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2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

There were probably more bad things than good this week. So many storylines we can certainly do without were shoved down our throats. The only bright spot this week was the restoration of a dumbed-down character to his former smart self.

Chloe/Brady/Nicole/Lucas/Sami: So Chloe’s regressed back to her cowardly self again. Big surprise. We only saw her one day this week, and really, that was enough for me. I couldn’t stand seeing Chloe the Coward any more than that. Brady was, for me, at least, the one bright spot of this week, staying true to his belief that Chloe is, in fact, alive. And manipulating Nicole into thinking he believes that Chloe’s not alive was a clever approach. Good thing he listened to Lucas’s advice. Nicole’s house of cards is definitely close to falling down. I’m actually liking this storyline now, and this is the first step leading to its long-awaited conclusion. Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) is leaving the show for primetime and will be out by this August. To make it a happy ending for this storyline, Kyle Lowder (Brady) is leaving with her. So it’s completely obvious that Brady’s going to find Chloe soon. But I digress. Brady’s former smarts seemed to come back even more when he seemed to be suspicious of the link between Sami and Stan. Brady actually caught the mispronunciation of “Kiriakis” with “Kirakis,” that Sami made as both herself and as Stan. Good ears, Brady, and welcome back! With that aside, it was good to see Sami and Nicole’s verbal sparring match. Now, they’ve been forced into an alliance to keep the men they love. And one deserves her man. The other . . . not so much.

Rex/Mimi: So Rex now knows that Mimi’s going to jail and won’t fight the charges against her. (Still thinking that’s a pathetically weak move on her part.) He’s trying everything he can, at Shawn’s urging, to help and is coming up short. They weren’t on much this week, so . . . I don’t have much else to say about them. Except that Mimi is definitely losing Rex this summer. Eric Winter (Rex) finishes taping this month and will be out by next month, because he will finally learn the truth about the abortion and leave her high and dry, the way this coward (and she admitted she was, too!) deserves to be.

Shawn/Belle/Philip: What’s happening with them right now I’m sure is making Phelle fans very happy. (You reading this, Justin?) Belle has chosen Philip over Shawn (at least, for now) and is staying with him for “as long as he needs [her].” Which will be quite a while, considering the long road to recovery in front of Philip. I know this choice has made Kate, her “monster-in-law,” very happy, which makes me even angrier at her. Meanwhile, Shawn has gotten money from Hope to go to Germany to be with Belle, which is sure to stir up some trouble. I can see Kate now when she finds out Shawn is there. More yelling at him, coming up. I’m flat-out disgusted with the direction they took this storyline in. They ruined it from the minute Philip was captured. And they made it even worse pretty much in every passing scene of it. Including now. But at least there’s been some good acting, but that’s all there’s been in this.

Bo/Hope: I can’t believe they’re divided on whom Belle should be with! Hope, in my opinion has it right. Shawn, their son, should be with Belle. To hear that Bo would side with his half-brother over his son is just unbelievable and a poor choice on his part. It’s obvious that Bo’s furious at Hope for giving Shawn the money to go to Germany. And why not? While I also think Shawn should fight for Belle, Hope’s helping him go about it the wrong way. Hope needs to tell Shawn to let Belle sort her feelings out herself and then let her make the final decision. But she didn’t do it.

John/Marlena/Roman/Kate: So Marlena is pregnant. With Roman’s baby. Ick. Pardon me for nitpicking, but isn’t Marlena a bit old to get pregnant? Oh, wait. Of course not. This is Reilly calling the shots, so of course not. Besides, Deidre Hall is really ten years older than Marlena, not the same age, so Marlena could still be in her child-bearing years. Anyway, it seems that John and Kate want to renew their vows with Marlena and Roman, respectively. Good call. They really need to. But they need to be honest about their infidelity, as do Roman and Marlena. (Even though Roman and Marlena already know about John and Kate’s infidelity, anyway.) So John and Kate suspect that Marlena and Roman probably saw more of the goings-on from the castle than they let on. If they suspect that, though, then they’d better ask them how much they saw as soon as they get home so they can just clear the air of the lies, already.

Next week, the end of the Chloe/Brady/Nicole storyline finally looms closer. And we see the return of Max and Frankie Brady, too!

And that's just what's on my mind!

To let me know what's on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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