Belle stated that the world would be in a better place if people honored their wedding vows, and I agree with that. In our modern society we hit a few bumps in the road and we decided that it is easier to divorce then to work through our problems. I am not saying that every situation is the same, because sometimes it is better to get divorced than to put yourself and everyone through a marriage that isnít going to work. But if we all had the same dedication to making marriages work maybe our society would be a better place. I also helps too if you marry the one that you love. In Belleís situation she loves Shawn more passionately than she does Phillip whom she had married.


I am a huge fan of Celeste and I loved that we saw her this week even if it were only in Jackís funeral dream. My, did you see Celesteís arms? Wow, were her arms extremely tone or what! Iím ready for Celeste to have a leading story, because she deserve that for all of the years she has sat patiently around waiting to be seen. Celeste needs to find a love in her life, when will we get to see Celeste happy?


I do not like the direction Marlenaís story is heading. I would rather see her raising a baby than to see her with amnesia again. I have said many times before and I still stick with this that any story that allows Marlena to be front and center I am all for, but really do we need to see another amnesia story? They could have just as easily brought back Wayne Northrop as Obstetrician specialist for Marlenaís baby instead of another psychiatrist. Next week with Marlena something is supposed to happen that will not sit very well with me the rumor circulating turns out to be true!

John, Kate, and Roman

John attacking Roman for getting his wife pregnant was understandable, but I donít recall Roman attacking John when the situation was reversed. These two have always appeared to be friends and civil toward each other, but I wonder if Roman in a way is a little tickled that John is now going through they same situation he went through many years ago.

Kateís reaction to Marlena has been called dramatic. If you didnít get to see the episode where Marlena falls down the stairs Kate screams like she was being murdered, but I though it worked very well, especially if you are a Marlena fan like I am. I will let it known that I gasped when she fell and with Kate screaming it added more suspense to the situation. If you are not a Marlena fan and werenít in the mind set of the situation then yes it would seem out of place.


Poor Lexie does she ever get a day off. We never see Lexie or Abe anymore, and the only time we do see them they are fighting or at the hospital. I would never want to play a doctor on a daytime drama, because you never see any of the characters working unless you are a doctor, lawyer, or police officer, and then usually that is the only time you see them.


Eugenia was going to call the cops and bust Sami for breaking an entering. Fortunately for Sami Lucas showed up and a confessed Eugenia plays dumb and calls Sami crazy and that Sami was there to bribe her with money. I laughed at that statement, because as Sami pointed out she has no more money than Eugenia does. How could Lucas not see that Eugenia was playing him? I do like Eugenia and hope that when Kate is exposed that Eugenia sticks around and get another story, because there are so many returning men characters that she could get involved with as well as Tek.


Shawn is playing some interesting mind games right now with Belle. All of this time he has tried to force Belle to end her relationship with Phillip to be with him. Now it is like he has using reverse psychology on Belle and telling her the complete opposite of what he normally says to her. He was telling Belle that she needs to stay with Phillip and that he would wait for her as long as it takes. It kind of sounded like he is getting into the obsessive mode with her. Could Shawn eventually be like how Stefano is with Marlena just sickly obsessive?

Hey, itís just what I think!


As always a face can launch a thousand ships, but one voice can make a difference.

E-mail me at let me know what you think!

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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