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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2004 Our Opinion!

Justin's Days Opinions

Tony and Stefano Are the Masterminds!

Once again Stefano is not dead and has orchestrated this whole New Salem nightmare. ďWhat a wonderful surprise?Ē I said with dry sarcasms.  First off, what a bit of a let down for this huge story to be caused by Stefano, it just seems that when something bad happens it always relays back to Stefano. Someone out of the ordinary would have been a more interesting twist. There will come a time when there will be no Stefano, what will happen, or should I say whom will they blame then? 

Marlena As the Killer?

Marlena as the serial killer was wonderful, although we started to suspect her toward the end, there are a lot of holes that still need to be filled in.  Tony told Bart that Marlena did not kill any of the people, that it was only an illusion to them as they were being drugged.  This theory about Tony being behind the staged ďdeathsĒ must not have been part of the original idea.  Too many things are not adding up to me as well as many of the Days of our Lives fans.  We are not stupid nor can we be fooled!

First letís look at Maggie saying to Marlena that she was a recovering alcoholic. (Iím sure everyone is tired of hearing this over and over, last time I promise!) Maggie made it seem that this person she let in her house wasnít a dear friend, since Marlena and Maggie are best friends, it is completely bizarre that Maggie would say that.  Next, Tony said Marlena never hurt anyone; she wasnít programmed to do that.  Then explain why Marlena was contemplating killing Belle when she was getting to close to the truth.  That shows to me that Marlena was in a mind of a killer.  Marlena then attacked John on the terrace, when he confronted her about being the killer; she tried to push him off, okay, to me a again a mind of a killer.  She taps into the police security camera to erase her footage at the cemetery, so she wouldnít get caught.  Not to mention that she did in fact stab Jan who she thought was Shawn in Shawnís bedroom at the loft.  If truly Marlena was not programmed to kill, then that means this was all untrue what we watched.  So I guess some newly created flashbacks are coming to clarify these major holes in this plot.  Because according to Tony Marlena isnít a killer, so he must have done all of these things as well? 

The Others!

But there is a bit of a twist with this New Salem Island.  Tony was telling Bart that the people of New Salem couldnít find out about the others on the island.  This is very interesting, because now Iím trying to imagine who else besides Billie and Collin of course, are on the island. Could we be seeing some faces from the past on the island as well?  I would love for Mike and Carrie or even just Carrie to be on the island, as well as Greta, Austin, even Hattie would be interesting to see.  I still would love to see Isabella roaming around on the island.  Because lets face it, any character that has ever died could be in fact on this island.  Hopefully the writers use this opportunity to return some beloved characters to us!

Shawn & Jan

Iím glad that Shawn is out of that ridiculous cage.  At first I hated the idea of Shawn suffering from amnesia, and displacing his love for Belle onto psychotic Jan, but after watching some of the scenes, this is a very perplexing storyline that Iím enjoying.  One more thing lets get rid of the doll that is talking to Jan, we already seen this story with Alley when she wanted to kill Carrie, so she could be with Mike.  The doll was a nice touch during the Mike, Carrie, and Alley craziness, but is annoying this time around.

Bo & Hope

I donít agree with how deceitful Bo and Hope are being to each other and to family and friends.  Bo tricks Hope into getting him water as he makes a mad dash out into the jungle.  Then Hope deliberately lies to everyone saying she was not going to go after Bo, then goes off to see Tony, to help her get into the jungle.  Both Bo and Hope are acting like children and are being extremely insecure with each other.  Both thinking that other people such as Billie and Patrick could manipulate them, come on have a little more faith in each other.  Hope is not going to sleep with Patrick, at least not willingly, nor would Bo cheat on Hope with Billie.

Flashbacks Can Be Wrong!

One recent flashback with new Billie and Bo has many Bo/Carly fans upset, which I am included in as well.  Bo told Billie that she had helped him get over Hopeís death, when she ďdiedĒ in the vast of acid.  Well, to clarify to the writers who of course always need our help when it comes to past storylines.  Bo did love Carly after Hope was gone, and he was genuinely hurt when Carly chose to leave with Lawrence instead of staying with him. This flashback wasnít supposed to be one hundred percent accurate, because it was meant to show how Bo and Hope belong together. I really liked Carly when she was in Salem it is horrible when characters get overlooked and forgotten!


I canít believe that Mimi thinks that Rex wouldnít want the baby she is carrying.  Nobody is ever truly ready for a baby, it is great to have a plan or outline of when the best time to have a family would be, but I believe Rex would be thrilled with the news.  It has been a few years since we have had an abortion story, and that was when Sami was going to do it, scheming to get Austin to want her and the baby.  Although I donít see Mimi going through with an abortion, this is a story that many young expectant mothers face!  And Farah Faith is doing an awesome, breathtaking, and tremendous job in this role, Mimi can never take a backseat to a Belle story ever again, because Farah is doing a phenomenal job front and center!

                                                          Liar, Liar!

It takes a little insecure man to not tell your wife the truth when the perfect opportune moment is present.  Here Marlena is pouring out her heart and soul telling John that her and Roman almost made love. She then asks John if there is anything he wants to confess to her.  He looks into her eyes and tells her there is nothing he has to tell her.  Over the last few months John in my eyes is losing credibility.  I still was shocked when he backhanded Crystal in Victorís stable, and now he is lying.  Maybe our beloved Doc should think twice about her knight in shining armor!

 Camp Is Out, Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

Camp has let out and Will is back home and pestering his parents about getting married.  Where is Abby? Has anyone told her that her mom is thought to be dead?  Some rumors have started that Abby will be aged to a teenager.  Well the only thing Iím sure we all can say is, itís about time, because Abby should be around the age of Brady!

Hey, itís just what I think!


Page updated 12/7/12

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