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2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 1/9/05 by Justin

Many Happy Returns

Phillip and Belleís wedding was one of those jaw dropping events. We all knew that something was going to happen, but I for one was unaware that Shawn was going to actually going to ride his motorcycle through the stain glass window of the church. How irresponsible could he be? To put all of those lives in danger like he did, Iím sorry to say drugged and boozed up willingly or not, he has to pay for what he has done.

Good for Belle to not be accepting of his apology for what he had caused. He wanted to fix their relationship and Belle was stronger and smart enough to ask what were they going to fix. What Shawn did in Belleís own words was stupid! Although, Phillip telling Belle not to see him any more was out of line, it sounds as though he only is going to control Belle. Maybe old jealous Phillip will soon return as he was with Chloe.

But even though Shawn did what he did, I did like the talk Julie had with Hope about all Shawnís life he had heard the story of Bo rescuing Hope on his motorcycle when Hope was about to marry Larry Welch. It is a little understandable why those Brady boys do some pretty bizarre activities; they are trying to out do each other.


Get rid of Kate she is getting to full of herself. Kate ever since she has arrived in Salem many years ago has only manipulated, lied, and muscled her way into everyone elseís business. Her little comment about one down and two to go, referring to Hope and Sami is just irritating. I do applaud Kateís devotion to make her children happy, the thought is great and her heart is in the right place to want to help her kids, but you know Kateís enemies are soon going to be rising and she will be more hated than Sami if that is possible. It is time for her children to say enough is enough and they have to turn their backs on her in order for her to understand that her help is no longer wanted in this area.


How heartbreaking it was to watch Marlena watch her daughter Belle get married to Phillip and not be there. Then to witness her daughter in a horrible accident which could have killed her. Then to top that all off the see the church explode and not know what had occurred and who was injured or worse. Those scenes with Marlena and Roman were the most emotional scenes we have witnessed since the Salem Stocker days. Now lets get the lost ones back to Salem please!


So John is a junkie, it is a neat twist that has been done before on daytime, but still will be and interesting storyline now that Sami knows that John is stealing the drugs from the hospital. This could either bond John and Sami together as she helps him with his addiction, or classic Sami could use this to her advantage and gets everything she wants by means of blackmail. Either way this will be exciting to watch Iím looking to this story for the fact that this is a realistic situation that could actually happen. Many individuals have drug addiction problems with pain medications, and by having a strong character like John struggle with this addiction can be an inspiration to other struggling with the same situation.


Finally someone has escaped the castle and hopefully will be on their way home now. It is so frustrating to us when Billie and Jack actually bumped into each other and didnít realize who one another was. The voice alone should have told Jack the woman wasnít European she didnít have the accent. Iím ready for Jennifer to be reunited with Jack; otherwise all we see is Jennifer grieve over Jack once again. The first time was good enough to watch lets not go through this again.

Abby and Chelsea

Chelsea is awesome the way that she goes for what she wants and what she wants is Patrick. My prediction will be the story will either end up Chelsea saying he raped her to get even with him for liking someone else, or Chelsea actually raping/drug Patrick and have her way with him. Hopefully Iím wrong and something totally different occurs, but for right now Iím thinking these two possibilities are most likely.

The one story that is getting more probable is the fact that Chelsea is going to turn out to be Bo and Billieís daughter. One reason I think this is because Chelsea does remind me of Billie when Billie first arrived to Salem, second later down the road Billie is going to get involved with Billie, when Jack returns to reclaim his beloved Jennifer. This then will put Chelsea hating her mother for going after the man that she wants. Either way I think we will be seeing a lot more of Chelsea and her wicked ways.


Bo and Hope have been one of the strongest couples on Days of our Lives for many years now. Which is why Iím having this difficult time grasping the fact that Bo promised Hope that he would not take off with Billie to go to Europe, and then he reneged on his word and left while Hope was out of the house. Hope really needs to let him have what is coming to him. This is the second time that Bo has been MIA when the family really needed him to be at home. I think we all are shocked that Bo would lie to his fancy face.

Hey, Itís just what I think!


Page updated 9/6/12

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