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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion by Justin

Wow! So much has happened on Days since the last time I wrote an article. But right now I want to thank all of you who e-mailed me and wondered where I was at and tried to get me to continue to write opinions. Now, to be completely honest I will try to be as current as I can be. My goal is to do weekly opinions, but sometimes that may not be possible so bear with me. So lets just jump into it and see where we go.

The Heroes

Well, what can we say about Brady, Lucas, Rex and Shawn. I was excited to see their rescue attempt, because it is establishing these young men into the heroes of the future. I have said that this was too premature for these characters to make an attempt like this and to make it out alive was impressive, but at least they are back in Salem where they belong. I am just waiting for all of the secrets to unfold as Rex learns of Mimiís situation as well as Brady seeing Chloe. Over all the Phillip rescue mission wasnít a complete bomb.


I understand where Chloe is coming from by not wanting Brady to see her in this unattractive physical state. It is not that she doesnít want Brady to see her this way, it is more so that Chloe donít want to see herself this way. Chloe had been called ghoul girl and was made fun of by the Salem-High bunch that she canít face a life being ghoul girl once again. By blocking the people that she cares about the most Chloe donít have to face her as being disfigured. Many people have asked me if I think Chloe is a coward? No, I do not think she is a coward, I just think she needs to boost her self-esteem and realize that her friends and family are the only ones that matter and will still stand beside her as well as support her no matter what she looks like. Chloe will always be the opera diva to her friends and family she just needs to believe in herself..


Now moving on to Mimi. I love Mimiís storyline because it is a refreshing twist that she is going to plead guilty to attempted murder of Jan. If you take the time to think of the Mimiís situation, is she really pleading guilty to attempted murder of Jan? Or is she pleading guilty because she terminated her pregnancy. The main reason Mimi is pleading guilty is because she doesnít want Rex to find out she had an abortion, which she regretted ever since she had the procedure done. I believe that she is using this attempted murder charge to punish herself for what she thinks is the murder of her baby. If this is how the story unravels then it is brilliance.


I have always like Belle and Phillip together and I am rooting for them to stay married. Shawn is very egoistical and gets under my skin. Shawn cares for Phillip because they grew up together, were best friends, and are family. But the only reason Shawn formed the rescue mission was to bring Phillip home so Belle could tell Phillip their marriage is over. This whole story is wrong, but I am beginning to see the beauty and complexity of it. Once you see the possibilities of this story playing out, this is an awesome story that can launch Belle, Shawn, and Phillip into one of they greatest love triangles ever told and that is exciting.

Bo, Hope, and Billie

Billie needs a life far away from Bo and Hope. I loved when Hope decked Billie when Billie and Bo made love in that pit. Punching Billie was great and I wished that Hope had punched her again. Billie now needs to just keep her distance from Hope and Bo and move on with her life, because right now I donít think very highly of Billie for sleeping with Bo and Billie was such a great character at one time. Why such a dramatic change in character?

I donít agree with Hope blaming Bo for Shawn running off and threatening to leave him because he wasnít there to stop Shawn, that was just ridicules. I can see Hopes point of view that Bo hasnít been around to help with the family, but Shawn is an adult and Hope needs to realize that. We all make our own choices whether they are right or wrong. Now with Shawn home hopefully Bo and Hope have a few moments of peace before Billie interferes.


How many times can Tony escape death and being captured? A while back a website had stated that Tony was like a cartoon villain, and I would have to say that it the best way to describe Tony, being a cartoon villain. It is time to get the DiMeraís out of the picture and create a new villain to mess with the good people of Salem. I donít want Tony to leave Salem or be put in jail, just let him be a descent person, maybe a little wicked, but the DiMera days are just not working for us anymore. Days of our Lives need to make a change to attract new audience members and keep the loyal viewers happy. Right now the show is good, but there is a lot of potential that needs to be developed.

John and Kate

Apparently, John and Kate havenít got each other out of their system yet. This means that someday soon John and Kate will give into temptation and they will be with each other secretly. When Roman and Marlena were away, Kate and John were beginning to grow on me as a couple. Why I donít know, because I am a huge John and Marlena fan. But something worked with these two that I liked. If John and Kate get together I donít like the fact that Marlena and Roman would gravitate toward one another again. I loved Marlena and Roman together, but that was when Wayne Northrop was Roman. Donít misunderstand me, because I am not saying that Josh Taylor isnít a good Roman, it is just not the Wayne and Deidre chemistry that made them a super couple in the eighties.

I cannot believe how much of a witch Kate is. I had a game many months ago about which character I would vote off the show if we all could vote one character off. I love Lauren Koslow my first choice would be to get rid of Kate. That is why Vivian is needed back on the show to put Kate in her place.


The one good thing you can say about Nicole is she has guts. Nicole is not afraid to go after what she wants and if you are in her way watch out. Sometimes the worst characters are the ones that are nice to your face and then will stab you in the back. This is exactly what Nicole is doing to Chloe. But truly Nicole needs to do nothing anymore, because once Brady learns that Chloe was deceiving him this whole time as well as Craig and Nancy, the Brady Chloe relationship will take a huge U-turn.

Hey, that is just what I think!


And as always a face can launch a thousand ships, but one voice can make a difference. E-mail me at

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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