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2004 Our Opinion!

Opinion by Justin 7/16/04


            I was really upset with Johnís behavior. Trying to bug Nicoleís mansion and spy on her, without her knowing was insane.  For one even if he did obtain proof that Nicole ďkilledĒ Victor or Marlena, it could never be used against her, so why is he being so careless.

            He also attacked Crystal and backhanded her because she was trying to protect herself from him. Crystal was not a threat to Johnís life or well being, it was completely uncalled for, and I was really upset with that scene.  I think John needs to spend sometime in the local jail cell so he can cool down.  I used to like the character of John, because he was always portrayed a decent man, but sorry right now he would be the character I would send next to captive island, to keep himself and others out of harms way. 

            Brady also shocked me when he started to go along with Johnís idea of bugging Nicoleís mansion.  He is usually a pretty solid character and stands up for what he believes is right.  Iím sure he thinks Nicole is guilty, but since there is no proof of her crimes, he is giving her the benefit of the doubt.  Plus truthfully, the victims she had supposedly killed are actually not dead, so Brady is in fact helping an innocent Nicole who didnít kill anyone, she just plotted and attempted murder, is that enough to save her future? 

            John and Kate romance, Iím not sure it we are ready to see yet.  Even though some fans predicted that their would be a this twist, I donít know if I would like it to play out or not.  I used to be a Roman and Marlena fan, but since itís not the original actor playing Roman I like Marlena with John.  

Jan & Shawn

            I will admit the new Jan is doing a great job.  The character is a wack-job, but over all sometimes she can be entertaining to watch.  Iím still not caring about these Shawn and Jan scenes.  The fake amnesia was clever for Shawn to attempt, but if you are going to make a play like that you will have to follow through with your ruse. If he really wants to get out of that cage all he needs to do is actually have start to have sex with her. Then during the deed knock her out; hit her in the back of the head with something take the keys lock her in the cage and get the hell out of there, and back to Salem to find out your mother has been ďkilledĒ.  

            At least the one good thing that has happened so far is that people know that she is back in town.  Which means this story is moving along, and soon hopefully it will be over.  I do wish though that Shawn were rescued before the new Belle took over, but itís not looking that way.

Belle & Phillip

            It threw me a little when Belle asked Phillip to move in with her.  I for one agree with what Sami said, when Shawn comes home he isnít going to be thrilled with the idea that Phillip is living with his girlfriend.  Belle and Phillip would make an interesting couple, but Iím beginning to see that they will never be together; Phillip is just being used to be a little more of a wedge between Belle and Shawn.

            I want to say good luck to Kristen Storms with her new project she is working on this fall.  Kristen has matured into a talented actress, and Iím sure that what ever she decides to do in the future she will be great in.  But hopefully she never forgets that we loved her on daytime and would love to have her back anytime.

Sami & Lucas

            Are they together now, or arenít they together now.  Iím starting to lose sleep thinking if they are a couple or not! If they have one more break up or call it quits, I say send them packing to Captive Island let them work out their problems there, where their would be little distractions like Manda or Kate!

Jack and Jennifer

            Great to see them back together again.  I can remember years ago when they were both trapped on the Cruise of Deception that lead them to a deserted island after the ship exploded.  That is when they finally got together.  I cannot wait for Jennifer to see all of her family members she thought she had lost.  Also, I canít wait for Jen to come face to face with Marlena, Jennifer has been know to say things she thinks, could Marlena get the tongue lashing that Iím sure everyone is so wanting to say to her. 

Hope and Patrick

            I donít understand the constant pairing of Hope and Patrick right now.  It just seems that they are inseparable.  I know that Bo and Hope have been happily married now for a while, and in a soap opera happily married equals boring, is Patrick going to be the one to break up Bo and Hope?  I really hope not.

            They are now flying to this tropical island, which I guess is not to far from Salem.  Is everyone on the show going to be on this island?  If that is the case it is going to get old real fast. They will have to change the name form Days of our Lives to Bahamas of our Lives.

            When Hope arrived on the island there was a bit of adrenaline pumping, because it was very interesting to watch, because lets face it, it has been very dull on the island nothing too exciting has been going on any.  Let us hope that since Hopeís arrival things start to get better, otherwise we can call it Snooze Island.

Theories about the Island

            Iím starting to believe more and more that Isabella Toscano is on that island somewhere.  Her name is being mentioned a lot more.  So I began to think what if she is the one behind this whole island situation, I know it is too far fetched.  But what if she has been on this island since she was taking from pancreatic cancer, and she is hiding from her former friends. 

            My other theory is what if Kristen Blake is the one behind this.  Remember last time we saw her she was a prisoner of some rich sultan.  With his money and along with Stefanoís money she could in fact have enough to conduct her little Walden Island.  She has Abe and Roman on the island, so she has the police situation controlled.  Marlena is going to be unable to fight her.  Everyone that is left is Salem is very unlikely to solve this mystery that their loved ones are alive, except Bo who I think will end up on the island soon.  This will leave the door wide open for Kristen to make her way back to Salem for John.  (This might be another far-fetched theory!)


            I will say is Crystal retarded?  Jan saves her behind from John attacking her and tells her to leave, but Crystal stays behind to an unconscious John who wakes up and attacks Crystal again.  How many times do you need to be attacked before you run away? But lucky for Crystal Jan was around still to save her once more, I say attack me once shame on the attacker, attacking me again when I had time to escape, send me to the Loony bin, because Iím just nuts!

 Hey, itís just what I think!


Page updated 12/7/12

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