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2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 1/30/05 by Justin


It was a little disturbing that Hope physically attacked Bo the way she did. Bo taking off to Europe with Billie, and not telling his wife Hope what he was doing was wrong! However, Hope understands why Bo left the way he did. If the situation was revered and Hope was looking for a child she had with someone else, Iím sure she would do the same thing, the same way. The part that was cute was when Hope grabbed Boís ear and dragged him to the other side of the room like a mother would to their child, that was appropriate, but not the slapping and hitting she performed.


Samiís confession to Father Jansen didnít do anything except show that Sami will never change. Sami told Father Jansen that as long she is happy then she wouldnít tell any of the secrets that she had found out about. So let me predict that once Brandon returns to Salem, Sami will blab everything she knows to anyone that will listen. Which Iím looking forward to, all of these secrets need to be reveled, because Iím getting bored with them all. Iím not getting bored with the secrets per say, but Iím tired of the constant threats that someone is going to tell, and they never do. The stories need to progress to the next level in order to keep the viewers interested and happy.

The Prisoners

Caroline, Victor, Cassie, Roman, and Marlenaís story as well need to do something! First off, we hardly see any of these characters, and Victor, Caroline, and Cassie are forgotten about most of the time. The only real action we see from this story is when Marlena and Roman get to watch their loved ones back in Salem on the television set. Iím also having a hard time grasping the fact that Jack was the only one smart enough so far to escape. He was able to knock out a guard and escape from the castle and right now is on his way home to Jennifer. With Roman being a police officer/ISA agent at one time, wouldnít he have been able to come up with a plan to get him and his Doc back home by now? Which leads me to still believe that Roman is ecstatic that he is with Marlena, the love of his life, and just donít want to escape right now. He knows that once Marlena arrives back home, she would run back to Johnís arms and not give Roman a second thought. So could Roman be working with Tony?


I think right now, Marlena is realizing the pain of infidelity. Marlena had cheated on Roman many years ago, Iím sure we all know the story. John was programmed to believe he was Roman, while Stefano was holding the real Roman prisoner on some remote location. Once Roman escaped to get home to Marlena, Marlena was torn between Roman she married and now John who she loves. Late one night at a Titan New Years party, I believe. John and Marlena gave in to temptation and made love, while a teenage Sami caught them in the act.

Now we will fast forward to present time with Marlena and Roman watching what they believe to be John and Kate making love to each other. Marlena now will understand the pain that she had unintentionally caused Roman so many years ago. I am a little anxious to see if the writers play on these emotions while Roman and Marlena are locked up together. I think there could be some heartfelt scenes with Marlena reliving what she did to Roman all those years ago.

Mimi and Jan

Jan would not fight the way she did hitting Mimi with her purse. Jan is a conniving witch who is capable of murder and kidnapping. I doubt very much that Jan would catfight. Jan would punch and kick and anything other than how she fought, it just doesnít go with her personality.

How great was Mimi locking Jan in the closet? If Mimi plays her cards right while Jan is locked up, Mimi should go and find Rex, tell him the truth before Jan does. Even though it would be a forced confession at least Mimi would tell him and not Jan. Then Mimi needs to go tell Shawn, Belle, and Phillip what Jan had been up this summer with Shawn. It is far fetched to believe that Jan locked Shawn up in a cage, but at least everything would be out in the open and Mimi can work on saving her relationship with Rex, if it can be saved and let the rest of the chips fall as they may.

Kate and Eugenia

Both Kate and Eugenia need to get a life and stop interfering in everyone elseís life. Daphne Bloomer (Eugenia) is a wonderful actress, and with more airtime she will even get better. I wouldnít mind at all if Eugenia stayed around longer in Salem. Hook her up with Tek, better yet Lucas, because we know that Sami is going to mess up, and get caught with Brandon! But even though Eugenia now is annoying, she has potential for better stories.


Phillip must not trust his wife. Phillip called Rex over and asked him to look after Belle and to keep Shawn away from her. Then Phillip goes to his mother Kate and asks her the same thing. When you marry you have to be able to trust your spouse completely. Now, Phillip not trusting Shawn is understandable, but it sounds as if he doesnít trust Belle as well and I just donít like that.

Here is how I perceive the story will play out. When Phillip ships out, Belle and Shawn will spend a lot of time together secretly. Then Belle will receive letters from Phillip, which will make her feel guilty for seeing Shawn behind Phillipís back. Then Phillips letters will stop arriving to Belle. At first she wonít realize that she hasnít heard from Phillip until Kate or someone will ask. Belle then will think that Phillip is dead or kidnapped, which will cause Belle to hate herself for spending time with Shawn. Once one final letter makes it to her, saying that how she is the only thing that is getting him through his time on the field. Belle then will push Shawn away from her blaming him of Phillips MIA and if only she was not with Shawn Phillip will still be here.

Hey, Itís just what I think


Page updated 9/6/12

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