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2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

This week helped continue the show’s uphill climb, in my honest opinion.  I’ll be hoping to see a lot more of this good stuff in the coming weeks, but we’re just gonna have to see for now.

Brady/Chloe: Those flashbacks of their trip to Colorado were adorable.  I came to DAYS a month before that time and enjoyed that pleasant reminder.  The show has reminded us why Broe had so much rooting value then and should have that same value now.  Half of this couple still does, and that half is Brady, for proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he still has his smarts and his noble qualities, not seeing Chloe’s scars and being willing to love her no matter what she looks like.  While Chloe, however, is still doubting that Brady really wants to be with her, thinking she’s still “Ghoul Girl.”  Don’t get me wrong.  Nadia’s as lovely as she’s ever been, but Chloe’s still looking as weak as she was before Brady learned she was alive.  On a side note, I loved her reunion scenes with John and am looking forward to her reunions with her friends.

Rex/Mimi: So Mimi nearly told Rex the truth and was interrupted again before she could tell him.  Now, we all know that this coming week is Eric Winter’s (Rex) last full week as a cast member.  (He’s leaving July 26, a week from Tuesday.)  So the truth about Mimi’s abortion is close to finally coming out.  The reason I’m really writing about them this week is because I’m wondering who’ll be left for Mimi to get paired with after Rex is gone?  Those scenes with Shawn in jail seemed filled with chemistry.  And speaking of Shawn, she finally admitted to him the secret of her abortion and Jan holding it over her head.  And Shawn — to my complete and utter surprise — suggested her not to tell Rex!  Wow.  Everyone who’s found out about it has told her to tell Rex, but Shawn says not to?  I’ll bet Mimi’s resolve not to tell Rex will be made stronger than ever by this.

Shawn/Belle/Philip: So Shawn got arrested by his own father.  Not exactly a good moment for him.  (Of course, we all know Kate was happy.)  Meanwhile, Belle and Philip went to the hospital for two separate appointments.  Philip was fitted for a new prosthetic leg.  And he was inspired to go with the whole thing after learning his doctor had a prosthetic leg.  Now, before I go on, I must add my own anecdote to this.  I was in Baltimore on Saturday, auditioning for the fifth and final season of (embarrassed to admit this) The Apprentice, which I know I have a fifty-fifty chance of nailing.  When I was waiting for my plane at the airport to come home to New Hampshire, I saw a little girl walking down the terminal with her mother.  And she, too, had a prosthetic leg.  I immediately felt sorry for her, and I nearly asked her how it happened.  But I decided it was probably none of my business and kept out of it.  But it had to have been just awful for her.  So from now on, I’m going to think about that little girl every time I see Philip, as well as the hell she had to have gone through losing her leg at such an early age.  Anyway, Belle got checked out by Lexie and learned that she may either be pregnant or she may have a stomach ulcer.  My guess would be the former.  They do this so often in soaps that it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they did it again.  And if she is pregnant, it’ll probably be Philip.  I know that she’s not over Shawn, either.  That kiss while visiting him in jail proved that in spades.

John/Marlena/Roman/Kate: I don’t have much to say about Marlena, except that she’d better come clean to John before it’s too late.  John, however, showed us why he’s a terrible love interest for Kate.  No chemistry.  Or, if any chemistry, they’re just unsuited or unbearable to watch together.  My only gripe about Roman is that he needs to wake up and smell the coffee where Kate is concerned.  I’m still a Rate fan, but Kate needs to get her just deserts from Roman before I can really stand to see their relationship go on anymore.  Speaking of Kate, she was just a witch this week, starting with her silent reveling of Shawn getting being arrested.  It was all worth it, though, when we saw her on the verge of freaking out when she out about Philip appealing to Judge Fitzpatrick (or “Karen,” as addressed by Kate) to reinstate Shawn’s bail all because Philip was a “war hero.”  So nice to see her knocked down a peg.  And she might be knocked down a few more pegs where Sami is concerned.

Sami/Lucas/Kate/Eugenia: Hooray!  Eugenia Willens is back!  And Daphne Bloomer (Eugenia), with her nicely-cut hair, looks as beautiful as ever!  And now, she’s hitting up Kate for that job promised to her.  And as leverage that Kate doesn’t even know about, she’s got audiotapes containing recordings of all of their phone conversations to give to Sami and Lucas at any given time.  Now, did I miss something here?  When did Eugenia ever record all of those?  What is this, another rewrite by James E. Reilly?  If so, I’d say it’s a good move and a bad move at the same time.  Whatever helps this storyline get wrapped up faster is fine by me.  Sami snuck into Eugenia’s apartment and got confirmation of her suspicions from overhearing Eugenia confess to that “psychic” Marguerite everything that they did.  Lucas, to top it all off, seemed to wake up to what we’ve known all along about Kate when Hope voiced her suspicions of her being responsible for the date of Shawn’s court hearing being moved up.  He seemed even more suspicious of his mother after finding so many records of calls to and from Eugenia.  Smart Lucas has made his comeback at last!

Bo/Hope: They’re finally focusing on being parents to Shawn, not dealing with Billie and Georgia.  It must’ve been hard for them to arrest Shawn, but he really did bring it all himself.  Flat-out.  Hope having it out with Kate right there in front of all those people was wonderful.  The old Hope seemed to be returning to us a bit.  And . . . enough said here.  Can’t think of anything else.

Jack/Jennifer/Frankie: They were only on Friday, so there’s not much to say here.  Except that Jack really looked like he was on the spot when Billie joked that something was seriously wrong with him.  (The way she said it really made me laugh, I must admit.)  And Jack berating Billie for moving in with Patrick was uncalled for.  Billie’s a grown woman who makes her own decisions.  And Jack has no right at all to be treating Patrick the way he was.  Especially in front of Jennifer.  If I had a friend or loved one who had a close relationship with someone I didn’t like or trust, I certainly wouldn’t treat them the way Jack treated Patrick in front of my said friend or loved one.  And if I did, I wouldn’t have been as obvious.  I would’ve made it a lot more subtle than that.  If I failed to be subtle, I’d be taken to task for giving their friend such horrible, unfair treatment and thrown right out.  Jennifer just did the first thing to Jack, but not until after he insulted Patrick’s mother (Bonnie), saying all Lockharts are alike, or something like that.  Personally, I would’ve done both things to Jack.  But he and Jennifer are married, so I see why she didn’t throw him out.  But the fact that he is now conspiring with Frankie (who still has the hots for his wife and is snooping around in an attempt to find out his secret after being convinced by his wife) to “[get] rid of Patrick Lockhart” doesn’t really make him look good in my eyes.  Unless he lets up on Patrick soon, the character of Jack Deveraux will be just where the character of Bo Brady is — on my list.

Mickey/Maggie/Bonnie: I have more hope for Mickey now than I ever did.  I finally had the pleasure of witnessing him choose Maggie over Bonnie!  (Actually, I missed that day, but a friend of mine will be mailing me a copy of that episode she taped very, very soon.)  Not to mention he gave her an all-new restaurant — Chez Rouge, which suits her to a “T.”  (“Rouge” is the French word for “Red,” and that’s Mickey’s pet name for Maggie.)  Good for you, Mickey!  Too bad Bonnie doesn’t know yet.  Although she will soon enough. . . .

Alice: She was a sight for sore eyes and was definitely needed when her son made his choice this week.  I just wish they’d do more to her than make her a go-to.  But with Frances Reid’s (Alice) old age, there are, regrettably, not that many options right now.

Chelsea/Max/Abby: So Chelsea, along with Billie, moved into the old Lockhart house to be near Patrick.  And she’s using that chance to seduce him.  Too bad that shower seduction plan went up in smoke when she encountered Billie, not Patrick, in there.  So instead, she’s going to use Max to make Patrick jealous.  As if!  I once again find no purpose for Max on this canvas other than for Chelsea’s doomed-to-failure scheme.  When that’s over, the only thing that will really keep him on the canvas is putting him with Abby, and even she seems to good for him.

Patrick/Billie: There are so many reasons I saved these two for last.  The top reason is that they became my new favorite couple the moment they met in that cave on the island.  Sure, they’re not a couple now, but when I found out that Patrick would be suggesting that Billie and Chelsea move into the old Lockhart house with him, I knew the possibility would become ever more likely.  The other reason I saved them for last is because I’m more intrigued by their storyline than I am by any of the others’.  (For one thing, it’s more believable.)  I see many ways this cohabitation storyline of theirs can go, all with good payoffs.  I just know right now that this storyline will see them grow closer to each other throughout the remainder of the summer and into the fall, but that’s it.  But I see so much more happening for them.  Of course, we all see the obstacles that might stand in their way — Bo, Chelsea, Jack, and Frankie).  Speaking of one of these obstacles, I was hoping Patrick would have it out with Jack after all those uncalled-for insults.  And speaking of another of those abovementioned obstacles, I think Billie’s finally wised up to Chelsea about her attraction to Patrick.  Let’s hope she stays wise to her.

Next week, we see Billie get another clue about Georgia (oh, great), Sami get closer to busting Kate and Eugenia, and one of our long-kept secrets coming out.  All in all, a pretty good week, in my opinion.

And that’s just what’s on my mind!

To let me know what’s on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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