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2004 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 8/1/04 by Justin


Okay his coin can keep babies from being born, and now it can open force fields. Everyone should have there very own magic coin like that, handy for every emergency. I like Patrick I do believe he is a good guy, if he is a con man then I would be surprised. But he knows more about what is going on, but he just cannot say, maybe to protect everyone on the island right now. So maybe the rumors are true; Patrick could be working for the ISA and many believe he was partnered up with Billie Reed, which could make for an interesting pairing.


When she gets rescued this time from the ravine, someone please tie a bungee cord around her, then next time when she goes to fall off a cliff, all anyone would have to do is pull back on the cord and keep her safe. The first time she fell off the cliff that was great, Jack rescued her and I enjoyed watching that. Having her fall again was just mundane, sorry if she was dumb enough to continue on a rope bridge with the boards braking under her feet, then she should fall, youíre too dumb to live! I could understand if she wasnít pregnant to continue over it hoping she would make it before the bridge fell apart, but when you are almost ready to deliver shouldnít you be a little careful!

The casket opening

Even though we all knew that Marlena isnít dead and that she wouldnít be in her coffin, the scenes when they opened her coffin were excellent. It was kind of suspenseful and very well acted. It is very creepy and scary the fact that there were claw marks (where the material was ripped) on the inside of the coffin it was eerie to think what someone would go through if you were actually buried alive. Maybe this will be enough suspicion to open the other graves that were ďkilledĒ by the Salem Stocker to see who is actually in there casket and who isnít.

Speaking of being buried alive, that is actually where the term wake came from. Many times in the olden days many men would get so drunk they would pass out, their breathing would be shallow that doctors believed them to be dead, when in fact they were having server alcohol poisoning. Then during their wake before the funeral they would often wake up, hence the name for a wake. If they didnít wake up the in the ground they went. Many coffins have been found many years later with claw marks from a drunk who didnít wake up it time, and were actually buried alive.


She has always been one of my favorite characters. If she is truly this great psychic, then why hasnít she had any vision or feelings that the ďdeadĒ are still alive or trying to reach out to their loved ones. It just seems a lot of the time she has to hear about something happening and then she gets a feeling. For once canít she go to someone before anything ever happens and say John you are going to find a teddy bear that is connected to Marlenaís death some how? Then have John find the teddy bear at Boís house that would prove that Celeste does have the gift. Often most psychic get visions or feeling that they have no clue what it means way before anything ever happens, then once it does it will make sense.

Nicole & Brady

Sorry, as I have stated before PLEASE donít put these two together, even though they are married in real life, doesnít mean we want them together on the show. From the moment Brady had moved in to the mansion, we have had to watch Nicole nonchalantly go after Brady. Sometimes Brady is so naÔve that itís pathetic. I love the character of Nicole and Brady but just not together!


Now that Molly Stanton has ended her role of Charity on Passion, I thought she would be a good replacement for Kristen Storms for the part of Belle. They already have another actress to take over the role of Belle in August, but just in case she doesnít work out, I would love to see Molly Stanton take a stab at it; I do think she would do a terrific job.


As much as Jan annoys everyone she is very intelligent and she is one step ahead of everyone. Not everyone would think to have Shawn hold the box to get his fingerprints on it, because why would people be that suspicious? But she covers her tracks well, the only problem now with her fingerprints being on the box when she handed it to Belle, if Tec was able to lift her fingerprints they have Jan in their grasp for killing Victor. Remember when they dusted Victorís bathroom, they found a set of fingerprints that they couldnít identify, now that her prints could have been lifted from the box, will Jan finally get caught?

Victor and Caroline

It is great to see Caroline again, when she was poisoned it was devastating, the thought of losing this strong woman. But she is alive and well and getting chummy again with Victor. I love this and the direction it could lead to. When they finally get back to Salem maybe enough old feeling would have been stirred up to cause Caroline to finally realize that she does in fact love Victor, and always have. I believed that this day would come sooner or later.

I often thought that when Victor died he would have left everything to he beloved Caroline, if she were still alive, which would have caused problems with Grandpa Shawn, having the man he despised the most leaving a fortune to his wife.


Wow, I canít believe I get to write about Stefano after all this time of him supposedly being dead! Do I believe Stefano is alive? Well, yes. Naturally we are supposed to start thinking that it is Stefano behind this. But I really donít believe he is behind the island. I hope it is someone we love and care about, like Roman, Marlena, or Abe. I want something shocking, not predictable, besides how many times can Stefano be dead and then back to life, okay you all got me as many as Marlena has been!

Days of our Lives fans are in a little bit of a tizzy with the mention of a seaside town of Harmony. For those of you who only watch Days and no other soaps, Harmony is the town in which Passions resides in. My thought is there will be no crossovers nor will the two shows combine. If you watch Passions any, you know that someone every once and a while, will mention watching a soap opera Days of our Lives, if it is a television show in Harmony then it means it is not real, so no crossover could be possible. It is just a connection or publicity for each show, since James E. Riley writes for both, it just might be a little kick he gets from doing that.

Now if Alistair on Passions mentions a little island he bought then maybe something could develop later on. I doubt though that Passion and Days would ever do crossovers for the fact that not everyone cares for Passion nor watches it. Plus remember when As the World Turn brought on Another World characters, many viewers were not so warmly accepting to character they never watched before. Many stated that they turn in to see the characters they like, not to watch characters from a different show come in a take over.

My final thought on the Days and Passion connection is, if Passions stars would to come to Days the acting would be so different. Not to put any of the actors on Passion down, because they are great on Passion (I enjoy to watch Passion), it just seems that there is a lot of bad/overacting acting from them, and these are talented actors who have proven themselves to be very good actors on other shows, just seem to cheesy sometimes for my taste when they are acting on Passions.

Hey, itís just my opinion!


Page updated 12/7/12

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