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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion by Justin

Bo and Hope

Bo and Hope recently havenít been seeing eye to eye when it comes to Shawn and Belle. I am a little upset with Bo for telling Hope that Belle should stay with Phillip just because she is married to him. Yes the vows of marriage should be respected, but if Belle doesnít love Phillip she shouldnít stay married to him out of obligation, that just isnít right.

If the situation were reversed and Hope was married to another man, I doubt very much that he would idly stand by if he knew she still wanted to be with him. I just donít understand how we the fans are expected to believe Bo would think this way. I would assume that parents would want their children to be happy and make right the wrongs that have occurred.

Now many viewers are speculating Bo is defending Phillip because they are brothers. If it comes to rank, I believe children would trump siblings any day, besides Bo and Phillip have rarely spent any quality time with one another. Iím just glad that Hope is defending her son, because that is what parents should do.


Out of respect for their marriage and love for Phillip even if it is just a friendship love, Belle is required to go to Germany to be with Phillip. For one Belle does care for Phillip and even though she loves Shawn differently she needs to go to her husband and help him through his time of need. Phillip has been literally through Hell and back. The least Belle can do and spend some time with the man she married, help him through his ordeal, and prepare him before breaking his heart.

I do honestly believe that Belle will uncover the feelings she has for Phillip while she is helping him cope with his amputation, which is an excellent storyline. Through this story Belle will see just how much Phillip loves her and she herself will realize that what she had with Shawn was just puppy love! In ordeals such as this when a person is almost lost to someone they realize their true feelings for that person. Belle has already said that she canít lose Phillip, so does she love him as a lover or not?


Kate is so consumed with blaming Belle and Shawn for everything that is going wrong, when in fact Kate is the one to blame. Kate knew that Belle wasnít over Phillip because the two of them talked about her feelings for Shawn. Next Kate knew that Shawn was going to try to stop the wedding between Phillip and Belle, so she hired guards to block anyone trying to get into the church meaning directly Shawn. Kate knew that if Shawn got to the church in time Belle would call off the wedding to Phillip. I believe that most of the blame goes to Kate, but Belle is to blame as well. If she didnít truly love Phillip why marry him. They could have dated longer than three seconds and took the time to develop their relationship.


Chloe amused me this week. Chloe wants to tell Brady that she is alive and then she doesnít. Chloe is standing in the bushes hiding from Brady listening to Nicole manipulate the situation to her advantage. Then Chloe thinks that Nicole is good at lying to Brady. Chloe needs to come out from the anesthesia and realize that Nicole is manipulating Brady to believe that Chloe is the villain for lying about her death, if she were alive. Nicole kept saying if Chloe were alive and truly loved you she would have told you she wasnít dead. Nicole is putting these thoughts into Bradyís mind and once Chloe does tell him she is alive Nicoleís brainwashing will kick in and Chloe will be the one left out in the cold.


Now itís time to move on to Brady. First off, Brady is in a catch twenty-two. He canít fully trust Tony to be honest with him, because Tony made the alive appear to be dead, so logically why couldnít he make the dead appear to be alive? Tony, like Nicole said, is a criminal mastermind. If Tony can have a woman look and sound identical to Jennifer then why is a Chloe ďimpersonatorĒ not possible? After all she was a famous opera star, so Iím sure somewhere out there is an impersonator of Chloe. Of course we all know that Chloe is alive, but I think it would be easier to convince Brady Chloe is dead rather than alive especially where Tony is concerned.

Bradyís second edge of the sword is not trusting Nicole. Brady has never completely trusted Nicole. Although he defends Nicole to others he still donít believe in her as well. He believes Nicole to be lying to him, but yet if Chloe is dead he wants to marry her. For Brady to think Nicole is lying to him about Chloe being alive is just another reason why these two Brady and Nicole should not be together.

Rumor has it that Nadia who portrays Chloe will be leaving once again to film episodes for a series. If Chloe leaves Salem without telling Brady that she is alive I will have to agree with many people in calling her a coward, because up to now I have been giving her the benefit of the doubt and giving her a chance to work out her mental anguish over the accident.

John, Kate and Marlena

Will they or wonít they in Germany? How great it must be to have your spouses permission to go off together knowing full well that they have some unresolved feelings for each other! I think that these two will come very close to making love in Germany but Belle will walk in on them and stop them. Then Belle will know that they still have strong feelings for each other and not know what to do, this then will give Belle the upper hand on Kate. This secret will go hand in hand with Marlenaís big secret that will present itself in the up coming weeks. Which if the rumors are true and this big surprise occurs it will be great to have a Marlena story that doesnít involve being kidnapped.

Tony and Sami

I wonder how many viewers would be open for a Tony and Sami romance. The way these two taunt and get to each other; it would be an interesting love relationship. I donít know how successful it would be, but it would certainly be entertaining. If anyone has any comments about a Tony and Sami relationship e-mail and let me know what you think

Hey, it is just what I think!


A face can launch a thousand ships, but one voice can make a difference. E-mail me at

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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