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2004 Our Opinion!

Days Of Our Lives Commentary
by Kathy

Gilligan’s Island – Salem Style

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started with a murder, one, and ended in the tropic sun. Ok…that’s then end of my rhyming…I won’t even attempt any more, I promise! Just a quick run-down of the folks stranded on this island, in case anyone lost count (again, assuming all the dead will be returning): Abe, Jack, Maggie, Caroline, Cassie, Roman, Tony, Doug, Alice, and although not one of Marlena’s victims, Victor. Of course, Marlena is now a resident of this lush tropical island. Now the big question is – am I going to buy into this parallel Salem thing? Absolutely NOT! Although I am thrilled to see Alice, Abe, Roman and Doug, and am looking forward to seeing all the rest, I simply cannot accept the fact that these people have been cremated, embalmed, or donated their organs, yet survived their fate. Marlena falling through the earth, in her casket, was way more than I could accept seriously, and instead, howled with laughter at the absurdity of it all. We don’t know yet who is pulling the strings, but a couple of prime theories that are floating around on the internet (not spoilers, but pure speculation from die-hard fans) are Stefano (too obvious), Dr. Rolf (it’s possible, and he has the sick mind to do it), or Ernesto Tuscano (a remote possibility).

Triangles and More

From what I can tell, after viewing this week’s episodes, TPTB are setting up many, many triangles – too many, in my not-so-humble opinion. Accepting the fact that all of the dead will be returning, we will have a huge Kate, Roman, John, and Marlena thing going. John, Marlena and Roman have already been through their share of triangles, and as far as I am concerned, this has been resolved a long, long time ago. Bonnie, Mickey and Maggie – I don’t doubt who Mickey will choose, but knowing Bonnie, she’ll dig her claws in as deep as she can. And what will poor Maggie think of her beloved Tuscany when she returns? I can’t wait to see the look on her face! Abe, Lexie and TEK – Abe has been lamenting over his relationship with Lexie, fearing she will, in fact, move on, and after this week, I’d have to say these two are getting a bit closer. Jack, Jennifer, and Patrick – which I’d have to say is merely an annoyance. If Victor is on the island (I have no idea if he is or isn’t) then we could have a Caroline, Shawn, Victor triangle going. I’d personally like to see Victor win this triangle, although I do adore Shawn. Victor’s never-ending love for Caroline has endured all these years, and I’d like to see what would happen if they were put together. Jan, Belle, Shawn and Philip – again, quite annoying, and I’d like to see these four banished to an island of their own. By my count, that sets up six triangles – and we, the viewers, will need score cards to keep track of them all. Way too many to handle at one time.

Meddling Mom

Kate needs a life of her own, instead of trying to control her sons. I adore Kate! However – I don’t need to hear her tell Philip one more time to go after Belle. Nor do I need to hear her tell Lucas to stay away from Sami. Get over it, Kate, and accept that your children are big boys, and can make their own decisions. Speaking of which, if Belle would stop whining for a minute, she might realize Philip has feelings for her. Unfortunately, she’s too wrapped up in being “Belle” to see the forest for the trees.

Other Miscellaneous Observations

The new Jan has brought such a twisted dimension to this character – I hate the story line, but will give props to this young actress. I’m totally buying her downward spiral into complete madness.

John’s raw emotions have been superb! Just what I expect from a grieving husband who lost the love of his life. Kudos to Drake!

Let us not forget clueless Brady. How many conversations has he walked in on, caught Nicole red-handed in a lie, but yet, he accepts all her excuses. Come on, Brady, wake up and smell the cappuccino! This girl is in way over her head, yet he cannot see it? I used to think Brady had some of John in him – but now I think has been written to be the town fool. All the evidence is right in front of his nose, but he just doesn’t see any of it. And now we have Crystal in the mix of things – boring, boring, boring! She did her job – now get her off my screen!

This “brilliant writing” (yes, I’m being sarcastic), so far has been nothing more than a rehash of old triangles, a complete vortex of old stories, that we, the viewers, have long since gotten past. As a long-time viewer, I demand more from my beloved show. I demand a story that makes sense – not one that appears to be thrown together at the last minute, is plot driven, and assumes I can’t remember what happens from one episode to the next. Although I’m so happy to see my favorites return to the screen, I will not accept the methods used. I also demand some better dialogue! I hear the same lines being repeated over and over again. I’m not into any sci-fi nonsense, although I know some viewers are, so I’m having a very hard time with all of this. I don’t expect a soap to be so “out there.” I expect romance and drama, and maybe a little bit of well-placed comedy.

Please note that these opinions are solely my own.

Page updated 12/7/12

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