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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion by Justin

Roman, John, Kate, and Marlena

  Some big plot twists have occurred over the past few weeks.  The main event was the partner swap.  I hate the fact that John made love to Kate, as well as Marlena and Romanís tryst.  This will only present problems for both couples later down the road.  I can rationalize John and Kateís interest in each other, because they believe that their spouses are dead.  It is just surprising that Marlena and Roman would fall into Tonyís trap and give in to their temptation, knowing that they are cheating on their spouses.  It is amazing how Marlena cheated on Roman with John and now she has cheated on John with Roman all because of the DiMeras, so I guess we can say we have come full circle.


  Kate seems to have some kind of split personality.  Kate can be so nice and wonderful to someone then she turns around and becomes this hideous monster.  We all understand that she feels that Belle is being insensitive to Phillip and his current situation.  Belle though did not need to be slapped by Kate and made to feel worse than she already does. John needed to kick Kate out of the penthouse, because you donít slap the daughter of the person allowing you to live in his home, or at least you should not do it in his presence.  Iím very ready for Sami/Stan to get revenge on Kate.


  Wow! Talk about going from a bad situation to a ghastly situation.  Mimi has put up with a lot.  First, Jan has been threatening to expose her abortion secret.  Then Stan begins to torment her with a talking baby doll.  Now Mimi and Jan fight and Jan hits her head on some rocks outside of Aliceís.  Mimi needed to have come forward as soon as the police arrived and said that they were fighting and it got out of control, they started to struggle and Jan tripped and hit her head.  Mimi instead hid from the cops had to listen to Stan over dramatize the situation, then left the scene.  Very stupid of Mimi, but since Jan hit her head maybe she will have memory loss now, which might save Mimiís behind.


  Since I was speaking of Jan in the above section, it is logical that Jan will lose her memory.  Apparently Shawn is going to regain his memory so of course Jan will lose her memory.  Jan will regain consciousness and will be questioned by the police.  Jan of course will have no memory of kidnapping Shawn; in fact she will most likely believe that they are still engaged, which Shawn will have to play along with in order to help Jan regain her memory.  Mimi of course will not say anything, because it would make her look guilty of trying to kill her.

Billie, Patrick, Bo and Hope

  Billie and Patrick do have some great chemistry together, but Iím not sure if I want them together as a couple yet. They need to take the relationship slowly showing them in Billieís bedroom was too soon, especially since Patrick is a shady character. As long as Billie and Patrick are seeing each other, Bo and Hope will get no peace.  I am enjoying the Bo and Hope feud right now, because the scenes grab your attention, Kristian Alfonsoís performances are excellent she is at the top of her game! The one thing that keeps coming up on the show and even in fan conversation is the fact that only the females are in support of Patrick.  All of the men are still so very suspicious of him.  This makes me wonder if he is still trying to con somebody, because what an excellent way to con individuals to have the men and women fight about his character. 

  Iím still having a hard time trying to figure out Bo.  He is so protective of Billie, which I get, but not at the expense of his marriage.  If Bo is truly happy with Hope, then why canít he allow Billie to live her life?  If Billie wants to date or sleep with Patrick then Bo should just clamp his mouth shut and let her do what she wants to do.  I am starting to think that Bo has never let go of his feelings for Billie.

Abby and Chelsea

  Let me say that these two are very interesting.  They are not the typical teens that we observed in Belle, Mimi, and Shawn, which is good.  Abby is a good girl while Chelsea is the instigator in almost everything that they get involved in. Will we find out soon that Chelsea is actually Georgia?  I hope for the sake of everyone that she is Georgia, but since this is what we all are thinking it just might not be the case.  I loved Chelseaís comment about Bruce Willis seeing a much younger woman, could this have been a reference to Nadia who plays Chloe?  It is great when Days incorporates the real life of an actor that plays on the show, itís like we are being let in on inside news. 

Odds and Ends

  It has been reported that Austin Peck will be returning as Austin very soon.  I have always like Austin Peck and am glad that he is coming back.  I just donít understand with whom he is going to be paired up with.  At one time Austin and Jennifer would have made a cute couple, but with Jack still alive and Frankie returning, Austin and Jen together wouldnít happen.  Next is Nicole, which hey I would be open for that story to progress I donít think they would be soul mates, but would be interesting to see how they handled a relationship together.  Other people have suggested Mimi and Austin.  Once Rex finds out the truth he just might not want to be with Mimi so it has potential for another man to swoop in and sweep Mimi off her feet, personally that possibility would be awesome it would then put brother against brother, I know these stories have been done, but it would be something other than kidnappings and DiMera nonsense. 

Hey, itís just what I think!

A face can launch a thousand ships, but one voice can make a difference. E-mail me at 

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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