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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

All in all, this was a pretty good week.  Some storylines were still progressing slowly, some had picked up the pace a little, and best of all, a brand-new storyline finally kicked off.  So it wasn't too bad a week at all.

John/Marlena/Roman/Kate/Belle: The mother/daughter reunion between Marlena and Belle was bittersweet to me.  I, for one, was aching because I didn't see Kirsten (Storms, ex-Belle) there with Deidre (Hall, Marlena) and Drake (Hogestyn, John).  But it was still a happy reunion.  They got right down to business, catching up on the bad things going on in Belle's life.  It reminded me so much of the good old days when Marlena was helping Belle with her problems.  And I thought it was great to see Marlena protect Belle during her altercation with Kate.  While I kind of think that Kate has no right to blame Belle for what happened to Philip, I also think she kind of does.  Think about it.  Philip and Belle wouldn't even be married if Belle had just had her head on straight and stuck fast to the fact that she still had feelings for Shawn.  Philip wanted to accept the mission to hurry back just to be with Belle, who didn't really love him the way he loved her.  And now look at him.  He's been captured and is being held hostage.  So it is Belle's fault, yet it isn't Belle's fault.  Anyway, I'm glad John came clean to Marlena about his drug addiction, but why can't Marlena come clean to John about her night of passion with Roman?  Sure, doing so will hurt John, but if they're truly in love with each other, they will get past it.  That's what their marriage is all about -- love and trust.  Using them, they can find a way to move on and get their lives back on track.  As for Roman and Kate, their marriage is doomed on two counts -- she's responsible for Lucas and Sami's breakup (and that truth will come out this summer, so don't worry), and she has lingering feelings for John that she may or may not act on.  Feelings of love aren't easily turned off, and she's finding that out the hard way.

Tony/Bart/Sami/Philip/Shawn/Rex/Brady/Lucas: As you probably noticed, not a lot of movement in the POW storyline.  We only got to see Alison twice this week.  Dan was seen the rest of the week.  So it looks like Alison and Dan will be alternating playing Sami for the time being.  I couldn't believe Sami, hitting Shawn, Rex, and Brady with the truths about the goings-on with their women back in Salem.  I'm surprised she was able to hold back from telling them the full truths about them.  Too bad Shawn covered when he let it slip that Lucas was here, also.  I would've loved to see Sami's face when she found out Lucas was indeed there in the war zone.  As for Tony and Bart . . . well, Bart's always good for a laugh or two.  But Tony . . . well, you know how I feel about him.

Mimi/Bonnie/Belle/Jan/Mickey/Maggie: It was not that surprising to me at all that Jan implicated Mimi in her attempted murder.  Mimi's innocent, but Jan's willing to see her go to prison, anyway.  I don't feel sorry for Mimi at all.  She got herself in this position.  If she'd just known the value of the truth in the first place, all this could've been avoided.  But no.  She was too worried about saving her own butt to care about what happened to anyone else.  Belle's argument Jan was pretty heated, despite Jan being in a hospital bed after just awakening from a coma.  It looks like we've seen the last of Jan for quite a while.  Since Heather Lindell (Jan) was dropped to recurring status a few months ago, we'll be seeing her only occasionally.  It was nice to see Mickey and Maggie on this week, as well.  Maggie finally demanded that Mickey choose which woman he wanted (this has gone on far too long, I must say), but that had to be set aside because Bonnie needed Mickey to defend her daughter.  Spectacular, it was, that Bonnie actually yelled at Jan to recant her statement about Mimi trying to kill her.  This is what mothers are supposed to do.  They protect their children, innocent or guilty, at any cost.

Jack/Jennifer: They were only on for two days, but that's okay.  So Jack finally told Jennifer the truth about Madison.  I already figured that Jennifer would understand and forgive him.  After all, that wasn't Jack's fault.  Tony's the only one to blame for that.  And how beautiful was that romantic setup in the exam room?  Yes, Jack and Jennifer are one of this show's most beloved couples, and they're well on their way to getting their lives back on track again.  How wonderful.

Abe/Lexie/Tek: So a new storyline for the blacks finally kicked off this week.  I don't know what to say about this blindness/impotency storyline for Abe.  I mean, it's interesting, but I don't know how long it will stay interesting.  I just hope James Reynolds (Abe), Renée Jones (Lexie), and Rhasaan Orange (Tek) can play it out well enough to keep it interesting.  I think Abe is out of line to say that he and Lexie have no marriage with his impotency.  Sex isn't everything in a marriage.  (I could be wrong.  Am I wrong?)  So he shouldn't get frustrated.  Besides, they have medicine for that, I think.  Why would he accuse Lexie of having an affair with Tek?  I mean, yes, they got close while Abe was on the island, but not that close.  Lexie explained that to him time after time after time.  So Abe should just leave that alone and move on.  And he's not on the force anymore, so there's no need whatsoever to lash out at Tek for not making an arrest for Jan's attack.

Bo/Hope: Boy, did Bo feel pretty stupid for making love to Billie.  Rightfully so.  He never should've been with Billie in the first place.  So Hope forgave him for that.  I don't necessarily think that was a good move on her part.  But maybe it's for the best.  Something that I do know was a good move on her part, however, was putting her foot down and taking Bo off the search for Georgia.  I think Bo's done a terrible job on the search as he always puts himself and Billie in danger all the time.  Time to sit back and let a professional take over.  And he's not responsible for Shawn going off to the war zone to find Philip.  Neither he nor Hope knew he was planning that all along, and Hope knows that.  But at least Bo's worrying about his son at all.  So is Hope, but she always does.  (That's good, by the way.)

Patrick/Billie/Chelsea: I saved Patrick and Billie for last simply because they are my favorite potential couple.  With many of the people in Billie's corner no longer there, it's good to see Patrick is there.  He lent her a shoulder to cry on after her altercation with Hope over Bo.  It's so evident Patrick cares for her.  Why can't Billie see that?  Brody Hutzler (Patrick) and Julie Pinson (Billie) are both fine actors with outstanding chemistry.  A Patrick/Billie pairing would be remarkable and a good way to take her out of Bo and Hope's storyline.  So anyway, we were also introduced to the new Chelsea.  I don't know what to think about nu-Chelsea yet, considering we only got to see Rachel Melvin (who played the fake Georgia back in January) one day this week.  (Mandy Musgrave exited the role two weeks back.)  But so far, I think she'll be good.  And I liked the bond that Billie and Chelsea seemed to be developing, even if Chelsea did think Billie was her mom (whom she does not yet know is dead).  But how dumb was that of Billie to hear that she and Chelsea shared a rare blood marker and choose to totally ignore it?  It's more obvious to me than ever that Chelsea Benson is, in actuality, Georgia Brady.  Unfortunately, they won't know that until this summer.

We've got some pretty good stories coming up next week.  We'll be seeing Celeste back on, which is good for me.  Look for a little bit of movement, but not a lot, in the POW storyline, and for Kate and Billie to have some interaction.

And that's just what's on my mind!

To let me know what's on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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