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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2004 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 12/23/04 by Justin

First off, I hope everyone has a very happy holiday and will have the chance to relax and spend time with your loved ones. I personally love the holiday season, with the decorations, the Christmas music, and of course the annual hanging of the Horton ornaments. So whatever you and your family has planned this holiday season take some time and enjoy the special Christmas episode of Days of our Lives this coming week. Now on to regular businessÖ


If the roads were in those treacherous conditions why would ask your friends to risk their lives to go someplace, unless it was an absolute emergency? Mimi could have just as easily left Janís house with Jan unaware that she was there and came back the next day when the roads were safe, with Belle and Shawn. Instead she calls her two best friends and demands that they drive to Janís house on icy roads. Sorry, but Mimi is meddling in Belle and Shawnís personal life just a little too much. Donít get me wrong, I think everyone needs to know what Jan did, but Mimi has her own life to worry about. You have to work on your own relationships before you should get so engrossed in others.

Rumors are starting to circulate now that Mimi is still pregnant and never had the abortion. Now I told you the scenario a few articles ago that my friend believes that Mimi thought she had the abortion, but since we never saw Mimi go to the clinic, or during the procedure. My friend thought that maybe she had fallen asleep before the abortion happened and then she woke up and thought it was over. Plus now if you have been paying attention, Mimi is always in bulky clothes now, like the shawl she had been wearing, and now the heavy winter clothes, maybe Mimi is still pregnant.

Jan must have really worked her butt off to get Shawnís prison room redecorated as a Christmas room. We all knew that the cage wouldnít be in there, but now Shawnís memory has started to resurface, it is only a matter of time before he miraculously remembers on Belleís wedding day to Phillip.

Belle and Shawn

I did enjoy the Belle and Shawn brief slumber reunion. It was a different twist to have those two think they only dreamed they made love. But then after it was all over and the two were in the hospital, Shawn again gets nasty with her and treats her like crap. Iím sorry to say, but even when everything come clean Belle might want to think long and hard about having a relationship with a man that holds has this type of anger. My motto is you should always forgive, but just donít forget!

Bo, Billie, and Hope

It was flat out wrong for Bo to have put Georgia first they way he has been. It is horrible that she is out there somewhere and donít know her parents, but Georgia is a teenager now. She has lived this long without Bo and Billie, a few more days or weeks Iím sure wouldnít have hurt their chances of finding their daughter. Besides Zack is only a few years old, and needs Bo and Hope both, plus with Shawnís bizarre behavior how Bo only be concerned with Georgia.

Billie needs to listen and not put anything past Tony or Stefano. If he didnít want them to find Georgia I doubted seriously that that safe would have been that easy to crack. Either Billie is the worst ISA agent to not think the safe could have been a trick or a trap, or her emotions are getting the best of her, which means she shouldnít be at the castle looking for Georgia.

Sami, Brandon, and Lucas

I love Sami and Brandon together, which I have mentioned many times in previous articles. I just think that they have better chemistry together and that Brandon would treat her a lot better than Lucas would. Lucas isnít the good decent guy that they are trying to make him to be. In a way the writers have turned Lucas into Austin. Austin was the one always trying to get Sami to change her ways, and save her from herself. Lucas was always the selfish spoiled rich kid, and until he was just recently paired with Sami this time around he was always that way. If the shows want the character of Austin, then bring him back donít create a carbon copy in another character, it is only cheating the viewers.

Maggie, Mickey, and Bonnie

Is it just me, or is this story all wrong? Iím still trying to recover from the fact that Mickey has to take time to figure out which woman he wants to be with. Isnít this a no brainer? Iím also disappointed in Maggie putting up with this crap. Maggie has always been a strong character. She should have said to Mickey if you donít want to be with me any more fine then go and live with Bonnie, and get out of my house! For all that Mickey is putting Maggie through it would be great for Mickey to choose Maggie just to have Maggie say sorry Mickey you missed your chance bu-bye!


Iím starting to believe that maybe Roman is working for Tony, or is helping Tony with this scheme. It just seems that he enjoys being with Marlena a little too much. So either Roman is just now realizing that he never got over Marlena since they are spending all this time together, or maybe this is Romanís plot to get his beloved Doc back? I hope that Roman is partially involved in this whole serial killer, island, kidnapping. It would be a huge twist and a great story to play out.

Hey, Itís just what I think


Page updated 12/7/12

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