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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion by Justin

My finals are over for the summer, now I can focus more on Days of our Lives than I have been the past few weeks. Before jumping into my opinion I want to first say how shocked I was to pick up a Soap Opera Digest and see the rating of Days has dropping dramatically since the last time I had read an issue. The last time I had looked at the ratings Days of our Lives around a 3.0 and just a week or so ago it was around a 2.5 that is a dramatic fall.

Belle and Phillip

First off let me say I like Belle with a backbone. She is standing her ground with Shawn telling him that she is going to honor her wedding vows. Many Belle and Phillip fans may be rejoicing, but not me yet. It is great they Belle wants to stand beside the man she married, but she in not in love with Phillip the way she is with Shawn. Eventually Belle will tell Phillip that it is over and Belle and Shawn will be together.

From watching Phillips interaction with Shawn I think that Phillip knows that something is going on. Remember the e-mail that Jan sent to Phillip? This story is far from over right now. I think either Phillip knows that Belle still loves and wants to be with Shawn or he soon will.

Frankie Returned

Watching Frankie and Jennifer together reminds me of the summers that I would watch Days of our Lives and seeing these two build a relationship. I donít recall a lot of their relationship because I was young, but I do remember Frankie, Eve, and Jennifer. It is cool when a former favorite returns after all of these years, but unfortunately I donít see where Frankie is going to fit in at right now. The only available potential for Frankie is Nicole, Billie, and Sami and neither of them is worthy of him. If Jack did die then a relationship with Frankie and Jen would be great, but I donít think Jack is dying.

Jack thinks that he is going to die and I think he is going to push Jennifer and Frankie to rekindle their relationship all courtesy of Tony no doubt. Jack will want Jennifer to move on with Frankie, and as he believes he is dying he will be torturing himself watching Jennifer with another man, but what he wonít realize is that Jennifer wouldnít want Frankie if she can have Jack.


Max is on my nerves at the moment, Iím not used to seeing him as a character but weíve seen more than we should have between him and Chelsea. Max is the typical representation of what American culture portrays young men to be. Driven by their lower appendages. Max will most likely fall for Abby, when he will be much better suited for Cassie. Let Cassie reeve up his engine, like she did with all the other guys in that town including her brother Lucas, but we wonít go there.

Marlenaís Secret

When Marlena told Roman that she was pregnant I was really happy, which makes me rather nervous about it. I have always been a John and Marlena fan, but lately John has been getting on my nerves, and the scenes between John and Marlena have changed. Maybe it is because we really havenít seen them together and happy for such a long time, but they were fine on the island. Now that they are both home and should be celebrating I have a different feeling while watching them. I donít want Marlena with Roman unless Wayne Northrop turns out to be Roman when he returns later this summer.

Drop a House on Kate

The one thing I hate worse than a manipulative Kate is a smug happy Kate. Kate gloating to Shawn that Belle chose Phillip just got under my skin and I was hoping a house would fall on her. Kate needs to be put in her place and there is no one currently that is able to bring her down. Nicole and Sami are struggling with their own battles that unless Sami is able to prove that Kate set her up with Brandon Kate will be home free.

The other issue with Kate is the lack of chemistry Kate and Roman share. Before Roman was ďkilledĒ they did have something between them a little bit of a spark, but now that they are tighter there is nothing. If the fans donít see a reason for their couples to be together then why tune in to a show you are passionate about watching anymore. It just seems to be in a little bit of a null that we have to get out of.

Salem Finest

So Mimi is cleared on the attempted of Murder of Jan. The video surveillance saved her butt. Tec and the rest of the police force werenít doing their job on this one. Even if Mimi confessed to the crime toward the end of the investigation there was a time when Mimi told Tec that she was innocent and Tec said he wanted to believe her. Tec should lose his job on this one it was careless on his part he seemed too ready to put Mimi in jail.

Mimi and Rex

Mimi needs to tell Rex that she had the abortion right now. As soon as they come back from Phillip and Belleís loft they need to have a serious talk with each other. If Mimi would have been honest from the beginning her relationship might have had a fighting chance. Now too much time has passed how could Rex forgive Mimi when Mimi donít even have enough faith in her boyfriend to tell him the truth. I have said this many times in my column if you can trust the one you are with to share your deepest secrets how do you expect your relationship to survive.

Mimi from the very beginning has been one of my favorite characters and I hope that even when Rex is gone and forgotten that Mimi will learn from her mistakes and be a great leading lady and be part of a fan favorite super couple.

Nicole, Chloe, and Brady

I want to clump them all together because I want to see how this plays out. Iím glad that Chloe finally showed that she is alive to Brady. I am very disappointed how Brady treated Nicole versus how he treated Chloe. Chloe is the one that orchestrated this entire hoax. For Brady to believe that Nicole masterminded this entire thing and had Chloe and Nancy play along with all of this is preposterous. Brady needs to be angry with Chloe for lying to him this entire time, as well as letting him grieve over her death.

Donít get me wrong Brady should be fumed with Nicole for lying to him when she knew Chloe was alive. Think back to what happened when Nicole tried to convince Brady that Chloe was alive and hiding in the closet? How little we forget that it wasnít until later when Brady didnít want to hear about Chloe anymore did Nicole scheme to keep Chloe away. Nicole tried to tell Brady many times that Chloe was alive and he never listened. Nicole better play it smart and once Chloe leaves and Brady comes back to Nicole she needs to tell him exactly where to go.


Chelsea is reminding me of Sami more and more. Chelsea wants an older man named Patrick. Sami wanted an older man named Austin. Sami got involved with Lucas and Alan to get to Austin. Chelsea is using Max to get to Patrick. Hmmm looks very similar.


I have mentioned Cassie a few times in this article, because Cassie is a great character and needs to be used before we lose the actress who plays her. I have many ideas for Cassie that will give her a great story come on lets use the assets we got before we bring on or back new characters that will most likely be in the same boat as Cassie, rarely seen but very talented.

Hey, itís just what I think!


As always comments, questions, concerns e-mail me at

A face can launch a thousand ships, but once voice can make a difference!

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Page updated 11/17/12

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