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2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

And the uphill climb continued this week.  I’m seeing more good stuff with each passing minute.  The bright spot being the drama that unfolded from Marlena’s secret coming out.  That said, here we go.

Brady/Chloe: So Chloe sang for Mickey and Maggie’s vow renewal ceremony.  Her voice was beautiful, as always.  I loved her reunions with Belle, Mimi, Shawn, and Philip.  It was good that she and Philip finally got some more closure on their relationship.  Then, she got an appointment with that world-renowned plastic surgeon.  I still don’t see the point of that.  If Brady loves her just the way she is, it shouldn’t be necessary.  But I suppose this is for her own security, so of course it has to be done.  Ever hear the song “Do You Believe in Magic?” or whatever it was called?  Chloe obviously does.  I mean, that earring of Isabella’s that she put on — it was like magic, as it seemed to get rid of Chloe’s scars for the entire evening.  I could hardly believe it myself.  Of course, I knew it wasn’t real.  By the time the earring fell off, the magic disappeared.  The scars were back.  So we’re back to hearing her whine about them again.  Hopefully, this operation will be a success.  We won’t have Nicole purposely botching it and saying, “Oops!  Did I forget to sterilize you?” to one of the instruments again.

Rex/Mimi: Mimi’s pretty much backed into a corner now.  She needs to tell Rex about her abortion and she needs to tell him now.  Yeah, she came close to finally doing that this week, but again, several things happened that kept her from doing that.  It was surprising for me, but not that much, that Shawn backtracked on the advice he gave her last week and suggested she tell Rex the truth.  Indecisive much, Shawn?  But even that was a no-go.  Mimi still refuses to tell Rex the truth, which is a clear indication that he’s going to find out another way.  He actually finds out next week, but for those of you American viewers who would prefer to remain spoiler-free, I won’t tell you.  You can find out when you watch it.  Canadian viewers, on the other hand, being a day ahead of us, have already seen it, so they already know.

Shawn/Belle/Philip: Shawn and Belle kissed again.  Outside of Chez Rouge, Maggie’s new restaurant, this time.  Now, for a moment, I thought Philip had seen them kissing.  But again, James E. Reilly threw us another red herring.  Probably the worst one I have ever seen.  And not just on DAYS.  On both shows he writes (the other one being PASSIONS).  They were right there, in plain sight of him, and he is not even seeing them.  He’s too preoccupied by the possibility of Bo and John finding his dad.  Ugh!  Anyway, Shawn’s decided to wait for Belle as long as he has to until Belle thinks Philip is strong enough to make it without her.  Noble, to some extent, but that almost sounds stalker-like at the same time.  But Belle looks like she’s fine with that, so it can’t be all bad.

John/Marlena/Roman/Kate: So Marlena and Roman tried to tell John and Kate about their infidelity and Marlena’s resulting pregnancy, but so many people and events interrupted them before they could.  They ended up being surprised by their own double vow renewal ceremony.  And who would ever have thought that Marlena fainting during the ceremony would be the cause for that secret coming out?  Hats off to Drake Hogestyn (John) and Lauren Koslow (Kate) for their performances when John and Kate found out the truth about Marlena’s pregnancy.  Loved the fistfight between John and Roman, too.  I sort of think Roman deserved it.  He never should’ve pressured Marlena into keeping the secret in the first place.  And as much as I can’t stand Kate, she did make one good point — she and John thought their spouses were dead.  Marlena and Roman knew their spouses were alive.  Now, Marlena’s in critical condition and her baby’s life is in jeopardy because Sami can’t stop playing the blame game.  What will happen next?  I know, but again, for all spoiler-free people, I’ll gladly keep quiet.

Sami/Lucas/Eugenia: I never thought I’d despise Eugenia, but she cemented that this week.  She had the perfect opportunity to confess all to Lucas, but even after Sami promised her she’d pay no price for her involvement in the Brandon scheme, she went ahead and lied, saying that Sami bribed her into confessing.  At this point, I see something that I’m sure all of you have noticed by now.  While all of the men in Salem seem to be returning to being smart again, Lucas seems to be the one exception, being stupid enough to believe Eugenia, a woman he’s known a little more than a year, over Sami, a woman he’s known for more than a decade.  Lucas continues to dumb down, and will probably keep dumbing down until there’s no brain left in his head.  Sami, dump this chump if he actually needs proof that you’re innocent.  He should love you enough so that he wouldn’t need proof.  If he does, he is not worth your time.

Hope/Bo/Billie: Congratulations, Bo!  All I can say is THANK YOU for not going off on another wild goose chase with Billie when she got that clue about Georgia and her whereabouts.  And thank you, Hope, for being more understanding about the issue of the search for Georgia.  I was over the moon when the issue of the pit came up, because yes, Billie, you RAPED Bo.  And at long last, Bo finally let you have it about that.  I thought, at first, that she’d get off scot-free again when I heard her laugh after Bo first laid into Hope for bringing that up, but then, he turned right around and gave it to Billie!  Truth hurts, doesn’t it, Ms. Reed?

Jack/Jennifer/Frankie: Jack, Jack, Jack!  Just tell Jennifer the truth already!  What’s the worst that can happen?  How strange was that dream he had of already being dead?  (I was surprised Sami actually liked him, when I thought she likes no one.  But that’s not the point right now.)  Jack is still afraid Patrick’s going to move in on Jennifer when he’s dead and gone.  Now, he’s probably been struck with an idea from seeing Jennifer with Frankie.  He’s probably going to try and rekindle their love so that when he dies, Jennifer will be happy with Frankie and Patrick will never have her.  While I appreciate your initiative, Jack, have you ever thought of what’ll happen if you do rekindle their love and then you find out you’re not dying?  What’ll you do then?  On a side note, I loved that Frankie/Jennifer flashback that showed Frankie finally admitting his true feelings for Jennifer.

Mickey/Maggie/Bonnie: So Mickey and Maggie dropped the bombshell to Bonnie that Mickey had chosen to renew his vows to Maggie and had rescinded her death certificate, thus making his marriage to Bonnie null and void.  Now, Bonnie started crying, but like Maggie, I didn’t feel one bit sorry for her.  She gloated one time too many that Mickey would choose her over Maggie and that came back to bite her in her country-loving behind.  But there were so many characters who should’ve been at the ceremony.  Where were Jack and Jennifer?  Where were Doug and Julie?

Alice: Again, she was a sight for sore eyes and was definitely needed when her son made his choice this week.  I just wish they’d do more to her than make her a go-to.  But with Frances Reid’s (Alice) old age, there are, regrettably, not that many options right now.

Patrick/Billie/Chelsea/Max: So now, Billie has a plan to make sure Max stays away from Chelsea.  She and Patrick would hit on Max and Chelsea, respectively, in hopes of drawing them away from each other.  A plan that actually seemed to work.  Now, they’re both going to be taking the young lovers (and by “lovers,” I mean “sex-crazed brats”) to a dance contest so that Chelsea can try and win a car for college.  Now, having been a soap fan for nearly five years now, I think I know where this is going.  I predict that eventually, Patrick and Billie will find their way to each other and become a couple, and then, after they do, not only will Chelsea still want Patrick, but then she’ll enlist Max to help her break Patrick and Billie up because he’ll at this time be hot for Billie.  And, of course, they’ll fail.  I could be wrong, but I’ll have to see.  Either way, Patrick and Billie are still my favorite couple, and they will be for quite a long time to come.

Next week, we see Bo and Hope begin their adventure, Sami enlist Nicole’s help to bring down Kate, and the start of a powerful story with John and Marlena that’ll bring about the return of a DAYS fan favorite.

And that’s just what’s on my mind!

To let me know what’s on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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