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2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 1/15/05 by Justin


First off, I want to comment on John Ingle as Mickey Horton. Ever since I have watched Days of our Lives John Clarke had always been Mickey. I purposely havenít commented that much on John Ingleís performance for the fact that Mickey has been like a new character instead of our beloved Mickey. New Mickey has been flamboyant and comedic in nature. There have been no lawyer scenes for us to see him actually as Mickey, until Shawn driving his motorcycle into the church at Belle and Phillips wedding. From the scenes that we have been watching with John Ingle as Mickey the lawyer I must say that I do like him as Mickey. He was able to be stern with Shawn and yet passionate enough about helping save Shawn from jail. Although, John Clarke will always be Mickey in many viewers eyes John Ingle is a great asset to have on Days!


Great for Nicole to stand her ground when it came to Johnís lies about being addicted to the painkillers. Nicole said it all when she said that she isnít Johnís friend and really donít care for him as his loved ones do, so she really has nothing to gain by making her claim that John is addicted. If Nicole plays her cards right, maybe she can start to turn her life around and be a respected member of the community and not be a bitch anymore!


Drake Hogestyn has been doing a great job with his current storyline. His portrayal of John being addicted is believable. I love how he can shift his mood from one extreme to the other. One minuets he is happy and calm the next he is yelling and cruel. This is just showing the depth Drake has as an actor. We all know that Drake can do the action hero saving scenes, my gosh he has played those scenes ever since he has been on Days. He is now brushing up on his actual physical and dialogue acting in one. Keep up the good work!


As much as I donít care for Kate, I sometime find myself feeling sorry for the woman. Kate has done nothing but manipulate everyone the past few weeks. But for John to lash out at Kate and call her a whore, was a bit much. Many non-Kate fans Iím sure cheered, but my soap opera heart went out to her. No matter what someone has done, being reminded of something that you are ashamed of is no way to be treated.

Belle, Phillip, and Shawn

It is great for Phillip to want to protect his wife and not want her to see the man that injured her on her wedding day, but to have Phillip lie to Belle and not tell her that Shawn was at the loft to see her was wrong. I just think if he will lie only hours after getting hitched over something like this what else is he or will he lie about later on. What if he isnít being shipped out, but a ruse Kate created to get her son to marry Belle.

Hopefully, Belle tells Phillip that she is going to help Shawn find out his missing information and not just wait for Phillip to ship out. If Belle doesnít tell Phillip that she is going to be spending time with Shawn while he is gone, then Iíll be disappointed in this whole entire love triangle, for once let us hope that truth will be told not more lies.

Bo and Billie

Sorry to say, Iím not really caring about Bo and Bille at the moment. They both are getting what they deserve for being so ignorant with Georgiaís supposed parents. From the moment the man/woman opened the door, they had to have known it was a set up. The only part about the story that I do like is Hope coming to terms about her Bo. Now I do believe that Bo and Hope shouldnít be broken up. I think Billie deserves better than how Bo had treated her. But Iím looking forward for Hope and Patrick to save Bo and Billie, and letís pray Hope saves Marlena and the others as well.

Mimi and Jan

I have liked the Mimi abortion story up to this point. Iím getting tried of Janís threats to tell Rex that Mimi had the abortion. Just have her do it already, and move this story a long. It is like we have to wait for Belle and Shawn story to play out before Mimiís story takes flight. I honestly will say, I think Mimi and Rexís situation is a lot more interesting than that of Belle, Phillip, and Shawnís story. I just hope that Mimi gets to tell Rex about the abortion not Jan. I think for all of the Mimi and Rex fans out there we want to see them have a good fight scene as well as make-up scene. But like I have stated before many theories are circulation that Mimi is still actually pregnant, which I think would be great!

Hey, Itís just what I think


Page updated 9/6/12

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