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2004 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 9/5/04 by Justin

The Highlight of the Week

Chloeís death was a little unexpected. Is she really dead? I guess we will all just have to wait and see. This is the perfect opportunity to make a recast of Chloe if Nadine isnít interested in returning back completely on the show as Chloe. Even though Iím sure we all are not too crazy over recasts, but hey look at all of the former high school gang we were watching only a few years ago, all but two actors are from the original group, Mimi and Shawn, the rest are recasts.

Chloeís death was a little suspicious. First we never saw her actually die, so this means that she truly isnít dead in soap opera land. Second, Nancy seemed rather unusual when she arrived and told Brady that Chloe was dead, she played the part of a grieving mother well, but she seem agitated and jumpy right before she was ready to leave! Either something smells, besides my left over tuna sandwich, or Iím reading a little too much into Nancy's brief return.

Although I would love for Chloe to end up on the island with the other ďdeadĒ characters, even if the part was recast, at least a very strong independent character would be back on the show.


Bo finally figured out that the signal is from Roman, and now people really donít want to believe that it could be true, that Marlena and Roman could actually be alive. Why wonít they believe it? I mean these people have all been missing and considered dead before what is one more time around? But hopefully this plot thickens and becomes more intriguing with the rescue search.

The Days of our Assault and Battery

In my last article I had stated that there is a lot of physical abuse occurring, well as much as I donít approve of physical assault I will admit Shawn punching Janís lights out was okay by me. Jan deserved a lot worse than what Shawn did to her, it is a miracle that he was able to control himself and only hit her once!

I know that Shawn wants to get to his precious Belle before Phillip makes the moves on his girl, but with an injured ankle/foot that he has, Shawnís first stop should have been the emergency room. He could have gone to the hospital, explained what has been going on, and then the police could be putting an APB out on Ms. Looney Spears!

John and Kate

What is up with everyone telling John and Kate to move on with each other? I mean arenít there any other available single people for these people to move on with? Why all of the sudden should these two be paired together? Please donít give me the excuse that they know what each other is going through. Hell, half of Salem is going through the exact same thing they are! Sorry, to me this pairing is strictly being forced because of Marlena and Roman getting closer on the island.


The only problem I seen with Patrick delivering Jenniferís baby was when he told Jennifer the head was out, his hands were off to the side of Jennifer and not supporting the babyís head. Now Iím no way a doctor, but I would assume it would be logical to hold the head of the baby as it was being delivered to offer some support?


Out of the blue, Brandon calls Sami. Okay, so I take it he must have mellowed out a lot since he left her. Honestly, I never believed that Brandon would have left Sami the way he did. Brandon wasnít the 100% decent guy that he is being made out to be. The only reason Brandon left town was because the actor was given his walking papers from Days. Brandon knew who Sami was and he accepted her for who she was. I say bring Brandon back and put Sami with the man who she is truly soul mates with.


The black widow spider is a creature Nicole is commonly compared to, and I say if the designer shoe fits, wear it! Now she is just sitting and waiting for the superlative moment to catch Brady into her sticky web of lies and betrayals. Iím not a fan of Brady and Nicole relationship, but it will be interesting to see how these two progress forward with a relationship. Will Nicole be tamed once she gets everything she wants?


One moment Roman is fiery and wants to make love to Marlena, the next moment he is clinging to life because of his infection. Again, I am not a doctor but I think this infection must be very fast spreading to take a hold of him that quickly to make him pass out the way he did. Which makes me wonder, could this be some sort of act?


Well, Tony is certainly looking more and more guilty as time is moving forward. He has a secret passageway into Marlenaís penthouse. He is using a device to control the doorbell and elevator. This devise is very similar to the devise Stefano used on Vivian to control her moods when he had implanted the brain chip in her, could that be a clue? I honestly donít think he is the one behind this island, I just think we are being pushed to believe he is behind this.

Final Thoughts

It was a very intense first week back after the summer games. The only complaint I had about the show was the constant overlapping. There were some days when we were watching the show that there was a ten to fifteen minuet overlap that we already had seen from the previous days episode. It got a little annoying especially when you are anxious to see what is going to happen and we have to watch things we already have seen, not cool!

Hey, itís just what I think


Page updated 12/7/12

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