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2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 2/28/05 by Justin

Boís Attitude

Ever since we have found out that Patrick had worked for Tony, Bo with good reason has been suspicious of Patrick. But lately, Bo has gone from just being suspicious to being malicious toward Patrick. As far as we know, Patrick has turned over a new leaf and is a good guy, so Bo should be more civil toward Patrick. After all, he did do everything he could to save and protect Jennifer, and Patrick has helped save Boís behind one more than one occasion.

Now, I will say that Bo is a good judge of character and for some reason he doesnít trust Patrick. Maybe Patrick isnít as good as we think he is? Remember the incident at the Cheatiní Heart, with the phone call and the mysterious man he met. There is something going on with Patrick, but whether he is up to no good, we will just have to wait and see.

Billie & Patrick

I have had some E-mail from a few readers, who didnít care too much for my comment on pairing Billie and Frankie together. I will say that I also donít agree that Billie and Frankie should be together, it was only a suggestion on giving Billie a storyline with it not revolving around Bo or Hope. If Billie and Frankie would happen to get mixed up with each other, then Jennifer might be the one jealous and furious with Billie. This could be the push Jennifer would need to maybe rekindle her feelings for Frankie, her first love, and help her get over her ďlossĒ of Jack. Plus I am all for a great Jennifer story right now!


Before I make any comments on Sami this week, I want to congratulate Allison on giving birth to her son Benjamin on February 25th.

I love this new twist that Sami will be a man for a little while. It is a fresh idea to get another male actor to play this part of Sami as Stan, instead of getting an actress to dress up as a guy for this role. When ďStanĒ was created and had Samiís voice it was bizarre to see him but hear Sami, but Iím looking forward to this plan. I also want to acknowledge how well done the switch of these two actors was.

I am trying to rack my brain on why, other than the fact that Allison is going on maternity leave, would Tony want Sami to dress up like a man, and not just disguise her as a woman. That make-up artist did such a great job turning Sami into a guy, why not just make her look like a whole other woman? There has to be a method to his madness to create Stan.

I do hate the fact that Tony is behind this whole twisted twist, but with Sami being manipulated, I just hope that it is one step closer, to get Marlena and the rest of the prisoners back home.


Let me make my position clear on Tony. I like Tony as a villain, because so far he has been worse than Stefano ever was. Yes, Stefano did kidnap almost everyone in Salem at one time or another, but Tony had them all at once. Which hey, was pretty cool. But now that half of them are back in Salem and the other half are still ďdeadĒ. Iím just saying enough is enough with the kidnapping. Tony is profoundly cunning I am sure he could come up with something better than holding Marlena, Roman, Caroline, Victor, and Cassie against their will in his castle. Iím just ready for more action, if he would just get on with what ever it is he is going to do, and then maybe the whole prisoner story would get more interesting, right now it is bland.

The other issue at hand that many are starting to speculate, is that Tony is not Tony, but in fact Andre (Tonyís look alike cousin). Which will mean if this is Andre, where is Tony, is he too being held prisoner at the castle? I will say in all my years of watching Days, Tony has never been this evil. Tony has done some pretty wicked things, but when the poo hits the fan it has always been Andreís doing not Tonyís.

Bo, Hope, and Billie

Again, Billie is brought back to interrupt Bo and Hopeís romantic evening. That is what is annoying about Billie. Every time Bo and Hope gets a moment to themselves, Billie comes knocking on the door and spoiling the mood for them. Billie had said many times that she doesnít want to cause any problems for Bo and Hope, if that were true Billie wouldnít constantly seek Bo out like she does.

I was a Billie and Bo fan back in the day and I want Billie to stay around for a long time, but every time Billie is brought back to the canvas, it always ends in her leaving, and that is because they never have anything concrete for her, besides being a pest to Bo and Hope. It is time to end that story and either put Bo and Billie back together, or have Billie find a new Bo!

Marlena and Roman

Marlena was looking very irritated by Roman, when they were talking and eating their favorite foods. I take it then that she is trying to either fight her feelings for Roman, or she is just getting stir crazy from being locked up. Iím leaning more toward her feelings for Roman though. But at least that we are supposed to see Marlena a little more than we have been this whole situation will progress and capture our interest a little more than it has been.

10,000th Episode

Last Monday was the tenth-thousandth episode. Frances Reid did an amazing job opening and closing the show on that day. Frances is the only actor to still be on Days since the debut of the show. What an astonishing career she has had over the years. Iím sure a lot of viewers were filled with bittersweet emotion as we watched those clips of Alice and Tom, the King and Queen of Days of Our Lives!

Hey, itís just what I think!

Page updated 9/6/12

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