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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

Thank God this week was so short!  We didnít have to put up with a full week of crap courtesy of James E. Reilly!  There was really only one storyline that was worth watching, and Iím happy about that.  Well, with that said, letís begin.

Chloe/Brady/Nicole: Wow!  What a payoff!  So at long last, Brady sees Nicole for what she really is!  He knows she lied to him about Chloe being alive for her own selfish reasons.  Sure, Nicole claims it was out of love, but it really wasnít.  If sheíd really wanted to do something for Brady out of love, then she shouldíve taken the risk and told Brady the truth from the get-go and see what heíd do with it.  But no, she lied and got an earful.  And a serious one, too.  She heard all the things she deserved to hear and then some.  However, while Iím glad Brady finally yelled at her for what she did, I may have to go on to say he was a tad harsh.  After all, Nicole isnít the only party responsible.  No, Chloe the Coward is just as responsible as Nicole.  She lied from the beginning and put her supposed ďtrue loveĒ through months of hell all because of a few scars on her face that wouldnít even make a difference!  Iím almost afraid that since Bradyís so focused on his joy and relief of Chloe being alive, no punishmentís going to come to her for her cowardly lies.  On a side note, those words Brady said to Nicole were all that were needed to redeem himself in my eyes.  Chloe, however, is a different story.  She lied to him for too long.  Too long to really give her a chance to redeem herself.

Rex/Mimi/Bonnie/Patrick: For me, this is the most boring storyline right now on the show.  Bonnieís now a wreck because Mimiís been sentenced and put in jail.  And now, sheís going to bar Rex from ever seeing her.  Yeah, like thatíll help her keep her abortion a secret from him.  Whoís to say Belle or Bonnie wonít speak up eventually?  And Lucas knows, too, and since Rex is his half-brother, he may tell him.  Marlena wonít because of that doctorĖpatient confidentiality thing.  And Jan canít because sheís a permanent vegetable.  (Hallelujah!)  Of course, we all know Sami would jump at the chance to tell Rex.  But I seriously digress.  I am greatly looking forward to Rex and Patrick working together to clear Mimiís name.  Eric Winter (Rex) and Brody Hutzler (Patrick) have a great deal of chemistry in their scenes, and Iím glad to see theyíll be working together now that weíre down to Ericís final weeks as Rex.  (His last air date will be July 26, three weeks from Tuesday, barring any other unnecessary preemptions.)

Shawn/Belle/Philip: So Belle made her choice.  And it was Philip.  Now, Iím sure a whole bunch of you Phelle fans are rejoicing.  (You happy, Justin?!)  And Iím certain the lot of you Shelle fans are despairing.  (I know ó Iím one of them!)  Belle just wanted to do what she thought would be the noble thing.  But basically, sheís lying to herself, Shawn, and Philip all at once.  Iím sure she only leaned toward Philip because he played the sympathy card, what with him being an amputee.  But whatever.  The damage has been done.  Unlike so many of you, I feel a little bit bad for Shawn, because he also saw that Belle was lying to all parties involved.  And John and Kateís words couldnít have made things any better.

Bo/Hope: They were only on one day this week, but thatís all right with me.  Hey, who was that kid with them?  All right!  Zackís back!  Havenít seen him in, like, forever!  I wonder what Bo got for Hope?  (Being sarcastic.  I know what he got her.)  A new boat?  Wow!  Is it just like the Fancy Face, I wonder?  Probably.  We didnít get to see it.  But still, a good gift.

Chelsea/Max/Abby: I wonder what Chelsea was whispering to Abby about?  What could she and Max have done?  Iíve seen chatters on other Internet boards speculating something completely sexual and undeniably gross.  It canít be printed here.  (E-mail me and Iíll tell you.)

Jack/Jennifer/Frankie: Iíve never seen Frankie Brady before, so I was happy to finally meet him this week.  Yeah, Iíve seen Billy Warlock on GH (as A.J. Quartermaine), but never on DAYS.  I adored the flashbacks dating back to the days of Frankie and Jenniferís relationship as teenagers.  So since he left Salem, he went to law school and became a lawyer.  Well, all right.  Over a decade away does give him enough time for that, and then some.  Plus, what seems a bit intriguing is that both Frankie and Max seem to recognize Patrickís name from somewhere.  I think Jackís crack that it could be from a criminal case was totally out of line and I have Jenniferís reaction to that to back me up.  I swear, the guyís getting just as malicious toward Patrick as Bo is.  But again, I digress.  I hope that Frankie and Max are here to be involved in a good storyline.  Not another pile of Reillyís crap.  And I hope Jack will really be as comfortable with letting Frankie and Max stay in their garage apartment as heís letting on.  Probably not.

Marlena/Maggie/Alice: Marlena, just tell John about you and Roman and your pregnancy, already!  Good to see Maggie and Alice again, even if they both did almost nothing.

Next week, Chloe takes off the bandages.  Evidence that could free Mimi is found.  Bo and Hope revel in their happiness of having a new boat!  And a bunch of other things that youíll only find out about if you tune in.

And thatís just whatís on my mind!

To let me know whatís on your mind, you can always contact me at See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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