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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

This wasn't such a bad week, in my opinion.  I mean, we got some movement from some storylines, while others are still slowing to a crawl.  But it was pretty good.  Let's see where to start.

John/Marlena/Roman/Kate: So John and Kate's engagement has officially been called off.  Big surprise.  But it was bound to happen after Roman and Marlena returned home.  It's very definite that there is tension brewing between Marlena and Kate.  After all, Marlena has been forced to watch Kate tend to her husband for months, and Kate knows more about how to take care of her than she does.  I think Roman needs to be slapped.  He thinks that by lying about his and Marlena's affair, everyone will be spared the pain.  I don't think so.  Maybe John and Kate will be, but not him and Marlena.  They're going to be hurting themselves by keeping this whole thing secret.  The truth always comes out eventually.  And who knows?  If it comes out from someone other than them, they'll be pushing John and Kate right back into each other's arms again.  Marlena stood up for Sami when Kate was trashing her, which is something to commend her for.  Sami was totally innocent and nobody believes that but Marlena.  Kate could've told Roman the truth when she was asked point-blank if she was involved in Sami and Lucas's breakup and she chose to lie.  A simple "No" would've sufficed, but she dragged it out into a Sami-bashing monologue.  That turned Marlena's head, which is a plus for her.

Victor/Caroline: I can't believe these two are prisoners again.  This makes the third time, which is so not the charm.  To think that Bart even let them out of the castle before it exploded!  I just want to see them get home, already.  They don't deserve this.  John Aniston (Victor) and Peggy McCay (Caroline) both deserve better storylines to play than this one.

Tony/Bart/Sami/Philip: Well, Tony survived.  No surprise there.  I could really care less that he's still alive.  James E. Reilly has ruined Tony beyond redemption.  He's still the cartoon villain he's been since the castle storyline began.  But I'm almost always thrilled to see the hilarious Bart again.  He's a sight for sore eyes, I must say.  As for Sami, Alison's back!  YAY!  The unmasking of Stan to reveal Sami was surprising and a little bit comical.  Seeing Sami cry as Stan was also a good thing to see because it revealed Sami's softer side even as a man.  I can't believe she even defended Philip, telling Tony not to harm him in any way.  Sami usually thinks of no one but herself, and now, she's thinking of someone she's really seen with, and is related to one of her biggest adversaries.  Wow.  I never thought I'd see the day.  And just how fitting was that for her to ask Tony why he couldn't just stay dead?  That's a question I don't think will ever be answered, honestly.

Belle/Mimi: Not too much to say about them.  The scenes in the church were funny because when Belle and Mimi said that their boyfriends were off fighting in the war, Mimi said to Eileen (the woman they met), "So is her husband."  It was funny seeing them have to cover for themselves.

Shawn/Rex/Brady/Lucas: While this story is unbelievable on so many levels, it's fairly enjoyable.  I mean, four great actors who were dubbed as some of the hottest men on the show are in a storyline together.  That's must-see TV right there.  How many times, though, must we be reminded of Shawn's motives for rescuing Philip?  We all know it's just so they can get him home and Belle can tell him their marriage is over so she can be with Shawn again.  We get it!  We don't have to keep hearing that!  And Lucas?  He's a dimwit to be putting what happened to Sami past his mother.  Doesn't he remember all of the awful things she did in the past?  He should.  That alone should at least make him raise an eyebrow.  I wonder who that man they just caught is?  Probably Sami back in her Stan disguise again.

Grandpa Shawn/Will: Good to see them both again.  Grandpa Shawn's reaction to Caroline being presumed dead again was well played out by Frank Parker (Grandpa Shawn).  It was sickening to watch Kate continue to poison Will's mind against Sami.  At least Marlena stopped it before she took it too far.

Bo/Hope/Patrick/Billie: I don't believe it.  Bo and Billie made love!  That was despicably disgusting!  If I were Hope, I, too, would've considered just leaving them there to rot.  But the funny thing is, I don't even blame Bo for that at all.  At least, not as much as I blame Billie for it.  The only part of this I blame Bo for is that he shouldn't have gone with Billie without telling Hope, if at all.  But Billie?  What she did was nothing but shameless.  She knew Bo thought she was Hope.  She knew, and she didn't do anything to stop it.  Let's all face it.  She deserved to be punched by Hope.  Period.  The character of Billie Reed is getting closer and closer to being hated by DAYS fans everywhere with the way she's being written.  If there's any hope of redemption for her, she'd better find it fast.  But I loved seeing Patrick rescue Billie.  Shows how much he cares about her.  I'm still open to a Patrick/Billie pairing.  Billie needs a storyline away from Bo and Hope.  I hope there's no "who's the daddy?" storyline in the works.  Then, Billie would have to wonder if Bo or Patrick fathered her baby.  (Hopefully, it'd be the latter.  Remember that Patrick and Billie made love a few weeks back.)

Marlena reunites with Belle, Jan finally awakens from her coma, and we finally get an Abe/Lexie/Tek storyline kicked off next week.  If you're eager to see any of those events, stay tuned next week and watch them for yourself.  We've got some good storylines (with some bad ones, as well) coming our way, and I say we prepare ourselves for them!

And that's just what's on my mind!

To let me know what's on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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