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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion by Justin

Marlena is Pregnant!!!!

This is an awesome twist to the story and one that many would never have thought would occur. I was a little shocked when I heard that Marlena was going to be pregnant ďIs she still able to have children?Ē I thought to myself. I have been doing some thinking on this issue. It works out well because this summer one of my college classes is Human Embryology and we were talking about menopause. It is not uncommon for some women to get pregnant in their early fifties.

If my sources are correct Marlena first came to Salem in 1977 and she was doing her internship as a psychiatrist. So if we put Marlena fresh out of college we will put her around 23 years old. In the medical profession you are doing an internship for one year that would be seven years in college. So if my math is right Marlena is around 50-51'ish. On average menopause in a woman occurs between the ages of 45-52 according to my Human Embryology class, which puts Marlena right at the end of the spectrum.

This story is the flip side of the John, Marlena, and Roman story so many years ago. Marlena slept with John at the Titan part and later found out she was pregnant and didnít know if Roman, who at the time she was married to, was the father or if it were John. We many months later found out it were Johnís child known now as Belle. Now present time, Marlena is pregnant with Romanís child and married to John. I love everything that can happen with this story, because it will play out the stored emotion between Roman and John. Even though Tony caused this situation it is something that is different from the kidnappings and other ridiculous stories that recently have been occurring.

My last thought on the issue of Marlenaís pregnancy is what if it turns out that Marlena isnít the mother? If you think about it Marlena could be part of a Tony scheme. I was thinking how Mimi had her abortion, but we never had seen her at the clinic during the procedure. What if Tony hired the doctor to take the baby and implant it into Marlena? Remember there was a time when Marlena and Roman were drugged and unconscious at the castle. I hope that this isnít a case, but knowing how creative James Riley is as a writer anything is possible.

Nicole and Sami

I like how characters who hate each other always have to keep each otherís secrets and collaborate together to keep what they want. Honestly I think Nicole is in a lot more trouble than Sami. Nicole posed as a nurse (a medical professional) and sabotaged Chloeís surgery. Where Sami working with a mastermind carried out a plot under duress. Tony told Sami that if she did everything that he said, he would return her parents to her. Now we all know that Sami worked with Tony to get back at Kate, but the duress could work in this situation, besides after Sami realized that Tony was going to harm the men she quickly saved them by turning on Tony.


I said before that Hope and Bo should be in support of their son to a point. They shouldnít encourage him to break up Belle and Phillipís marriage, but be in support of him as Belle decides what she is going to do. Hope and Billie fighting over who is right and who is wrong was just annoying. Hope told Billie that this was a family matter and it was, but Hope also needs to realize that Billie is part of the same family when it comes to Phillip and Belle. What they all need to realize is that this is Belleís choice. If she wants to break up her marriage then let her, because these are young adults not children anymore. Kate, Billie, and Hope need to be supportive of their family and help them through whatever happens.


I donít think Shawn should go to Germany to be with Belle. Belle is there to help Phillip through this difficult time. When Shawn arrives in Germany there will just be a fight between Shawn and Phillip, which will make Phillip feel less as a man because he is handicapped. Besides is Shawn allowed to leave Salem since he has never been sentenced for under the influence crime? I think Shawn is going to play right into Kateís hand and will get arrested for leaving the country.


Well, Chloe chickened out once again to tell Brady the truth about her being alive. I fear that she has made the biggest mistake by not confessing the truth to him. Now when she is sought out, Brady will be of course so happy that she is alive, but then he will be furious with her for keeping these secrets from him all of this time. Nicole might look pretty good to him at that point.

Brady will get a run for his money though once Chloe leaves Salem again, because Austin Reed, Max Brady, and Frankie Brady will soon be in Salem and Iím sure someone will fall into Nicole web if Brady isnít too keen on giving her a second chance.

Mimi and Rex

I didnít really talk about these two that much, because I donít really have too much to say right now. Iím curious if Rex will leave completely or if there will be a recast when Eric Winters exist later this summer. I hate to see the character go, but really up until the rescue mission Rex had nothing to do but follow Mimi around.

I hate the fact the Mimi isnít coming clean to Rex about everything, because we need to move on from the whole Jan nightmare and Rex needs to know that Mimi had an abortion. Speaking of Jan we havenít seen her for a while and why isnít Tek ready to arrest her for kidnapping Shawn? Bo and Hope when they were on their romantic get-away talked about the kidnapping as if it were common knowledge, when did that happen?

Jack, Jen, Abby, and Chelsea

The birthday part was great and classic Jack knocking the cake out of Abbyís hands. Jackís mysterious illness could have waited a little while longer. We are not getting to see Jack and Jennifer truly happy. They have been at the hospital more than at their home since Jack had returned. The fans needed a little time to see them happy with each other before opening up a new jar of pickles.

Chelsea is going to be portrayed now as a young Billie. When Billie first came to Salem she was the street tough tomboy. Chelsea is acting more and more like Billie, which could mean she is Georgia, like there were any doubts, right?

Victor, Caroline, and Tony

I donít see the purpose of Tony holding these two prisoners. Unless keeping them locked up Tony is allowing Nicole to wreak havoc on Salem. It is time to move this story along get them home and do something with Tony. The DiMeras are just not that interesting anymore. If it is not Stefano doing the chaos then donít use Tony as a substitute for Stefano, because it is not the same thing!

Hey, itís just what I think


A face can launch a thousand ships, but one voice can make a difference!

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Page updated 11/17/12

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