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2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

This week, things continued to get better and better. I can't believe how much movement we finally got. Unfortunately for me, though, the one day that everything changed, I overslept (I sleep REALLY late) and forgot to tape it. So I missed it. But that said, let's begin.

Nicole/Chloe/Marlena/Craig/Nancy: So Kevin Spirtas once again left his role as Craig. For how long, I don't know, but I'm really going to miss him. I'm glad Marlena knows that Chloe's alive. And I'm glad that she managed to talk Chloe into revealing herself to Brady. Of course, that only lasted for a few seconds. Nicole managed to manipulate her back into not wanting to reveal herself to Brady. Chloe's such a coward. I know some of you don't think this, nor do you want to believe this, but it's true. She's become such a coward, she's not even fun to watch anymore. Oh, but who else liked seeing Nicole seem to strike a nerve in Marlena? Marlena, who hasn't kept a secret as big as the one she's keeping now since she slept with John while she was married to Roman.

Patrick/Bonnie/Mimi/Belle: All three Lockharts were seen together! That's good! Patrick's been seen with any family that's not his. It's good to have finally seen him with people who are in his family. I wonder just how many people he has connections to, seeing as how he made yet another cryptic phone call? Anyway, Mimi went ahead with her cowardly guilty plea. But thanks to money from John, she's out on bail. Hard to say what I think about her right now. She still wants to go to jail to keep Rex from finding out about her abortion. Like that will prevent him from finding out. As for Belle, she's not my favorite person right now, but she didn't do a lot this week for me to really touch on except continue advising Mimi to stop lying to Rex.

Jack/Jennifer: Jennifer is definitely jealous of Jack's friendship with Billie. So much so that she got mad at him for defending Billie to Hope. Ooookay. Billie isn't trying to steal your husband, Jennifer, so why are you getting all worked up about that? Moving on, Jack seemed pretty sick on Friday's episode. I've heard so much speculation that it's his Hodgkin's disease coming out of remission. If so, then we'll finally have a good storyline to watch. Or at least a tolerable one.

Hope/Bo/Bille/Kate/Marlena: Except for Marlena, we didn't to see any of these characters on all that much this week, and I can't believe I was actually happy about that. How heated was that melee of insults in the penthouse? One minute Kate's blaming Shawn for her three sons being in danger, the next minute Hope's blaming Billie for the same thing, then Billie's trying to defend herself, and then Bo tries to defend Billie, and Hope gets angry at him for doing so. While all those exchanges were very fun to watch, I just want this little blame game to stop. When it comes right down to it, the principle of the matter is that it's not Shawn, Bo, or Billie to blame for the guys being in the war zone. It's Belle who's to blame for this, and anyone with an ounce of common sense can figure out how she's to blame for this. As for Marlena, it's evident her friendship with Kate may finally end if Kate doesn't stop insulting Sami in front of her.

Lexie/Tek/Celeste: So now we know one of Tek's secrets. He's a homewrecker linked to many divorces. He's had affairs with numerous married women and walks away from them after they've been divorced. Unfortunately, after Celeste revealed this to Lexie, she wouldn't believe it. Not that I blame her. She's been friends with Tek for nearly two years now. It's hard to accept the truth. Especially if it's about a really close friend. Granted, this truth doesn't make me like Tek any less than I already do. I will continue liking him until he does something really horrible to split up Abe and Lexie's marriage. Until then, I'll give him the BOTD (benefit of the doubt).

John/Roman: All I can say is, it's unbelievable that the two of them don't believe Sami is innocent in the matter of Lucas's breakup with her. At least, as far as Roman's concerned. A father should believe his child, no matter how unbelievable it sounds. Then again, Kate is his wife, and he has serious blinders on when it comes to her. And what's with all the surprise on their faces when they found out Tony's alive? Wasn't that to be expected? He's a DiMera, for crying out loud! DiMeras probably never truly die unless it's of old age!

Billie/Chelsea/Abby: That was touching to see Billie being there to console Chelsea over the loss of her parents and her home. I'm surprised Chelsea was able to put her attempt for Billie aside long enough to let her console her. Imagine what'll happen when they find out she's Georgia, Billie's daughter.

Tony/Bart/Sami/Philip/Shawn/Rex/Brady/Lucas: This storyline had two real turning points this week. One: Sami saw Lucas and Lucas thought he saw Sami, leading to Sami turning on Tony. Two: Tony finally revealed himself to the guys and, inadvertently, to all of Salem. I was UNBELIEVABLY happy when he was arrested by the Marines. It's time that cartoon monster was finally stopped. However, don't look for it to last long. He temporarily escapes next week. Sami finally realized that she'd been wrong the whole time and decided to stop this revenge nonsense. But let's see if anyone in Salem will be willing to forgive her for all the crimes she committed as Stan. (Hint: No! This summer, Tony will make totally sure she goes down for those crimes!) On a side note, I know it's probably not the right time for Philip to know about Shawn and Belle's reconciliation, but I still wanted to punch Rex for deliberately interrupting Shawn when he was going to tell Philip the truth. That truth needs to be told to him now!

We've got a few big events waiting to happen next week to kick off the summer, and I'm ready to watch them. One of them involves Brady finally learning the truth about Chloe! Maybe we'll finally see some of these other awful storylines come to a close, or at least hit a climax. So I'll be watching and I hope you will, too!

And that's just what's on my mind!

To let me know what's on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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