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2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 2/20/05 by Justin


First, Let me start out by saying that Judi Evans is such a talented actress that it is very hard to hate ďBonnie.Ē When Bonnie was at the hospital and crying to Belle about her daughterís condition, I did feel sorry for her. It seemed at that moment Bonnie realized just what she had done, and now is very remorseful for pushing Mimi into have an abortion. We very seldom see Bonnieís hurtful and emotional side, because she is such a strong and independent woman. It was a nice attempt to gain fans, or I should say make the viewers aware that she is not entirely selfish.

Then, later on in the week, Maggie is trying to do everything she can to get Mickey back, and Bonnie walks in on them and her character shifts from kind and concern to full blown war. A huge fight of course breaks out and Bonnie once again is hated by many of the viewers for how she treated Maggie. I do believe that Bonnie does love Mickey and wants to be with him. She might have married Mickey for his money and his name, but I do think that Bonnie does truly love Mickey in her own way, but I also believe that Maggie is better for Mickey.

The Sami Subterfuge

The curse of Samiís wedding strikes again, with help from Kate. I will say that Sami shouldnít have gone to see Brandon at his Hotel. If he didnít answer the phone then she should have left well enough alone and stayed at her apartment, and right now she would have been married to Lucas. Even though Kate orchestrated this whole charade, still Sami is to blame as well for her own insecurities.

This also shows that Lucas still doesnít trust her. Because they didnít even get married and he does not believe the truth that Sami is telling, how can a marriage work without trust? Maybe this is a blessing for both Sami and Lucas that the wedding didnít occur.

My other point I want to mention is that Lucas told Sami that this is something that old Sami would do. Hello, Lucas! What about Kate? Kate has set Sami up time and time before. Why wouldnít this also fall back on Kateís lap? Kate set Sami up to go to death row because on her previous wedding day to Franco, she made it appear that Sami killed Franco when it was actually Lucas. This time around is like a cakewalk compared to what Kate has done to Sami in the past.

Now with the nuptials now going into the abyss, this is a perfect opportunity for Samiís exist so Alison can go on maternity leave. But I canít wait for Sami to blab everything she knows about everyone in Salem. Sami promised that if anything interfered in her happiness all of her enemies better beware, because she is going to tell everything she knows about everything.

John and Brady

Usually I speak out against punches and slaps when they occur, but this time when Brady Punched John it didnít infuriate me to say that it shouldnít have occured, because Brady didnít intentionally mean to cause his dad harm, he wanted to stop him from injecting himself with drugs. Although, I will say punching and fighting is not the answer, but this time around it was done to prevent a further worse action to occur, so Iíll overlook Bradyís abuse this time!

Marlena and Roman

Another week has come and gone with Marlena and Romanís story preceding nowhere. It is always great to see them, but sometimes their scenes seem relatively pointless to watch, because nothing interesting is happening. They have not tried to escape or do anything to move their situation forward in any way. Which, still leads me to believe that Roman enjoys being held prisoner with Marlena, because the Roman we have known through the years would have done something by now. This entire situation is fishy!


How goofy was Eugenia acting when she received the gift basket from Kate. Eugenia started ranting and raving about everything she and Kate accomplished to the supposed phone psychic. For one, how dumb it was for Eugenia to tell every little detail to an outside source. Who is to say that this psychic wonít use this information against Eugenia or Kate latter down the road? The second thing that is worth mentioning is that Eugenia is holding on to the inscription card that Kate sent with the basket. This is smart on Eugenia behalf, because I foresee that Kate will pin everything on Eugenia when it blows up in Kateís face. But with this card that can incriminate Kate to her family, she wonít get away scott free. Although Eugenia was a little insane this week while she was celebrating Samiís demise, she was a little entertaining. Now that Eugenia got her revenge on Sami where will that place Eugenia, I hope that she sticks around and gets her own story not involving Kate or Sami.

Billie and Patrick

Billie getting arrested for decking an undercover police officer was horrific. First off, the officer never did identify himself until after Billie clobbered him, so it canít hold up in court. If Billie had punched him after he identified himself as an officer then of course she should have to be taken to the police station to be booked. But after the officer was able to leave, it seemed to me that he was flirting with Billie, when he commented on her toughness and her punches, so lets take this ball and run with it have her get involved with this cop romantically.

We need to have Billie get involved with someone and leave Bo and Hope alone. I donít care if someone comes between Bo and Hope, but does it always have to be Billie. The only time we see Billie is when she is causing problems for Bo and Hope. If this is the only reason Billie was brought back, then just send her away now because she has other potential. Give Billie something worth doing!!!!


After Brandon and Lexie figured out that Kate must have been the one that sent him the message on Lexieís PDA, I would figure that Lexie would have been more upset because Kate tricked Brandon into returning. Also, Lexie uses her PDA for her work at the hospital as well, and Kate had access to all of Lexieís contacts and patient information. I just figured that Lexie would have been a little more concerned that Kate had invaded her privacy both personally and professionally.

Hey, It is only what I think!


Page updated 9/6/12

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