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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

Well, what can I say about this week? It's definitely been a good one. For me, anyway. I see a few of the storylines have, to some extent, moved along a little bit. But the highlight of my week was Bo/Hope/Patrick/Billie on Friday (Thursday for Canadians). Let's begin.

John/Kate: I didn't like any of their scenes at all, in part because they were all a part of John's drug addict storyline. This storyline is so unrealistic, it's crazy and boring. It's reduced John to a shell of his former self. Viewers don't know whether John will be in a nice mood one minute or a screaming maniac the next, and that bothers me. As for Kate, subtlety isn't her strong suit, obviously. Anyone could tell she'd only want Shawn to go try and rescue Philip just so he'd get killed over there and be out of Belle's life. I'm really sick of her. (Good hearing her express concern for Rex, though.) I thought for sure the old John was coming back after he walked in on Kate slapping Belle and threatened to throw her out of the penthouse for doing so, but alas, I was wrong. Belle forgave Kate, and thus, John did, too. So much for that, huh? And John thinks that Shawn is wrong for Belle? Well, look who's the pot calling the kettle black -- Kate's all wrong for him.

Shawn/Belle: Between Shawn's selfishness Belle's wimpiness, I don't know what to think about them. Everyone knows Shawn only wanted to try to go find Philip for selfish reasons -- just so he can get Philip back and Belle can tell him their marriage is over, and then, he (Shawn) can finally be with her. If I were younger and more naive when I'd seen this, I would've thought Shawn was being selfless. At least until I heard Shawn state his reasons to Rex. Then, I would've known he was being selfish. And I couldn't believe Belle didn't just slap Kate back! She used to be a person who wouldn't take the wrath of someone lying down. Now, she has. The writers have turned Belle into wimp ever since Kirsten Storms left the role. I don't think even Kirsten would like to see what they're doing to her former character right now. I want the old Belle back, and I want her back now.

Rex/Mimi: Mimi's a disaster. She has been a complete disaster. Really. She finally gets up the courage to tell Rex about her abortion. But then, she sees the roof of their apartment building set up like their favorite Italian or Chinese restaurant, and hears Rex serenade her with Sonny and Cher's "I've Got You, Babe" (Eric Winter has a great singing voice, though), and she just loses her nerve. And later on, at Alice's, she tells Belle that she's not even going to try anymore. I've got just the word to describe her: coward. Pain and simple. And just when she thinks things can't possibly get any worse, she has a new secret: she attacks Jan and may now be looking like she's the one responsible for her attack. Oh, boy. When these secrets come out, Rex is going to give it to her, but good.

Chloe/Brady/Nicole: I already said Mimi's a coward, but she's not the only one. No one on this show is more of a coward than Chloe Lane. To not let the man you claim to love see your face just because it's so scarred, you're afraid he might not love you anymore? Pathetic. She thinks Brady fell in love with her face. Not so. When someone falls in love with someone else, it's for who the person is, not what the person looks like. Why can't Chloe figure that out for herself? I understand she has her history of insecurity issues, but that's a poor excuse for her behavior. The writers have ruined the character of Chloe Lane even more so than they have ruined the character of Mimi Lockhart. As for Brady, he's a dimwit to be taking up with Nicole after all she's done. He knows what she's capable of, yet he continues to be in a relationship with her. Idiot. And almost everyone feels the same way about Nicole. We want her to finally get her comeuppance. (Don't worry. This summer, she finally gets it after the captives escape and Victor comes home. I promise you.)

Abby/Chelsea: Abby is definitely the more scrupulous one of the duo. She definitely seems to know the differences between right and wrong. My only gripe about her, though, is that while she knows what's right or wrong, she doesn't stop Chelsea from doing wrong. Chelsea is a smarmy, slutty, amoral girl (whom I still like, anyway, until she does something really horrible), and I don't think she'll be able to hold onto a man if she ever gets one. Not Patrick. No, he's far too old for her. And I don't care for what she tried to do to poor Billie, either (spiking her drink in hopes she'll do something stupid and get arrested again). But her plan backfired -- Patrick and Billie weren't torn apart, but drawn even closer together! On a side note, does anyone really think they made themselves look 21? I sure didn't think so.

Bonnie: Nice seeing the Lockhart family matriarch again. I'm glad she's finally accepted Mimi's relationship with Rex and is no longer pushing her toward Shawn. And I'm glad she's decided (for now, at least) not to push Patrick toward Jennifer. If she was willing to try and push Patrick together with Billie only because of the fact that she's loaded (and has a mother who's loaded, too), then I'm cool with it. But only because I LOVE the idea of a Patrick/Billie pairing. On a side note, I think it's strange, but not completely questionable, that she's tried to push her two oldest children toward Hortons in the past. The only thing that'll complete the set is if they bring on an aged Connor Lockhart and she tries to push him toward Abby. (I think they'd be perfect for each other.)

Patrick/Billie: These were the only two I really, really loved this week. Patrick and Billie looked just wonderful in any scene they were in. Whether they were simply discussing their levels of education, talking about Bo and Hope, or sharing a dance at Alice's, all their scenes were worth watching and had me glued to my TV set. (The only killjoy was Billie picturing Bo being there instead of Patrick.) Personally, I think Patrick should go for it with Billie, just like Bonnie urged him to do. A romance could really blossom between them. And who knows? Maybe they could become the next supercouple. Now, for me, the highlight of this week was seeing them make love for the first time. Yeah, I know it was alcohol-induced (courtesy of Chelsea), but it was still great to see. To think they went so wild, they broke the bed . . . Wow! Talk about hot and heavy, huh? The look on Bo's face was so priceless. But Patrick's right -- Billie needs to sort out her feelings for Bo before she can really begin a relationship with Patrick.

Bo/Hope: Now, this couple irked me the most this week. Well, Bo did, but not Hope. The only things Bo did that I liked were acknowledging Rex as his nephew (even though Hope is really the one who reminded him), congratulated him and Mimi on their engagement, and actually made us all remember their past. How good were those flashbacks of them on the Fancy Face? Granted, I was only two back then, so I didn't watch. But I loved the 1987 flashback of them leaving town on their new boat with baby Shawn in his basket. Beautiful. Then, Bo blew it all up by speaking ill of Patrick again. I know he has a right to be suspicious, but as I may have said before (in my last column, in fact), that he's just gotten malicious now. Someone should tell him that if he doesn't want to trust Patrick, he may as well not trust Bonnie or Mimi, since they're related to him. (And let's face it -- neither of them have proven to be very trustworthy, anyway.) Anyway, Hope finally called Bo on the genuine feelings he still had for Billie and his definite jealousy toward her being intimate with Patrick. I'm glad Hope made him sleep on the couch. I hope it's most uncomfortable for him.

Tek's back on next week (yay!), and the escape from the castle begins, too. I'll actually be wanting a good seat for that, considering Cassie's finally going to be on a little bit more.

And that's just what's on my mind!

To let me know what's on your mind, you can always contact me at 

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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