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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 1/22/05 by Justin

Allison Sweeny

First let me start out by saying, what an excellent job the camera operators are doing hiding Allisonís pregnancy. In every scene that Allison has been in up to this point, you would never know that her baby is due in February! What is wonderful about not seeing Allison being pregnant is we really donít see her character carrying around huge bags or having her stand in front of flowers and other pregnancy hiding objects, you see her in the same natural way in front of the camera, there is nothing annoying blocking her.


Why would Sami want to continue in her relationship with Lucas when he still doesnít fully trust her and basically calls her a liar? Sami saw John steal the drugs from the hospital cart, yet Lucas believed that Sami made it up. I have problems with this. If you are going to marry someone to spend the rest of your life with, then you should be able to trust each other. If Lucas believes Sami is always going to lie about everything and be up to no good, then why would he still want to marry her? Better yet why would Sami want to put herself through the constant convincing she will have to perform to get Lucas to believe her? The relationship is heading downhill in a racecar.

This week was pivotal for Sami, she not only found out a little while ago that Jan had drugged Shawn before he crashed into the church and that John pilfered the drugs from the hospital. Sami now knows that Jan locked Shawn up in a cage during the time Shawn took off from Salem after Alice was ďmurderedĒ and Sami also learned that Mimi had an abortion. Talk about the wrong person finding the skeleton in your closets, Sami is going to use this to the best of her advantage no matter what she had promised Lucas.


Now that Sami found out and told Lucas that Mimi had an abortion, itís no longer a secret. Too many people now know Mimiís dirty laundry. Belle, Jan, Sami, and now Lucas all can spill the beans willingly or accidentally. It is only a matter of time before the water boils over and Mimi gets steamed.

John, Kate, Roman, Tony, and Marlena

If Tony were a smart man, he would let Marlena and Roman go back home to Salem soon. For the fact that both Marlena and Roman believe that John and Kate have made love to each other. Marlena and Roman would think that John and Kate were lying when they tell them that they never have. Which finally would make both couples further estranged from each other, which is what Tony truly wants anyways; for everyone to suffer and be miserable because he had a horrible life.


There is one gigantic problem with Chloe waltzing into the Kiriakis mansion the way she did. If Henderson had the night off, and both Nicole and Brady were out of the house for the evening, why would the security system be left inactive? No multi-millionaires would ever leave her estate unprotected and with a key hid that close to the front door. Anybody could have then entered the mansion and done what ever they wanted while the lady of the house was out, sorry just doesnít make sense to me!

It is great though, that Nicole saw Chloe hiding in the closet. Soon, if we have more sighting of Chloe, she could be the Elvis of Salem!

Shawn and Bell

Good for Belle to basically tell off Shawn for not being there for her when she needed him the most. Many times I voiced that Belle and Phillip are great together, and Iím getting more and more convinced that Belle does love both men now. For a long time Belle didnít tell Phillip that she loved him until this week. Then we saw the scenes of Belle kissing Phillip and Shawn, I think Belle is starting to realize that she is tore between the two of them. But Iím happy with Belle marrying Phillip!

Belleís Loft

Just a quick thought about Belle and Phillipís wedding night. Why havenít they fixed the vents in the loft? Belle and Phillip knew that they could hear Rex and Mimi making love not too long ago, wouldnít you want to make sure it didnít work both ways. I guess as long as you donít get embarrassed over the issue of hearing each other have sex then whatever!

Maggie and Bonnie

Good for Maggie to try to get rid of Bonnie, but unfortunately Bonnie isnít that easy to budge. I know that many viewers are upset over this particular story, many think that Mickey should have just been thrilled to have his Maggie back and said goodbye to Bonnie. I like the fact that this story is occurring because we get the opportunity to see Mickey and Maggie acting, not just being the scenery at special occasions. But I think that Maggie should bow out gracefully and tell Mickey he should be with Bonnie, because she doesnít want to cause any problems for his happiness. In other words Maggie should use some reverse psychology on Mickey. Then Mickey would be so very moved that Maggie only has his happiness in mind, that Mickey will remember just why he fell in love with his Red!

Johnís Addiction

Johnís scenes with his addiction and lying to his family and friends were great! The tone of his voice and facial remarks were perfect. The emotion and pain that he is able to portray to us is flawless, Drake is doing an absolute fantastic job with this story. Hopefully Drake gets a Daytime Emmy nomination for his performance, because I am really impressed with how well he has handled this story so far. We are seeing this talented actor show us just what he is capable of doing, and doing well. Great job Drake!!!!!!

Hey, Itís just what I think!

Page updated 9/6/12

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