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2004 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 11/10/04 by Justin


How very psycho of Tony to have kept what appeared to be Stefanoís corpse preserved like he did. I didnít expect to see Stefano like that, if he truly is dead. In some ways Tony is a little more drastic than Stefano ever was. If it is true that Tony killed his father then what is going to stop him from killing the prisoners that didnít escape the wrath of Tony yet?

I just think that Bart although a little dimwitted is a hoot to watch. It will be kind of hard to keep Bart around once Tonyís reign of terror is over, because if Bart isnít killed he will have to go to jail, which will mean we will lose an extremely funny character, as well as a great actor Steve Blackwood!


I will say over all I would rate the Island story a B- and I rate it that because the story did allow some excellent performances from the cast, everyone will remember Suzanne Rodgers performance on her ďdeathĒ scene for years to come. It was great to get actors that rarely have scenes together the opportunity to work with one another.

Now though that the Captive Island story is drawing to a close for some characters, hopefully we still get to see them in bigger and better stories. We have the love triangle or some will say lack there of between Maggie, Bonnie, and Mickey, which in some viewers minds is no contest. But you have to think too that we are dealing with a new actor playing Mickey, and even though Mickey and Maggie our supposed to be together the only thing I will say is the longer they are apart, to more of Maggie we will see, which is a great thing!

Bonnie & Mickey

As much as Bonnie can be annoying and how insane some of the wacky situations Bonnie drags Mickey into, the point is that they both our having a splendid time with each other. Mickey has acted like a teenager at times, riding a mechanical bull, and dressing up like a rhinestone cowboy, but I will say that they were one unpredictable couple. They might not be the fan favorite, but were enjoyable to watch at times.

Marlena, Roman, Caroline, Victor, Cassie, and Jack

What rotten luck do these poor individuals have? To be killed by the serial stalker, or programmed to be the serial stalker, then to have to spend months on a tropical island as Tonyís prisoner. Now once they do get reunited with some of their loved ones a tidal wave comes and rips them apart back into Tonyís clutches. If this were back in the puritan days they would begin to think that God is punishing them for something. But even though I would have loved for them all to be brought back right now, I think it was smart on the showís part to not end this story just yet. Iím anxious to see how this is going to pan out, because what a unique combination to have as prisoners.

Shawn & Belle

It is still unbelievable how badly Shawn does in fact treat Belle when Jan is around, but yet when Shawn and Belle are alone Shawn seems nicer to Belle. For one why would Belle still be pining over Shawn, who treats her horribly? I mean yes he was the love of her life, but when you are constantly put down and are verbally abused like Belle is at times, you would think she would realize that he is not worth it.

Rumor has it that Kristen Stormsí (ex-Belle) television drama the Clubhouse has been canceled. Could she possible be returning back to Days? I know that the fans would love to have her back, but you know as much as I loved Kristen Storms as Belle, the new Belle is starting to grow on me. I hope they give her a chance to make Belle her character.

John & Kate

I have been reminded that the same type of storyline has been playing out on Passions with Ivy being in a wheelchair and Sam taking care of her. So many including myself am starting to believe that Kate, will either move into the penthouse with John or John will move in with Kate, and Kate will take care of him. All though Iím not a huge Kate fan, John and Kate did have many sparks between them. But if John stays paralyzed for an extended period of time it just might mean that until John is back to himself, Marlena and the others may remain missing.

Hey, Itís just what I think!


Page updated 12/7/12

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