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2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

I have to admit, there were so many good things that happened this week. There were some bad things, as well, but it was all the good things that really excited me. When I found out that the ex-hostages were being hailed as “heroes,” I immediately thought that was laughable. Granted, the only heroic thing they did in the war zone was survive it, and even that may not be enough to qualify as heroic. But the reunions were very great. My personal favorite was Roman and Kate’s reunion with the family they had no idea they’d started. Anyway, on to the other storylines.

Chloe/Brady/Nicole: Finally! Brady saw Nicole for what she really is! Good for him! When he called her a “cold-hearted liar,” he about threw me for a loop. In a positive way, of course. I was beginning to think that we were finally getting the old, smart Brady back again. (You should’ve heard me shout, “Welcome back, Brady Black!”) But then, Nicole whips out the manipulations again and Stupid Brady comes rushing back to us. And I don’t know about all of you, but I was all set to slap the hell out of her when she admitted that Chloe was alive one second before putting her hand on his heart and adding, “In here.” She unknowingly proved what Marlena said. If she couldn’t tell Brady the truth about Chloe when she had the perfect chance, then she was undeserving of his love, and undeserving of his love, she is. But she proved to be the genius of the week when she put two and two together and realized Sami and Stan were one and the same. And I don’t know why Chloe’s suddenly trusting this woman when just last year, she didn’t. Doesn’t she see what Nicole’s trying to do? Not only is she a total COWARD for continuing to stay hidden from Brady (but I give her a lot of credit for at least admitting that it was time to stop lying), she’s even more of an idiot than she was at the beginning of this storyline!

Rex/Mimi: I’m going to go a little bit easier on Mimi this week. She is still struggling with the choice of telling Rex the truth about the abortion or not, as well her going to jail. In the past, I said I didn’t sympathize with her. But after hearing that her trial or sentencing or whatever it was would be on the same day as their wedding day, my heart suddenly went out to her. Mimi needs to confess and fast, and then maybe Rex will understand, thus cushioning the blow on her. Hey, I know that she was doing what she thought would be best for Rex, even though it wasn’t, but what she did, and is doing now, was hit right on the head by Sami (then masquerading as Stan): it was more selfish than selfless. And is anyone bothered the least bit that Rex and the other ex-hostages suddenly showered and changed clothes minutes before reuniting with their loved ones? And here’s some bad news for all Rex fans. We’ll be losing him (and portrayer Eric Winter) this summer. It's been rumored that Rex will find out about Mimi’s abortion, dump her . . . and leave Salem. Whether or not Cassie will go, too, has yet to be determined.

Bo/Hope: I thought their reunion with Shawn was all right, at best. After their picnic and lovemaking scenes on the beach, it looked like we were finally back to the Bo and Hope we’ve known and loved for years. They actually had an adult conversation about something other than Billie (who, thankfully, didn’t appear this week) and they stopped playing the blame game regarding Shawn. It seems they’re divided on the issue, though, of whether or not Shawn should pursue Belle. My only pet peeve regarding them is that they weren’t at Alice’s to defend Shawn to Kate. After all that venom she practically spewed at Shawn, he needed his parents.

John/Marlena/Roman/Kate: I hated that Kate hugged John again. Do John and Kate not notice that Roman and Marlena are present when they do that? Oh, well. I pretty much ignore this quadrangle (I never thought I would, but I do). Good seeing Roman defend Sami to John, saying Sami wasn’t working for Tony (even though we know she was). Kate had so much flak to give Shawn about being around Belle. I didn’t care for even one word that came out of her big mouth. Personally, I just want to see her go, but we all know that isn’t happening.

Tony/Bart/Sami/Lucas/Will: So Tony and Bart have one more thing to hold over Sami’s head: the fact that she was Stan all along. She could lose Lucas and Will should her secret be found out, for which I’m actually half-rooting for, and half-rooting against. I do commend Lucas for defending Sami to Shawn, Rex, and Brady after they continued to accuse her of working for Tony. But if he only knew the truth. . . . Will’s reunion with Lucas and Sami was a beautiful one. And hearing that Lucas was going to get to the bottom of Sami’s “infidelity” with Brandon and give her the BOTD about it was even better. All Lumi fans, there’s hope for their reunion yet!

Shawn/Belle/Philip: So Philip lost part of his leg. Tragic? I admit, yes, it is. No one deserves something like that. Not even Philip. But correct me if I’m wrong about this. Shouldn’t a chaplain have only come and told Belle the news in person if it was about Philip dying? My father was in the military for nearly thirty-three (33) years and he said it usually happens when news about a death needs to be delivered, not a serious injury. But since I’m way over this storyline, anyway, I’ll just say, “Whatever” and move on. I think Shawn has every right to comfort Belle. Kate should at least grant him that. I highly doubt a simple hug means Shawn is out to steal another man’s wife. I highly doubt that. As for which man Belle ends up with, well, Justin (welcome back, buddy!) and I are divided on that. He’s a regular Phelle fan. I’m a die-hard Shelle fan. Sure, Shawn’s done some horrible things over the last few months, but don’t forget that it was all under Jan’s influential manipulations. He deserves a second chance with Belle. Sure, Jason Cook (Shawn) and Martha Madison (Belle) have almost no chemistry, but as long as they are Shawn and Belle, I want Shawn and Belle. Kyle Brandt (Philip) and Martha probably have chemistry, but only because neither of them have it with anybody else. Now that is enough about them.

Victor/Caroline/Grandpa Shawn: Hooray! The final two captives were finally seen again! Although I wish we could add “ex” at the beginning of “captives.” Remember what Caroline said when Bart brought their food in? She said, “I’m starving.” But when he announced that they were celebrating Tony being alive, she practically scrunched up her face and said angrily, “I just lost my appetite.” I think I laughed a little at that. Probably because I was thinking, My sentiments exactly, Caroline. Plus, Caroline asked Bart the same thing I was wondering: “Bart, what is the point of all this?” What is the point of all of this? All of Salem knows that Tony’s alive, so there’s really no point in doing this. And what are these “big plans” Bart says he and Tony have for them? And is it just me, or was the show trying to do one of those “product placement” things that Proctor and Gamble were doing with their two CBS soaps (ATWT and GL)? You know, with the Natural Citrus Listerine Pocket Packs. It sure looked like it. Oh, and I included Grandpa Shawn in this paragraph because I have a pressing question for all of you. How do you think he’ll take it when he finds out that Caroline really is alive and was being held hostage with her ex-flame the entire time?

Next week, Marlena learns something very shocking that I won’t reveal to all of you who are greatly afraid of spoilers. Something that I never even considered would happen. Plus, look for Patrick, Billie, and Bonnie, who were all MIA this week, to appear next week. (Did anyone catch that Bonnie was at the CMA awards in Nashville? So was her portrayer, Judi Evans!) Look for Kate to go too far with Shawn. All Phelle fans can look for a Phelle reunion. And . . . well, I won’t say any more. Just wait till next week.

And to Jessica Kilborn: I’m doing the best I can here! Please give me more time, okay? I am sorry you don’t “care for” my opinions, but I’m really saying what I’m feeling.

And that's just what's on my mind!

To let me know what's on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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