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2004 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 12/3/04 by Justin

Billie, Hope, and Bo

I hate the fact that the only time Billie is ever brought to Salem is to attempt to break up Bo and Hope. Now, Billie of course isnít out to have Bo leave Hope for her, but the end result whether planned or not is Bo with Billie. Why not bring Billie back and have her develop relationships with Patrick, Brandon, or even Tek. There are other possibilities for Billie other than Bo and Hope. It is interesting twist to bring Georgia into the picture, but doesnít get annoying though when the dead are never dead, or the correct age. Pretty soon the Salem town slogan will be, ďIf you die here we will see you in a few years.Ē

I will say Hope is on my good list and my bad list right now. First off, she is in support of Bo and Billie finding Georgia. Hope realizes that this needs to be done and is a little suspicious of Billie, with good reason, because if the tables were turned she would be doing exactly what Bo and Billie are doing. But the tables start to turn when she tries to make Bo feel guilty about Shawn. I agree with the fact that they still are his parents and need to help their troubled adult son, but just as Bo had stated Shawn is an adult, and unless he asks for help what can you do. Now Bo should be there for Hope, Zack, and Shawn of course, but again there is a young teenager out there that may need her parents.

Phillip and Belle

As much as I enjoy Phillip and Belle together, I will say how heart breaking it will be for Phillip when Shawn and Belle do eventually get back together. In a way Belle is only using Phillip to help her get over Shawn, even if she donít see it that way. Belle had told Mimi not to long ago, that she liked Phillip, but just didnít love him. So now she accepted his proposal, sorry if you donít love someone then you shouldnít get married. I donít care if you think he is a really great guy, if there is no mutual love between them then they shouldnít only have a one sided love, it just wonít be enough to keep them together.

Shawn and Jan

Why would Jan want to be with Shawn when he treats her like crap? He tells her to shut up all the time, to stay out of it, and verbally abusive to her. Recently in this past weekís episode Shawn even started to strangle Jan. Itís Jan so no one really cares how he treats her, because she deserves worse. If any boyfriend or girlfriend out there treats you like that, please do your self a favor and get out of the relationship. Eventually I think this behavior of Shawnís could get more physical, and Jan will be on the receiving end.

New Abby

I donít know for sure if I like the new Abby right now. So far the actress has been excellent, but the character is a bitch. To tell your mom that you wish she had died and your father had lived is just plain WRONG and not even ligament to feel that way. Jennifer had no control over Jack getting swept away by the tidal wave, and hopefully Abby realizes that fact, and is just lashing out. But still the little brat needed a slap across the face.


Iím hoping that Brandon stay around Salem. I was a huge Sami and Brandon fan, and I will say Lucas and Sami are alright as a couple, but Brandon is much more suited for her. Watching Allison and Matt in those scenes together showed a lot of chemistry still between these two, and hopefully everyone else catches this and at least is enough to keep Matt playing Brandon for a little while longer.


A lot of people are speculating on who is the person administering the drugs into Johnís IV. Names mentioned have been Tony, Lexie, Dr. Rolf, Collin, or one of the survivors who had made it home. When watching the hand give the drug it looks like a masculine hand, but when they showed the person walking in the long black pants, the way they moved and the way the fabric moved suggested a skinny leg, so maybe female. My thought is there could be two people giving John drugs. I hope it has nothing to do with Tony, because Iím getting tired of the Tony being to blame. It would be better to have maybe Nurse Brenda or some minute character being an angel of mercy, instead of Tony or one of his goons out for revenge.

We know itís not Lexie for she was outside talking to Kate during the last injection, plus the part of the arm that was exposed looked white in one of the shots. This could be the mysterious figure that was lurking outside Bo and Hopeís house, and the one that sent Kate the roses; maybe something more is going on?

Mickey, Maggie, and Bonnie

Wow! What can you say about this story? For starters how insane it is, would be an excellent staring point. I was shocked how Mickey treated Maggieís return. He didnít even seem happy that the love of his life isnít dead. Then the old geezer had the courage to say he needed time to think about which one he wanted to choose. Iím sorry, but if he needs to think about whom he wants to be with, then his love for Maggie isnít as strong as it was meant to be. I think what Mickey should do, to see if his Bonnie is true it to tell Bonnie that he is going to give all of the money he has the house and even Aliceís to Maggie, and that they will live happily ever after at Bonnieís house. Once Bonnie realizes that she will get nothing Iím sure she will make the choice of kicking him to the curb.

Marlena, Roman, and Tony

I loved when Marlena decked Tony, was a classic moment. I canít wait for Marlena to get back to Salem she has been gone for far too long. It is always great when Marlena is front and center in a story, but where is she. You would think that being kidnapped would entitle these prisoners to a little more airtime than what they are getting. Tony also, seems to be harder to kill than his father.


After all that she and Brady had been through I just think it is very unbelievable that she would go to the extreme to lie and say she is dead when she is not. Just think how this will make Brady feel when he finds out that his love lied instead of trusting in him to help her through this terrible ordeal. Maybe what Chloe needs is to talk with someone who has had their face disfigured, someone like Greta, who lived in the swamp and cover her face with mud. Greta is running around Europe somewhere maybe she should swing by and see Chloe.

Hey, Itís just what I think


Page updated 12/7/12

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