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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 2/13/05 by Justin

Breaking Announcement

It has been reported that Billy Warlock has agreed to come back to Days of our Lives to reprise his role of Frankie Brady. For those of you who might not remember Frankie he was involved with Jennifer while they attended Salem high school many years ago. But due to Jen falling for Jack and Eve Donovan obsessing over Frankie, Jen and Frankie didnít work out.

The only benefit I can see the writers bring Frankie back, is one of two reasons. First he can rekindle his romance with Jennifer, since Jack is still trying to get back to Salem. He could help Jennifer though this difficult time with Jack missing, and then it would present a triangle for Jack and Jen down the road. I also think that maybe Frankie and Billie could hook up. With Frankie back there will maybe be a lot of talk about his sister Carly, which is another of Boís ex-girlfriends. Either way Iím looking forward to seeing Frankie again.


Well with Mimi now in the hospital and suffering from high fevers and an infection, it looks like my theory of hoping Mimi is pregnant is out the window now. As I had reported before I was hoping that something occurred that caused the doctor to not perform the abortion but wrote that it had occurred. Now we are faced to see what will happen when Rex finds out that Mimi went behind his back and had the abortion.

For those of you who have wrote to voice your opinion that abortion is wrong and shouldnít occur. Letís see how this story plays out, just because a character on a show does something that is questionable does not necessarily mean it is the position of the show. In fact the after math of the action performed could be what is the moral of the story. So let us see what happens and how Mimi feels and does now that she realizes that her choice was wrong!

Kate and Eugenia

Well, it looks as though Kate is going to be triumphant and stop Sami and Lucasí wedding. Iím getting tired of Kate and Samiís behavior with one another, but how strange would it be if those two actually go along with each other, it wouldnít be very interesting would it?

Eugenia straddling Brandon and lusting after him was a bit much, but was a little comical. Eventually once Kate and Eugeniaís plan backfires and Lucas finds out the truth about what his mom and Eugenia had done, Kate will of course come out smelling like a rose, but Eugenia Iím sure will get blamed for everything and will be the one who will pay for the actions, because Eugenia is the one who had done all of the dirty work she will be the one who will be caught.


Drakeís performance again is very well acted. It is a role that we donít see him in very often the weak and helpless. Even in his darkest hours courtesy of Stefano, John has always been in control of him self, but now John is at the mercy of his addiction. There is a long road ahead for Johnís recovery, Iím sure he will get worse before he will get better, but all the while it will be an excellent journey for John!

I couldnít believe that Brady hit his father the way he did, but he did do it to protect himself because John was desperate to get those drugs back from Brady. Hopefully now Brady will take charge and get John the help he needs, whether he wants it or not.


Shawn is still being a jerk, and I hope that Belle realizes that soon. The way Shawn is pressuring Belle to end her marriage with Phillip just so they can be together again is not Shawnís choice, is Belleís. It should be Belle to decide when the time is to tell Phillip it is over if it truly is, not by having Shawn constantly telling her what to do.

I used to like Belle and Shawn together, until I saw the chemistry that Belle and Phillip have with one another, and as much as my comment displeases the majority of Belle and Shawn fans, Belle with Phillip is a much better couple. But I guess time will tell what direction these three take.


Sami had a revelation this week, which I donít think she has realized. While she was drugged by Eugenia and set up to look like her and Brandon have a night of passion, the whole time she was dreaming she was dreaming about Lucas, not Brandon like she had been weeks ago. Has Sami finally realized that she does truly love Lucas and that she has gotten over Brandon? Iím starting to think that she has, but now with getting caught, by Kateís setup, those old feelings may start rushing back to her!

Hey, Itís just what I think


Page updated 9/6/12

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