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2005 Our Opinion!

My First Opinion by Jamison

Hello, readers! I'm new here, and I'm totally psyched because it's my very first column! My style will be different from Justin's, I'll tell you right now. He comments on things in a nutshell. Mine have a little more detail to them.

I've got a ton of things I'd like to write about, but I'm probably restricted to this week, so I'll just comment on everything in every storyline that caught my interest.

John/Marlena/Roman/Kate: Initially, this quadrangle intrigued me, but as of late, they've just gotten disgusting and boring to watch. Watching them all be unfaithful to their marriages with other people was like being gut-punched. It'd been building up to happen for months, and now it's finally happened. At least John and Kate have a valid excuse: they think Marlena and Roman are dead. So it's not entirely their fault. But Roman and Marlena's actions we know can't be excused because they know John and Kate are alive and mourning their "deaths." Yet, they have no problem making love knowing it's completely wrong.

But at least we got something other than adultery from them this week. John's botched rescue attempt was riveting to a point, but not all that much. Mostly because we all knew it was going to fail. I mean, really. Who really thought John's plan to rescue Philip was going to work? Yeah. I didn't think so.

Bo/Hope: Nice to see Bo and Hope doing something else for once that doesn't involve Billie Reed. Now, I know a lot of Bope fans are probably going to be mad, but I'm gradually beginning to feel better about Bo. I mean, I'm glad that he finally took accountability for contributing to their marriage becoming rocky. We all should give him some credit for that. However, while he's talked the talk, I won't feel like he's completely redeemed himself until he's walked the walk. I mean, family comes first, and he knows that. But for a long time, what he didn't seem to know was that it should only apply to family you know exists, not family that you assume exists.

Shawn/Belle/Philip: I was actually rooting for Shawn when he hit Bo with the harsh truth about what he's been doing. It was great to see him defend Hope to his father, as well. And when the animosity was over, I was happy to see father and son reconnect. I like the fact that Shawn is finally going to accept Belle's wishes of remaining platonic until Philip is rescued. However, what I don't like is how flighty and indecisive Belle is being with her feelings. Two men love her, but she only wants one of them. She is aware that she's going to have to hurt one of them in the end, and that one, we all know, has to be Philip. But to me, it's puzzling that she'd want to permanently break up with Shawn should Philip die for something that is his own fault, not hers.

I'm going to get a lot of Phelle hopefuls mad, but the idea of Philip and Belle remaining a couple is just absurd. I mean, I'd love it, too, if Philip wasn't acting like the nimrod he is now. And remember back in January, on their wedding night? Philip lied to Belle, three times, just hours after they were married! I know the lies were related to Shawn but it was still no excuse to lie to her. It may have been months ago, but that is still killing me, and I'm not excusing it. Plus, Kyle Brandt is just not as good in the role of Philip as Jay Kenneth Johnson (ex-Philip) was. He just doesn't seem to have any chemistry with Martha Madison (Belle). Additionally, he had absolutely none with Kirsten Storms (ex-Belle). So I'm not a Philip fan. Not at all.

Rex/Mimi: Two years ago, the love story of one of my most favorite couples began: Rimi. They hit supercouple status almost immediately (actually, just weeks before they even paired up). They used to be so much fun and exciting to watch whenever they were on. Anything and everything they did made for great viewing. Until now. I thought their abortion storyline would get more interesting once Sami found out, and it did. But only to some extent. Mimi now knows her house of cards is closer to coming down than ever. And Sami/Stan's constant taunting proves it.

Mimi used to be such a spunky character who DAYS fans just adored. But this storyline has turned her into a mousy, whiny little coward who, quite frankly, will deserve everything she gets when her secret's finally out. And Rex has dumbed down greatly, almost as much as Philip. But it was refreshing to see him go back to hacking into computers again. I hope a turnaround is in the works for him.

Sami/Stan/Lucas: All I can say about Lucas is that he's stupid not to consider that what happened with Sami and Brandon could be his mother's caliber. To believe Kate over Sami was idiotic to me then, and it's idiotic to me now. I mean, hasn't he heard of the "innocent until proven guilty" rule? Apparently not.

Jennifer/Abby: The mother-daughter scenes were amazing. Kudos to Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) and Ashley Benson (Abby) for their fine performances. It was easy for Abby to see that her mother has feelings for Patrick, and it was no surprise that she actually called her on it. And I have mixed feelings about her thinking her father's alive (we all know he is, but that's a different story). Without proof, people are going to think she's nuts. Jennifer could have her committed in no time.

Chelsea: I'm positive that Chelsea is Georgia Brady. The fact that Tony wants Sami/Stan to use her against Billie is proof enough. No wonder she and Sami/Stan got along so great. They could be cousins, and the fact that they're both schemers out to seduce men makes them both a little -- okay, very -- smarmy. I hope Chelsea continues to fail in her plans. At least for awhile. The idea of her and Patrick is sickening to me. I mean, an older man/younger woman story barely hit the jackpot on ATWT (remember Lucy and Dusty?), but the same thing won't happen on DAYS. And just why's she listening to some "guy" she just met on the docks at night? I'd at least be suspicious of "his" motives if I were she.

Patrick/Billie: Finally. I saved these two for the next-to-last because they're actually my favorite couple now. (Well, non-couple, but the "non" may be dropped sooner or later.) It's good that Billie has someone else she can open up to. I'm curious as to the mysteries surrounding Patrick's past, and I'm really hoping Billie gets pulled into them sometime in the near future. The scenes between them on the docks, one of which involved Patrick admitting to his interest in Billie, were good. Their first dance together, and their near-miss at kissing, was even better. I think "Pillie" would make a really good couple on this show, not only because Billie would have a new man in her life that wouldn't be Bo, but also because they look so incredibly wonderful together. The only thing I think they don't need right now is their current foil (slutty teen Chelsea).

Tony/Bart: Because they're the architects of everything going on in Salem right now, I saved them for last. I must admit, Tony's plan to derail John's rescue attempt was cunning and calculated. But I still don't care for him anymore. Soap Opera Digest has labeled Tony an "evil, cartoon villain," with good reason. Almost everything he's done as of late is something you'd only see on cartoons. Not to mention he and his whole plan are a joke. (That is, his plan is as stupid as he is. I'm not saying he's joking around here.) I eagerly await the day of the big escapes, if the captives do escape, and I hope Tony goes down for everything he's done. Because as far as I'm concerned, there's no coming back from this.

And as for Bart, if he was put on-contract just to be Tony's cohort and nothing more than that, then what's the point? He was fine as Tony's recurring cohort, as well. I used to love the comedy that Bart brought to the show, but now, I just hate him and Tony for everything they're doing to everybody, and I'll keep hating them until it's over.

And that's just what's on my mind!

To let me know what's on your mind, you can always contact me at 

See you next week!


Page updated 10/29/12

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