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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion by Justin

Mickey, Maggie, and Bonnie

First let me say how wonderful it is that Mickey and Maggie are together again. This couple has been through so much that I almost hate to see them happy now, because happy couples are boring couples. We have got to see Maggie in some very emotional situations that I fear now that she is back to running a restaurant she will hardly been seen anymore. Maggie is such a great character with a fantastic actress playing this part that we need to give them another good storyline very quickly.

When Mickey came into tell Maggie that he wanted to be with her, and Maggie interrupted to say that she was leaving him was excellent. I never wanted the triangle that we were forced to watch between Maggie and Bonnie fighting over Mickey. I actually was hoping that Maggie would have left Mickey a long time ago, because it would have made him realize just what he was losing. The look on Mickeyís face was great he was like I canít believe you are going to leave me.


As For Bonnie I will say she has interfered with Mickey and Maggieís happiness for months now. True she doesnít deserve a lot from Mickey, but still he was rather harsh with her. It was more like you were good enough for me to sleep with and have fun with while my wife is away, but you know itís over now so go back where you came from. That is more like a slap in the face than anything. The point that Mickey did attempt marry Bonnie, whether legal now or not, should entitle her to a little settlement along with the restaurant. I mean she did care for Mickey as he did for her, even if it was the money that attracted her to him at first, we all knew that she cares for him. I just didnít like how the whole revealing was done for Bonnie, because they treated her like a villain and she really isnít. I didnít like how she treated Maggie, but they were both wanted the same man. I hope Bonnie does find happiness.


Hope laid it all out on the line this week when it comes to Kate. Hope knew that Kate had Judge Fitzpatrick move up Shawnís court hearing and she wasnít afraid to let it known to everyone in the room. It was a breath of fresh air when Roman walked into Belleís loft and Hope just bluntly told Roman that Kate was behind her son being arrested. Iím just glad that more people are starting to see Kate for what she really is.

Another aspect I liked about Hope having it out with Kate was the fact they she did make sense to Lucas. Because of Hopeís tantrum Lucas is seeing his mom in a different way, but I talk more about Lucas later.

How horrible it is to be Hope right now. It seems that whatever direction she turns there is someone there trying to spoil her happiness. There is Kate trying to put her son in jail. Then there is Billie who wants Bo to run off with her to find Georgia. Then there is Belle who is married to Phillip when Hope knows she is in love with Shawn. Then there is Bo who donít see Shawnís situation the same as Hope does, it is like she is fighting losing battle all around her.

Marlenaís Secret

I would think telling your child that you had created by having an affair that you are pregnant now with another child because of another affair would be the hardest thing Marlena would have to do. At least Marlena knows she has to tell John the truth, which is different from most of the characters, because they believe that if they donít tell the secrets that everything will be okay. I understand where Marlena is coming from because you donít want to just blurt this horrible news out in front of everyone, but everyone will find out sooner or later so being at Maggieís new restaurant may be as good as any to just come out with it.

From seeing the previews when John does hear the news it looks to be some very interesting shows to come. Iím just wondering just how this will play out. Will there be a brief switch of couples. John going to Kate for comfort as Roman helps Marlena pick up the pieces. I donít mind the John and Kate paring but there is nothing between the Roman and Marlena.


Belle idolizes her mother and to have to hear from your mother that you have been keeping secrets is a hard pill to swallow. The one good thing with Belle finding out that her mother isnít perfect can help Belle realize that she made a mistake marrying Phillip and she needs to finally be honest with herself and tell him that she loves Shawn. As much as I donít care for Shawn, Belle loves him and she probably always will. But Shawn is just so juvenile that I donít care to watch him, but whatever!

Shawn and Mimi

Shawn and Mimi shared a special moment in the jail that caught my interest tiny bit. For one Mimi opened up to Shawn and told him about her abortion. Isnít it something when you can tell everyone around you your secrets but not the one that loves you the most? Anyways as Mimi was unloading to Shawn he completely surprised me and told her to keep it to herself and not to tell Rex, because whatís done is done. There is always one person that gives the bad advice, but I think this will be a link for a Mimi and Shawn romance later. Once Rex leaves she will go crying to Shawn saying how she should have listened to him. It could open the gate for an interesting pairing.


I am so ready to see what Frankie digs up on Patrick. I do like Patrick, but Iím also curious to see what Patrick did in the past that is going to be so scandalous. We know that he was a worker for Tony, but half of Salem has helped Tony or Stefano at one time or another, so big deal. Now that Frankie has some vague recollection of a Patrick Lockhartís name I getting intrigued. Hopefully it wonít be a disappointment when it is finally reveled.

Sami and Lucas

These two are getting on my nerves lately. ďLucas if I find proof will you love me again and marry me.Ē Sorry but if he needs proof to be with you, then tell him to take a hike and call when he is ready to believe in you once again. Lucas is pathetic and will always believe his mother over Sami even though right now his eyes are starting to open about what his mom is capable of. Watch and see even when Sami finds the proof against Kate she will wiggle her way back into Lucasí life and start causing problems once again. Lucas needs to grow a pair and if he wants to be with Sami, then just go for it and quit being so proud. ďIf you love her tell her so!Ē


Eugenia is a neat character. She is a little of a bitch, but only because she is getting close to being flat broke and needs to collect her payment from Kate that was promised to her. It is not like Eugenia want millions of dollars from Kate, she only wants a better job. I would like her to stick around and maybe get involved with Tek for a little bit while her luck begins to change.


Jenniferís heart is in the right place, but she knows how Jack feels about Patrick, why would Jen plan a party for the Lockhartís knowing that Jack canít stand Patrick. It is better for Jen just to let the issue with Jack and Patrick go and just focus on them as a family. I mean honestly if I were Jack I wouldnít trust Patrick either, but I wouldnít be malicious toward him. Jack and Bo must be good buddies because they act a lot alike when the issue of Patrick comes up.

Where were Jennifer, Jack, and Abby? This was a wedding for her Aunt and Uncle as well as good friends. I mean Mickey and Maggie have been through so much to be together. Jack and Jennifer was on the island with Maggie, you would think that they would have been there for it. It was just strange for them not to be there.


Well, he saw Belle and Shawn kissing. Unless Belle pushes Shawn away this isnít going to be very good for Phillip. This will be Phillip breaking point that will make him resort to old scheming Phillip, and of course Iím sure mama Kate will give him advice on what to do to keep his wife.

Hey, itís just what I think!


A face can launch a thousand ships, but one voice can make a difference! E-mail me at

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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