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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion by Justin

Fridayís episode

Fridayís episode of Days of our Lives was the best episode I have watched in a long time. Usually Friday episodes are the best, because they leave you with a cliffhanger. The scenes were very interesting and action packed. Up until now you couldnít tell a Friday episode from a Monday there really was no addiction present that hooks the viewers to tune in for the next episode. If this past episode is an indication for future shows Days could develop hook new viewers into watching.

First off we got to see Cassie once again who I am ready to see more of. Cassie was always a free spirit before her ďmurderĒ and hopefully when she makes it back to Salem she will continue to be how she was before this horrible ordeal. Besides we will need a character like Cassie to spice up the lives of the young adults on the show.

Next we finally got to meet Chelseaís parents and not a moment too soon, because I have a suspicion that this will be the last time we see them. The episode ended these characters with a car crash. This I believe will make Chelsea an orphan, who may end up living with Jennifer.


I have always been a fan of Nicoleís since the beginning of her character when she was nice. Over the years bitterness and self-survival has kicked in and Nicole is usually out for herself, which isnít necessarily a bad thing. I will say that Nicole has a lot of spunk and she goes after what she wants and that is Brady. Nicole finally knows for sure that Chloe is alive and is planning to get Brady back. As much as I never cared for Brady and Nicole together as a couple I do hope that she fights to keep what she wants until she realizes that she deserves better than Brady, and by that I mean someone who can give his whole heart to her not just tidbits, but the entire thing.


Some people have stated that Chloe is a coward. Her actions at times may seem cowardly but I donít share the same view of Chloe. Chloe has been through very traumatic events with the car crash and the surgeries she has undergone, it would make anyone second-guess him or herself. Remember, when she first arrived in Salem she was treated horrible by most her peers. Chloe has now started to call herself Ghoul girl, which was the nickname her fellow classmates gave her. Chloe is not a coward she is simply trying to avoid the pain of what she had already gone through before. When Nicole saw Chloe at the church and fainted Chloe thought that she fainted because of her scared face. Chloe does know that Brady wouldnít care if her face was scared, but she does care and if you are not comfortable with yourself then how would she ever be comfortable in a relationship, she would always be self-conscious.

The Three Stooges

Shawn, Rex, and now Brady are going to be the ones to rescue Phillip and most likely the others. This is such a stretch for these characters. The only action adventure story Shawn and Brady were part of was finding Aliceís red ruby. Rex is a genius with computers but physical missions I just donít think these men are ready for. They all need their starting point, like Bo, Roman, and John had many years ago, but I think the writers are developing the characters too rapidly. Rumor has it that Lucas will be joining the rescue team as well. I do hope that the captures are rescued and brought safely home no matter who saves them, but more realistic would have been better, but if Tony has done all of this nonsense this far why bring reality in now!

Kate and John

I am very surprised that I am writing this particular comment because it goes against everything that I believed in the show. Since the affair of Marlena and John when Marlena was married to Roman I was always rooting for Marlena and John to get together and stay together, but now I have a new thought. I honestly like John and Kate as a couple. I never understood why Kate and Roman were together, but seeing Kate with John something between them is working. I hate the fact that Iím saying to break up John and Marlena, because I truly donít want Marlena and Roman together, unless the original actor, who played Roman (Wayne Northrop) came back because I donít see a lot of chemistry between Deidre Hall and Josh Taylor.

The Great Escape

It is about time that the plot is starting to thicken in this story. I am disappointed that Jack seemed to have been the only person with brains enough to escape from his room repeatedly. Roman and Marlena are very intelligent as well and they never managed at all to escape on their own. The good news is that they are out of their rooms they found Cassie. Now once again are all in danger from the fire as well as the guards. It was very careless of Cassie to place her candle close to a flammable item. It was very touching that Cassie realizes the sentimental value of Grandma Carolineís bracelet, this shows a growth in Cassieís character, Iím looking forward to how it has affected her once she returns to Salem.

Hey, itís just what I think!

A face can launch a thousand ships, but one voice can make a difference! E-mail me at

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Page updated 11/17/12

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