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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2004 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 10/25/04 by Justin


Even though it seems that Patrick is one of Tonyís goons, I still believe that Patrick is good. What if he is only pretending to help Tony to save his own tail? I would hate to see Patrick an evil character, because of everything that has been going on lately with the island; we just donít need any more villains at this point. Besides we were all suspicious of him from the beginning so this would be a great move to not make Patrick a bad goon.

The Island Story

I was all for this plot line from the very beginning of it. It gave actors the chance to say to everyone we can still act, even though we are not used very much. But for whatever reason behind the madness of the writers we are expected to believe that the island is built upon a volcano that at the will of Tony/Stefano, whoever, they can make it erupt. How retarded for someone to spends millions of dollars on their enemies, just to have them killed in an explosion. Now I know Tony/Stefano hates the people on the island, but if he wanted them dead, then why not just program Marlena to have killed them during the Salem Stalker days? There are so many holes in this story, which Iím sad to say is just showing poor writing.


How terrifying for Nicole to come face to face with the man she thought she shot Colin. I loved the look on everyoneís face when they did in fact see the very much alive Colin Murphy. Looks as if Nicole is going to get off free as a bird with the horrible deeds she has done. Iím still interested in the face-to-face confrontation that Victor and Nicole are having, Victor is strangling his lovely wife, but Brady will put a stop to that. It is rumored that Nicole will save Victors life, will this be enough to redeem her wicked ways.

Kate and Eugenia

First let me reiterate once again, how tired I am of this Kate and Sami feud. It has gone on for far to long it is time for both of them to grow up and get over it. Now Days decided to thrown Eugenia into the mix of things, which we really donít even know her very well to begin with. Yes Sami forced Eugenia into switching Lexieís paternity, but why bring her back into the mix of things now, unless they want a Teck and Eugenia pairing? With Abe close to coming back to his beloved Lexie where will that lead Teck? Maybe a Celeste and Teck pairing, hey when was the last time on Days an older woman had a younger man?


How great was Marlena slapping Tony across the face, at first I was ready to burst out laughing because it was kind of funny, and I think a little out of place, but then I just sat back and thought it was nice touch. I loved the part when Marlena said he is insane and I donít say that lightly. I was ready for Roman or John to say to Marlena you are just now figuring this out? But you got to love Marlena!


Iím still trying to decide if I like the new Billie, every time there is a new actress playing Billie, or I should say every time they bring Billie back she is different a little. Fist was the fabulous Lisa Rinna who of course originated the role of Billie and in most peoples mind is Billie. Lisa played Billie as the tough street kid who didnít take any crap. Next was Krista Allen-Morrit who brought a more glamorous sweet side to Billie along with the toughness. Now with Julie Pinson as Billie there is a slight character shift she seems to be pining after Bo, we know that she still loves him, but the fans donít want Bo and Hope split up so quit trying already!

Personally as long as Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso are playing Bo and Hope they will most likely always be the fan favorite, but if Robert Kelker-Kelly even happened to return as Bo and Lisa Rinna would come back as Billie I think another vote would be in order!

Jack, Jen, and the Baby

How insane for Jennifer to take her baby back into the jungle. It took many months to get Jennifer and Jack to New Salem and they want to press their luck back into the jungle, with the newborn baby for crying out loud. They donít want to be separated I understand that, but should the safety of the child be the most important concern? If Jennifer wanted to be to play hero she could have left the baby with Maggie or one of the many other people still in New Salem.

Belle, Phillip, Jan, Shawn, Mimi, and Rex

First wow to Belle and Phillip making love, as well as to Jan and Shawn. I knew that it was going to happen just because it is a soap opera, and nobody is ever with who they should be with at first. I truly like Belle better with Phillip, now Jan is a nut and needs put away, but as for a Belle and Shawn reunion Iíll say nah to that!

My friend and I were talking at the university I am attending and she told me her theory on Mimi and her abortion, which I found extremely interesting. My friend believes that Mimi is still pregnant and she will start to show very soon. That Mimi thinks that she had the abortion, but in actuality the procedure never happened. Mimi will of course tell Rex everything and he will get mad and maybe leave her, but once she realizes she is still pregnant everything will be great between them once again. I really do like that theory and hopefully it is true!

Mickey and Bonnie

All I have to say is WOW! I like the two characters but they are a wacky pairing, Maggie better hurry her butt home and save her marriage. The only good thing to come from Mickey and Bonnie if they do get hitched will be the great scenes to come with Suzanne Rogers when she comes home and fights for her man!

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Nicole ran out of the room during one of the earth trembles, Brady ran out right after her, but he was unable to find her or see where she went with him right behind her? Billie stood and watched a tree fall right on top of her, when she had time to move out of the way, she is a trained police officer and ISA agent you would think she wouldnít have panicked the way she did. Marlena smacked Tony across the face, then the sharp shooter pointed their lasers upon her, why didnít they point the lasers as she was getting closer to Tony, before she smacked him? They werenít doing a great job protecting their boss.

Hey, itís just what I think!


Page updated 12/7/12

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