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2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 3/7/05 by Justin


Why, doesnít Lexie give John a placebo pill? John kept saying that he needs something to take the edge off his pain, so why not trick him into believing that he is taking a very powerful drug. The only ones who would have to know are Kate and Brady. This way John would believe that he has this strong drug, when all it would be is a sugar pill, mind over matter. Many of sick individuals have taking a placebo and it took the pain and symptoms away, when the pill actually didnít do a darn thing to them.


Iím going to be a little compassionate toward Billie right now. I did actually feel bad for Billie overhearing Bo saying to Hope that Billie means nothing to him anymore. Even though Bo said this to comfort Hope, I didnít feel it was appropriate for him to say that knowing Billie was right in the next room, and listening. Bo did share something special with Billie once upon a time, plus they do share a child together, so Billie should mean a whole heck of a lot more to him. I just canít understand how Bo was able to turn off his emotions when it comes to loving Billie, because there was a brief time when Bo wanted to be with Billie over Hope. I do think Bo has unresolved feelings for Billie, but he is madly in love with Hope that he never truly was able to have closure with Billie.


Phillipís dangerous military mission lead into a treacherous encounter with Tony, who is now holding him prisoner. This turn of events Iím sure comes to no ones surprise, because we all figured Phillip would get into some trouble. I thought, or maybe I was hoping it would have lead to a POW (prisoner of war) story, instead of a POT (prisoner of Tony) story.

This had to happen. Phillip had to be captured to make Belle and Shawnís situation worse. This is going to make Belle insanely crazy and she will feel so guilty over Phillipís death/disappearance, that Belle will not move on with Shawn for a long time. Of course Kate on the sidelines will be manipulating Belle, which will cause her to feel absolutely horrible over her feelings for Shawn.


Stanís facial expressions and mannerisms are close to those of Samiís, but just a little different, which is because of the switch in actors playing the role of Sami. You have to image how hard it is to be an actor and try to play a woman playing a man. Presently the story is interesting and a little bit comical at times, I like it.


Tony must have a camera installed in everyoneís home in Salem, because he knows everything that goes on. Tony called Kate to tell her that Belle is cheating on her son with Shawn. That is a creepy thought that Tony can watch anyone at anytime. Talk about your first class pervert.


Chelsea so easily influences Abby and they both are going to end up in a lot of trouble very soon. I did enjoy the grade-changing situation, when I was in high school, I have known of students who had changed their report cards so they wouldnít get in trouble by their parents. I always enjoy when characters are placed into situation that could actually occur. Sometimes actually events can be more interesting than those fictional situations characters are placed in.


I was so ecstatic that Jack did in fact make it home to Jennifer. I was so sure that one of Tonyís goons was going to grab him right before he entered his house. When the camera showed us the back of Jenniferís head while she was clutching to Jackís photo. I though it wasnít Jennifer, but someone dressed up as her, so when Jack entered he would be captured again. I love it when Iím wrong!!!! Now Iím ready for Jen to be happy again because I hate when Jen is depressed and miserable. Now Jack can tell Bo where he was so the prisoners can be rescued and we all can move on it bigger and better circumstances.


Why, when a character is insane like Jan, do they always have to place some doll or other object in their possession so they talk to it like it is a real person? A few years ago we met nutty nurse Allie who also carried around a doll; in fact it was a type of Barbie doll. But if I remember correctly she named the doll Carrie because Allie wanted to be with Mike and Carrie was standing in her way. Why not get Jan a dog or a pet goldfish to talk too instead of a doll find something a little more creative.

Mimiís Abortion

We are now getting to the point of Mimiís story. The aftermath of an abortion can sometimes result in the woman not being able to have any more children. Although, abortion stories are passionately debated, I do think that what Days has done with this story so far, has been bold and informative on what could go wrong with an abortion. This story could in fact prevent other women from having an abortion, or at least give those women who are considering an abortion a better view. The fear that they may never be able to conceive or carry another pregnancy, or even become seriously ill from the procedure can motivate many women not to go through with the procedure.

The other possible story to come from this circumstance might be Bonnie carrying Mimi and Rexís children later on down the line. From past shows Bonnie had stated she wanted to get pregnant with Mickeyís child so that means she is still able to bear children. Because Bonnie feels horrible about talking Mimi into the abortion, I think that Bonnie will carry Mimiís children further on down the line, which I think would be a great story.

Dramatic Language

Usually I donít care when characters use intense language during a heated moment. But recently the characters are using the word ass a lot in their dialogue. Once and a while itís fine for the characters to curse. Iím guilty of cursing at time, so it is understandable. But in one of the recent episodes it was said more than a few times, so is it really for dramatic affect, or to push the censors a little more to see just what they can get away with?

The Daytime Emmys

Well, it is that time of year again, time for Days of our Lives actors to get overlooked once again. But first let me congratulate Days on their two Emmy nominations for Technical Direction/Electronic Camera video control, and for multiple cameras editing for a drama series, hopefully they do win these awards, since it is the only Emmys they are nominated for.

Over the past couple years; Days of our Livesí actors had got little recognition when it comes to the categories of acting. I truly feel that Days of our Lives does in fact have the most talented cast in all of daytime. I have watched many of the daytime shows that are currently in progress, but Days has always been the most talented. Now I am not saying that the actors that do have the nomination for this years Emmys donít deserve it, I just feel that Days rarely receives due credit.

Farah Fath has done an astounding job this past year as Mimi struggling with her decision to have an abortion and should have received a supporting actress nomination. As always Deidre Hall, and Kristian Alfonso, and Alison Sweeney have done some excellent work in the leading actress category.

For the guys, Drake Hogestynís work has been superlative this past year going through the loss of his wife, and now the drug addiction. Peter Reckell as always has been wonderful, and Jason Cook I believe should have been nominated for supporting actor with his anger issues. But then again Iím sure those who are nominated do deserve the nomination and to each candidate, Good Luck!

Hey, Itís just what I think


Page updated 9/6/12

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