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2004 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 5/30/04 by Justin

Another week has gone by, and we still have little leads on what is going on with this island story. So far we have seen Alice, Roman, Abe, Doug, and of course Marlena on this island. I will say, as much as I love the fact that the dead characters are not dead, it is also a little aggravating that they are not dead. Think about it we watched them be murdered and then we cried over the loss of these characters, but they are not dead and in a way feel a little taken advantage of for believing that they were killed.

If you think of all the characters that were killed and Salem and we will see on this island sooner or later, the only character that really hasn’t had a huge impact on the Days of our Lives is Cassie. So I think it is only natural to think that more major characters that we love will end up on the island. Either Bo or Hope, because so far they are one of the few couples that haven’t been ripped apart yet. Also, my own thoughts is that Mimi or Belle will end up on the island, I’m leaning more toward Belle since Kristen Storms will be leaving in July it would be a perfect time to make an actor switch. Another character I think might end up on the island will be Jennifer, just because she is having a ruff enough time as it is with her pregnancy, it just seems it would add more turmoil to her life, so throw her on the island.

As much as Bonnie still is on my nerves, sometimes I look forward to seeing her. Bonnie is the comic relief and it’s refreshing to watch her scheming scenes over characters crying and suffering because of the “loss” of their loved ones. So lets see some more of Bonnie’s crazy daydreams they are always wacky and sometimes we need to see those scenes among the depression we are watching.

I really didn’t understand Kate telling John about her past as Stefano’s call girl the same day he had to bury his wife, it just seemed to be from no where. I would have loved John to say something on the order of “Kate I’m glad you trust me with this, but lets talk about it later my wife was just buried.” I guess that is one way to get nominated for best scene-stealer.

The Jan/Shawn story is not even worth mentioning right now, it’s just too lame!

I did like the scene when Julie called Hope and told her that her dad was alive and singing at “Alice’s” I like that they interrupted Bo and Hope, because in real life when an emergency is happing or something big, the phone usually rings at the most inopportune moment.

Why doesn’t Will just pack up all of his belongings and just move in with grandpa Shawn since that is the only place he is ever at. The only good thing is that Lucas and Sami do mention him from time to time; at least they know where he is. But for once I would love to hear Grandpa Shawn say, sorry Sami I can’t watch your child I have other things I need to do.

I do like the new opening music it is similar to the old theme, but with a “twist”. Hmmm does this new music have something to do with the “twist” that is currently playing out?

Finally, I believe that Crystal will be an asset to Salem. She is already cracking my up. Telling Nicole to make an adult movie with Brady. Grandmothers’ sleeping with their step-grandsons was shocking to hear, but very humorous since in fact Nicole would love nothing more than to be with Brady.

People everywhere disagree with my thought that Lexie is somehow involved in this bizarre plot, because she would never do that to Abe. Which I agree that Lexie most likely would not do that to Abe, unless she knew that he would be returned to her, or that she would be reunited with him at some point.

My last thought is what Marlena said to everyone in Alice’s island house. “What if we are the ones who were spared and the people left in Salem will have something worse happen to them?” That was a very interesting comment. If it is in fact Stefano we all know how he wanted Marlena, could this be what this island story is all about. Or could it be a way to put Marlena back with Roman, and pair John with Kate?

Hey, it’s just what I think!


Page updated 12/7/12

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