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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion by Justin

Brady, Chloe, and Nicole

Brady placing his motherís ring in Chloeís urn was sort of sweet and twisted at the same time. If Brady felt strongly on doing that heart warming gesture he should have made sure that Nicole was nowhere to be found. Brady knows how sensitive Nicole is when it comes to Brady loving Chloe. Brady announcing that he and Chloe will be married in Heaven was very sweet, but how Nicole must have felt hearing Brady say those words. As much as a lot of people donít particularly care for Nicole you have to admit Bradyís words were insensitive while Nicole was there to hear them.


So, Mimi does possess the ability to tell the truth! This week Mimi came clean with all her secrets, well came clean to Tek, but still this is a positive step for Mimi in the right direction. Mimi needs to tell Rex the truth now and redeem herself as a decent character that she once was. Every character goes through a period of keeping secrets and telling lies it must be part of an initiation to be a true daytime drama character!


Tek to me is still untrustworthy and sneaky, which he proved this week. Tek basically set up Mimi to go to Janís house where Tek was waiting for her. Then after Mimi confesses everything that occurred shouldnít he have taken Mimi down to the station for a formal statement? Something is shaky in Tekís behavior!


Drunk driving has always been a story that daytime shows have explored and even though it is mundane after awhile, it is a message that should constantly be reminded to everyone. If you drink donít drive! Even though this current drunk driver wasnít a main character on the show it is still the issue that anyone can cause a wreck driving drunk and anyone can be a victim that suffers from one driving under the influence. Jennifer hit the nail right on the head when she questioned why people are so careless and still is driving drunk. Drunk driving is and most likely always will be a problem, but Days of our Lives handle this story respectfully.


I do not agree with Billie blaming Hope for the death of Chelseaís parents, Hope wasnít the one driving drunk. The individual who was driving drunk is the one responsible. Besides, Patrickís phone call to 911 saying it was the mayor and his wife seemed to due the trick. Hope had every right to hang up on Billie, because Billie always calls Bo for any problem that occurs. Bo is not a miracle worker and I doubt very much he is able to walk on water, which is how Billie sees Bo as some sort of savior. Besides, Billie is an ISA agent. I would think that ISA are trained more intensely for emergencies just like these. I honestly do not like the way Billieís character is being written they have Billie clingy and needy. Where is self-sufficient head strong Billie at? This is appears to be Countess Willamina Billie, where is officer/ISA agent Billie?

The Four Amigos

Shawn, Rex, Brady, and now Lucas are going to save Phillip. Sorry Iím not buying into it. Truly this story is doing nothing for me, I want Phillip to be saved, but having these four attempting to rescue him is too much of a stretch. If this mission originally started out with John and Bo attempting to rescue Phillip and these four tagged along to help, that would have been more believable. They then could have been gradually included in the rescue mission then had taken it over, but this is too soon to develop new heroes. The only interesting aspect of this entire story is now the fact that Stan/Sami has to get in on the action. This part does intrigue me and I think is worth watching.


I am enjoying the character of Stan, which now is starting to depress me because once Allisonís maternity leave is over she will be back and will be Sami again. Donít get me wrong I want Sami as Sami back, but also could be change Stan into Eric. Once Sami truly returns take Stan away for a little while and bring him back as Eric. If Judi Evans can come back on Days as Bonnie and not Adrienne and Josh Taylor starts out as Chris to now Roman, why canít Stan become Eric?

The Escape

They are all out of the castle and soon will be back home. I am ready to see Marlena back in Salem and with a story worthy of her. Marlena has been kidnapped so many times and like I have stated in older articles anything that gives her air time Iíll support, but Deidre Hall is capable of so much more than playing a hostage.

There is now the issue of the couples, John, Kate, Roman, and Marlena to both couples to bite the bullet and say they slept with each other, or to start keeping secrets. Honestly if they all come clean with each other and just blurt this information out from the get go they all will be so happy that they are reunited that this confession might not make a huge impact. The issue of deliberately keeping the truth from each other will only eat away at Marlena and Roman, because they know the truth and feel betrayed. I will be surprised if Marlena agrees to keep this a secret, because she knows first hand what it was like when she kept the same secrete from Roman many years ago.

The Tape

The tape that Shawn made explaining everything he was planning to do was very lame. It is amazing that all of a sudden Belle has this memory to search through his chest because Shawn told her a long time ago that he would leave her a message in there, if he couldnít say it to her face. Belle thinks of this now after months of Shawn being locked up by Jan she thinks to look in this chest. Mimi did comment on the fact that it wouldnít have helped when Shawn was held prisoner by Jan, but this time around Belle thinks of the chest, itís annoying and eye rolling. Shawn and Belle should have had this moment when he was pursuing her these past few months, then I wouldnít have a problem with this plot, but to me it seems too forced from the writers.


Nancy is a devoted mother to Chloe right now, and Iím sure all the viewers are happy to have Nancy back, but what about Joy? When Nancy first arrived she mentioned Joy and Craig now and then, but we hear little about them and that poor baby is without her mother. Chloe of course needs her mom with her during this difficult time but it seems like Nancy is neglecting her toddler. I donít want to see Nancy or Chloe off the canvas, because they are great characters. Either bring them completely back or donít. As much as I love to see characters from the past back on the show I donít enjoy watching them for a few days and then they are gone again, if Chloe is going to stick around then great, but if that is not the intention then lets end it and save the viewers the turmoil of losing the all over again!

Hey, itís just what I think!


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Page updated 11/17/12

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