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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2004 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 8/27/04 by Justin

Almost Time for Days to Return!

Wow, these two weeks without Days of our Lives have just flown by. The Olympics is just about over and we will be back to original television programs. I hope you all enjoyed watching the Summer Games the United States didnít do too bad this year.

For me personally I have missed Days dearly, especially since the previews that Days showed before they went on their hiatus, it is looking like some great episodes are heading our way. But first lets talk about what has been going on with days before the break.


What is up with all of the physical abuse everyone is doing? First, we had John attack Crystal and punch her in the face, when she wasnít even a danger to him. Then we have Sami of course throwing a vase of flowers at Lucas. Maggie had slapped Tony across the face, and now Patrick punched Hope to knock her out. Iím sorry but this type of behavior is appalling. If it continues we will have to change the name of the show to The Days of our Assault and Battery!

Sami, Kate, & Lucas

When Kate came to Samiís door and started the childish remarks and then fake cover-ups were cute. These two actresses work extremely well together, they play off each otherís lines perfectly, and I canít imagine any other actors playing the role of Sami or Kate.

I enjoyed Lucasí proposals to Sami at the Penthouse Grill; it was romantic, funny, and cute! First even though Sami is high maintenance, she had a point saying not to just rush into the proposal like he did when they arrived. It was charming that Sami told Lucas that the night was still young he could try again, just by that comment he should have known that she wanted to marry him; she just wanted this grandiose setting. Remember when she was going to marry Austin and she had her Grandma Caroline carry a boom box around as her and her family paraded around the casino? Sami always wants to be the center of attention.

I will say kudos to Bryan (Lucas) for having the balls to sing, he wasnít that bad either. At first I thought oh, this is going to be cheesy, but it was sweet and fit the mood of the proposal beautifully. The flashbacks were placed in just at the right moment, and itís amazing that after all of these years they just now realized that they love each other.

It was also great to incorporate Julie into Lucasí proposal, I love when the younger characters ask for advice and guidance from the older characters. How sweet it was that Lucas asked what Doug would have done if it were him doing the proposal, great job Days!

Another little comment I have given some thought to; since Kate isnít using Romanís house, maybe it will be time for Kate to make peace with Sami and allow Sami and Lucas to move into Romanís house. This will allow Lucas and Sami to start their life together, if not of them then do it for Will. I honestly believed that Roman would have left the house to Sami and Will after he ďdiedĒ. Kate has enough money to live wherever her little heart wants.


Iím really disappointed that Abby hasnít returned home from camp yet. Lets face facts here. Jack is ďdeadĒ and now Jennifer is ďdeadĒ at least to those in Salem. Shouldnít Laura (which by the way is an excellent chance to bring her back), Jo, or Vern be going to get Abby since both of her parents are gone? This is also a great chance for a Mike and Carrie return. Here is a storyline for you writers: Mike and Carrie return home to Salem from Israel, with an almost adult Jeremy, to raise a rebellious Abby who is bitter at the world, because of the loss of her parents and unborn sibling, hey Iíd watch it!


I honestly do not believe that Tony is behind the island at all, (I could very well be wrong) but it is kind of suspicious that he did in fact break the communication device that Roman had made. Tony just might have other ulterior motives since he has arrived on the island, but I would be surprised if Tony was in on the island scheme. A few reasons why I donít think he is in on it is: One he loves Cassie and Rex, if he is behind this he would have brought Rex with him or left Cassie behind. The second reason is if Tony wanted revenge on the captors then he should have stayed in Salem and watched them on a camera instead of being right along side them.


Finally Mimi has her own storyline that doesnít revolve around Belle. Mimi is a strong character and Iím ready to see just what she can do with her own story. Now whether she has uterine cancer or not, I can only imagine how scared a woman would feel going through a scare like that. Mimi is a great character, hopefully we donít lose her on the show it would be a immense loss.

Kate & John

Wow, those scenes on the roof were very intense you could almost fry an egg on the two of them. I am a little shocked that John is about to have sex with Kate, just for the fact that Marlena wasnít buried too long ago, and of course her body is missing. Now of course you shouldnít wait forever to move on with your life when your spouse dies, but for a man totally devoted to his wife like he was, it is just a little shocking. Just think of the great scenes to come when Marlena and Roman find out just how close these two have become, and vice versa!


Halleluiah, Jennifer has been rescued from the cliff! Everyone lets do a little happy dance and then cross our fingers that we never have to see Jennifer ever again dangle from any bridges or cliffs anymore. I was interested in the fact that she is hallucinating and thinking that Patrick is Jack. I was waiting for Jack to walk in the cave at any moment and catch the smooch between these two, but it hasnít happened yet. In some of the rumors I have been hearing is that Jennifer has a baby boy and a baby girl! Although I havenít heard it to be the truth yet it is something to ponder.


He is still trying to shift his weight around and let everyone know that he is still the acting police commander, sorry but he isnít. Also wasnít he in the process of retiring when he got ďshotĒ? He seems to be a man that has to be in complete control of everything, and it is bugging him that he canít control this. The more Abe is being bossy the more Iím not caring for him anymore, which is very sad because Abe has always been a good guy. Like I have said in previous articles, I think the island story is going to add some much needed character depth to some of the stagnate characters.


Many people have noticed a lot of errors on Days lately. First when Bo and John were talking to Celeste, John had apparently called Hope ďKristianĒ (which is the actress name who portrays Hope. I for one donít have the tape nor do I recall if he said it or not.) The next big ďmistakeĒ Patrick had told Jennifer while he was trying to rescue her that he hoped Lexie made it back with the others. (Again, if it was said I didnít catch it nor do I have that episode on tape to review it. In honesty, if it was said I think he meant to say Hope, but then again is it a clue?) Finally Brady called Bo and Phillip his brothers when they are his uncles. So for all of you who donít know that family tree Iíll try to explain it the best I can. Isabella and John are the parents of Brady. Victor and Caroline are the parents of Bo, while Kate and Victor had Phillip. Isabella is Victorís daughter as well, which would make Bo and Phillip her half brothers, so they would be Bradyís uncles.

The last bit of information on mistakes was that Shawn had said the profane F-word in one of the scenes when Jan was taunting him. I have watched that episode a few times and the only f-word I heard was freaking so I think it was just a misunderstanding.

Final Thoughts

Iím really looking forward to the next few weeks to come when Days is back on the air again. I hope that is moves quickly and the island story is not drug out too much longer, or at least I hope more exciting situations float to the surface to make it addicting to watch again.

Hey, itís just what I think!


Page updated 12/7/12

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