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2004 Our Opinion!

Opinion by Justin 6/28/04


Jennifer used to be suspicious, which is what makes her a great reporter, but where did all of her suspicion and judgment go during the majority of these computer messages. For one, Jennifer was in the room when Jack ďdiedĒ, plus she did sign to papers allowing Jackís organs to be donated, so why was she so easily convinced that Jack is still alive, this just go against Jenniferís character.

I was stunned that Jennifer did in fact get aboard the airplane. In a way I understand that she wants to believe that Jack is alive and waiting for her, which in actuality he is, but with everything that happens in Salem I was shocked that it took Jennifer that long to begin to think that this all could be a scam. I would believe she would do this if she wasnít pregnant and if Abby was away at camp already. It just seems that everything is being rushed, if you are going to do something, do it right and make it believable.

Sami & Lucas

Either put them together or split them up. If Sami does truly love Lucas then she needs to just give up her ridicules vendetta against Kate, because Iím sure we all are getting very tired of this stupid feud between them. Really Iím getting to the point where I really donít understand their feud anymore, it just isnít making any sense to me, and itís now too silly to even think about.

As I have stated several times I donít really care for the pairing of Sami and Lucas. When he was first on the show, I believe that he did care for Sami but he always wanted Carrie, and Sami always wanted Austin. So do they really love each other or is it just the fact that they have a history and share a child with each other that makes them want to be together?

A Sami and Patrick pairing could be interesting. Patrick in a way reminds me of a mix of an Austin and Brandon combined. He would be someone Sami would go after. Here is a story for Days Sami, Nicole, and Crystal all going after Patrick. Think of potential the writers could have with that Quad-triangle. I would even like to see maybe Teck and Sami heat things up!

Lucas just met Manda and she already agreed to go back to his apartment. For granted nothing could go on between them, but if she was that ready to go home with Lucas, maybe this isnít the first time she has done this. Although, this does happen in the real world I just needed to mention it!

Captive Island

I will say that this island story isnít too exciting right now, despite the fact that Tony is still doing flips, come on give me a break ďThat donít impress me muchĒ. I was though shocked at Maggieís language I have never heard her talk like that before, it was awesome. (I guess she is really pissed off.)

Okay, you all know that Marlena is my favorite to watch, but Abe saying if Marlena canít get Tony to confessÖ um why would Tony want to talk to the woman that ďkilledĒ him, not everyone is so accepting of Marlena being on the island after the terror she bestowed upon them all, which lead to them being held captive. I would be kind of suspicious of her as well.


How much fun was that to watch with Lonestar singing? It is always great when television shows capture the cultural aspects of everyday life and incorporate them in the show. For granted not everyone enjoys country music, dancing, or food, but for those who do it was great to watch.

I was leery about Bonnie changing Tuscany into Aliceís Bar, but you know it adds flavor to the show and I think it is working magnificently. It would be great when Maggie comes back to Salem that she allows Bonnie to continue running the restaurant.

The Language

I will say that the language that is being used is getting extremely bold for daytime. A lot of ďAssĒ has been said. Mentions of three-somes, and a whole lot of other sexual references have been implied. I think for my generation, the younger ones, we are more open to this type of talk. But the older viewers might now view this as nonchalant as we do, but still everything has to evolve otherwise it will cease to exist, so whatever it takes to make Days of out Lives back on top (no pun intended) letís do it!

Hey, itís just what I think!


Page updated 12/7/12

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