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2004 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 10/10/04 by Justin


Wow, I was a little shocked that Mimi did in fact go through with the abortion. I did think it was tasteful that they didnít show her at the clinic and going through the procedure. Abortion is a very sensitive issue, and if we can put the fact of the abortion behind us for a moment and look at the reason Mimi did this, is another set of ethical decision. Mimi felt that Rex didnít want a baby at this time, so she decides not to tell him that she is pregnant. Then, she makes a huge decision to do what she did, and she still is lying because now if Rex finds out that she did have an abortion he would leave her. Mimi is turning into a regular liar when it comes to Rex. She didnít tell him she thought she had cancer, and then didnít spill the beans when she found out she was pregnant, now that she had an abortion he is none the wiser. Mimi needs to have more confidence in her boyfriend, because all of these lies are what will destroy her and their relationship!

I really disagree with all the controversy that viewer have stated, that this isnít showing a good message to the young viewers, to get an abortion. I do not believe that the writers in any way are saying their position on this issue. In fact I think the story in itself isnít the fact that Mimi had the abortion, it is the aftermath of what someone will go through after it is done and over with. Because Mimi is now regretting having the procedure done, this is where the storyline begins. And if it is a positive message the viewers want, watching Mimi going through all of this emotional pain, most likely would stop any girl from going through with an abortion.

Farah Faith (Mimi Lockhart)

I have just been in awe of Farah Faithís performance over the past few weeks. Farahís portrayal of Mimi Lockhart has been exceptionally believable. With all of the recent recast of actors that Days of our Lives had to endure, as well as new faces to the show, Farah has proved that she is not just a pretty face.

Since Farahís debut in 1999 she immediately entered our hearts as Mimi, Belle Blackís best friend. Although, for quite sometime Mimi was just following Belle around and had really no life of her own, things quickly changed when everyone realized Farah could hold her own storyline.

From being homeless to being manipulated into helping Jan Spears bring down ghoul girl, (Chloe) Farahís portrayal of Mimi has been funny, sweet, and very realistic. Farah has a strong sense of honesty and dedication in her eyes, it is almost like she isnít acting, that Farah really is Mimi. You can feel the warmth and pain in Farahís acting, and this emotion is strongly felt in her current story.

Recently Farah has had to deal with a storyline that is extremely controversial in nature, Abortion! First you see the desperation and the hardship Mimi is facing through the phenomenal acting by Farah. You feel compassion toward her as she worries that she could be dying of Uterine Cancer. Then you experience relief that it wasnít cancer, but that in fact Mimi was pregnant. Farah had a spectrum of emotion during the past few weeks, and how refreshing it was to see real tears fall from her eyes during one of the greatest performances we have witnessed recently. Farah really is at the top of her game, and I honestly believe that we will be seeing her around for a long time.

Picky, Picky!

Iím going to be a little nit picky for a moment. John sees Patrick and figures out that he is Patrick, and acts like it was the very first time he had ever seen him. Well, wouldnít John have known who Patrick was, or at least have met him since in fact Patrick is Mimiís older brother and Mimi is Belleís best friend. Iím sure all through Mimi and Belleís friendship and sleepovers that John would have known Patrick! Sometimes I think common occurrences in life get left out of the writing.

One more item for my pickiness is Hope telling Bo that Zack wanted to go trick or treating as character from Shark Tales. Hope has been missing for a long time now, there is no way that Zack could have told his mom that, unless the child has Celesteís gift of visions.

Remember When?

Bo was so upset finding that his precious wife was laying naked (but was still wearing a bra) against Patrick trying to make his body temperature rise back to normal. What happened when the situation was reversed a few years ago, and Bo was the one trying to save Billie from hypothermia? Bo tried everything he could to get Hope to realize what he was doing; itís funny how characters forget what it was like to go through the exact same thing.


Iím starting to think that Teck is working Stefano or Tony. It kind of seem that when Bo and John wanted to go to the island Teck never offered or said he wanted to go along, but as soon as Brady shows up, Teck is right by his side going with Brady to the island, or leading Brady to the island. Iím thinking that Teck was sent to Salem to help send the victims to the island and also to develop a relationship with Lexie, because Abe in Stefanoís eyes isnít the man for Lexie.

Nicole or Victor?

With Nicole being a stowaway, she is about to come face to face with her worst nightmare, her thought to be dead husband Victor, as well as maybe a ďdeadĒ Collin Murphy. The only problem with this is where will that leave Nicole, in jail or dead? With Victor being alive and if he makes it back to Salem it will be the end of Nicole and Jan. If Victor dies before he makes it back to the states, Nicole will be home free. Something big is about to happen to Victor and or Nicole!

Hey, itís just what I think!


age updated 12/7/12

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