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2004 Our Opinion!

Opinion by Justin 6/6/04


As much as I hate the fact that Nicole did resort to murder in order to save her own behind, I will admit she is a great character to watch. In the past week we watched Nicole start to simmer down a little bit. She is starting to act like her old self now, just manipulating people, not killing them. This is the Nicole we know, the one who goes after what she wants with her games. I donít believe Nicole would have ever resorted to murder, I think it was a character shift from writer to writer.

The meeting with Bo, Phillip, Brady, Belle, and Nicole were excellent. Even though Nicole was the one pulling all of the strings, those scenes couldnít have been any better. Nicoleís smug look as the ensemble started bickering proves how conniving Nicole can really be. Usually her temper flares when she gets accused of killing Victor, but she was as cool as ice when Bo was verbally attacking her.

I agree 100% that Brady should move out of the mansion. He shouldnít be living there with Nicole. Yes his grandfather Victor, wanted him there, but now that he is gone why would you want to live with your step-grandmother, when you know that she has the hots for you! Maybe in some twisted way Brady likes Nicole chasing after him. I for one donít want Brady and Nicole together!

Jan and Shawn

All I have to say about them is two words, fast forward!

The Island

The ones who are trapped on this island seem to just complain about being on the island, and talk about how they have to find a way to get off of it, well less talk and more action might help them a lot more to getting off the island.

I will say the island story is a little different than I thought it was going to be. Iím not saying whether I like it yet or not, we have to gather a little more information on what is going on and give some more time for this to play out. There is a lot of potential for an awesome summer story; I just hope it wonít be a major let down.


I was trying to think of some ways for the writers to ďkillĒ Jennifer, so she can go to the island. The most logical solution would be to have her die in childbirth. If another murder were committed it wouldnít be as intense now that we know that they really arenít dead. Because a chase or stalking scene, we wouldnít get to worked up over anymore, because we would know that she would end up on the island. But if she died during labor it would be a different spin, and really not expected. Plus too, nobody in Salem would think anything out of the ordinary of it, because they all knew there was a chance for her to die with this pregnancy.

Now the writers have to be very clever in how to get other people to the island. Because they just canít have another serial killer, it would start to grow suspicious. New creative means would be needed, more natural everyday deaths.


As much as Sami is hurting I do understand her lashing out at John and Kate. It just seems that John and Kate are getting a little too chummy for my taste as well. If your mother just dies and your stepfather, who you are blaming for your motherís death, is always with Kate you might begin to speculate that something is going on. For granted in tragic times you lean on people for support, but people talk especially in a small town like Salem.


Kate has never been a favorite character of mine and I feel that Roman and Kate were just pushed together to fast. They just are not right for each other. I do love Lauren Koslow she does an excellent job portraying Kate, I just donít see the purpose of Kate staying in Salem. I loved the days with Vivian, Victor, and Kate. They were always doing something new with them, but without Vivian and Kate fighting, I think Kate is dead weight for Days of our Lives.


Okay, let me get this straight. Rex has a degree in science and engineering, and he wants to go to Bartending School. Talk about a major career change! If Rex is that smart of character why donít they have him become a teacher at Salem University, or at least have him work on his masters? Come to think of it does anyone in Salem have his or her mastersí degree? Hmmm that is something to ponder!

Hey, itís just what I think!

Page updated 12/7/12

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