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2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 3/18/05 by Justin


Ugh! Kate is really crawling under my skin more than usual lately. I don’t like the fact that Kate is always climbing in bed with John. Even though nothing is happening physically between them, I am just disgusted over the bond that they are beginning to create. Kate is so nice and warm toward John, but she is a witch to everyone else.

Kate was upset over the fact that Phillip is MIA, but her lashing out to Belle, Shawn, and Hope will not solve anything. Kate saying that it was Belle and Shawn’s fault was ridiculous. Yes, Kate is very upset and even angry with Belle and Shawn, but I would have loved for Belle to snap at Kate and say something on the order of, “Yes Kate it is my fault, I told the enemy where Phillip would be so they could capture him.” Belle needed to have defended herself more than she did.

Then Kate has to attempt to manipulate Hope to keep Shawn away from Belle. As you all know I do not promote violence, but if Hope would have slapped or decked Kate, I wouldn’t have said one word about it. I really am anxious for whatever Tony and Stan are going to do to Kate, because she truly needs to be knocked down a few pegs.

Jack and Jen

Apparently, my suspicions of Jen were right from a few weeks ago. When Jack was looking through the window I suspected that it was an imposter sitting on the sofa clutching Jack’s picture. There was just something off about that scene. Jack made love to Madison, who was the Jennifer look-a-like. One would be able to know if they were making love to an imposter or the real thing. Even though Tony had Madison trained, the only way for Madison to be able to pull off the performance of a lifetime is for Tony to know how Jennifer makes love, so I’m not even going to that issue!


Chelsea drugging Patrick and dancing very provocatively with him was disturbing. Yes, before any one says a word, there are too many drug stories going on. First we had Jan drug Shawn, Kate drug Sami and Brandon, then John drugging himself, a now Chelsea using her mom’s herbal mood enhancer to seduce her hunky crush. First off, this does send wrong messages to those of us who can be easily influenced. It sends a message that when things aren’t going your way just drug those individuals and everything will work out. It is just a television show, but sometimes fiction inspires reality or vice versa. The other issue of all of these drug offenses does shows a lot of insecurity in the characters. John believes that he cannot help anyone while he is in the state he is in. Kate believed that the only way for her kids to be happy is for her to make them happy herself. Then when it comes to Chelsea, well, she is right to be insecure because she is a minor and she knew that Patrick would never do anything with her, while she is just a teenager.

Back to the story, with Chelsea being young, one can understand her drugging Patrick. I’m not saying it was right to do, but look at the role models in that particular town. The teenagers, who go to school with Abby and Chelsea, have heard about Sami Brady no doubt. Sami was the sixteen or seventeen year old troublemaker, who drugged her sister Carrie’s boyfriend and got pregnant. Come on, rumors or legacies still linger around the school long after the person is gone. It is only natural for Chelsea to hear these stories and try them out for herself.


There seems to be some major debate over what Belle should do when it comes to telling Phillip that she wants to be with Shawn. Many say that Belle should just call or E-mail Phillip and tell him the truth, and others argue that she should wait for him to return home and tell him face to face. I agree with the later of responses. Belle believed she was adult enough to marry Phillip and now she should be adult enough to wait for his return. The decent thing for Belle to do is tell Shawn that for right now they can only be friends, until she tells Phillip the truth. Now, with Phillip being missing in action, until he is legally declared dead Belle and Shawn shouldn’t be together.


Alice telling Maggie to be stronger and wait it out a little while longer is a bunch of CRAP! Anyone who is out there and is in a situation like this, where your boyfriend/girlfriend is involved with someone else and that person can’t make up his or her mind on who to be with, just leave. If they truly want to be with you, they shouldn’t have to think it over. By you leaving it can either spark the significant other to say I want to be with you, or he they don’t say that why would you want to be with someone who is just stringing you along. You have to have self-respect for yourself, and not wait around for someone else to make a decision that affects your life that profoundly. One knows whom they want to be with, and in the case of Mickey it seems like he wants the best of both worlds.

Georgia’s Lock of Hair

Why is everyone thinking that Hope is the bad guy, asking the questions that needed to be asked about the lock of hair? Everyone knows that Tony and Stefano are behind Georgia’s “death” and yet everything Hope questions the latest information Bo and Billie believes that Hope does not want them to find Georgia. It took a lot of strength for Hope to mention her suspicion, knowing that Billie and Bo are so gullible to Tony’s games. My prediction is that Hope will be the one to find Georgia, and they will have a bond that will make Billie insanely jealous of Hope.


If Sami plays her cards right, she should develop a friendship with Lucas and Will as Stan. Even though it would be deceiving, this could really help Sami realize just how close she is to loosing Lucas and Will. With Stan talking to Lucas, Sami could get a feel for who Lucas truly is as a person. The one thing that Sami and Lucas don’t do is really talk to one another anymore. They always talk at each other, but never to each other. This can be a chance for Sami to understand relationships.

Hey, it’s just what I think!

Page updated 9/6/12

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