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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2004 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 5/22/04 by Justin

The big twist Iím sure we have all heard by now is that the dead are not dead but are on some island somewhere. This is fantastic news, for we will be seeing our favorites back in the flesh. Even better news is that most of the characters that were supposedly killed, rarely was even part of any storyline for many years, so we get to see them in this fascinating twist!

As Iím sure we all are thinking Stefano is somehow behind this or at least one or all of his children are manipulating this. If it is Stefano I will bet that Lexie was in on the plot, for she was the only doctor that pronounced each of the eleven deaths, kind of suspicious to me!

Isabella has been mentioned a few times in the past couple of weeks, how great would that be to have Isabella, Bradyís mother, to be alive and on this island too. That could be a huge John and Marlena twist, who would John be more happy to see, his dead first wife or second? Iím thinking that maybe some familiar faces other than who was killed just recently could be on this island. The reason why I am thinking this is because it is said that Victor is among the living on this island and Marlena did not kill him, so maybe there is hope for some old favorites.

The thirty-first Daytime Emmys were great. Although you could see the disappointment when Kristian Alfonso read Rick Hearst name instead of James Reynoldsís name in the supporting actor category. But each of the nominees and winners represented the best in daytime and all deserve big congratulations.

I love the fact that they are giving out lifetime achievement awards while the recipients are alive and able to enjoy this immense accomplishment. One of my biggest pet peeves is when they wait until after the recipients have past on to announce their greatness.

How beautiful did Frances Reid look in her blue dress? She was just beaming with happiness! I was so happy for her, because she looked so amazing and so incredibly happy! It is a big relief that we saw the previews for Days of our Lives with Alice being alive Iím sure many of the viewers who didnít give this story a chance and quit watching after the murders might be making a trip back to Salem to see what the heck is going on.

Hope is one of the best characters ever is daytime. The support she shows everyone is amazing. Marlena killed her family members but yet she isnít angry with Marlena or condemning her to death like some of the other characters have been, in fact she was terrible sadden by the loss of her friend. The writers are writing Hope with such nobility and humanity that if she was not a character, but an actual person she would be respected so highly.

Iím getting very annoyed with Brady he seems to be filled with so much hate lately. Now we know that Nicole is guilty, but he was the one from the beginning saying innocent until proven guilty, so what has happened to change his mind about Nicole? Now it seems he wants to be the one to inject the lethal injection in Nicole arms. To me it seems Brady is being written a little different than how his character was not to long ago.

All I can say about Marlena being alive and in the ground is wow! I think it would have been more powerful if this particular storyline hasnít been done to ďdeathĒ. I remember watching Carly being trapped in her grave, and then there was Sheridan on passions had been buried alive. The feeling of suspense and surprise just isnít there any more. But this is a really cool transition to see Marlena in the coffin then on this mysterious island.

Hey, Itís just what I think!


Page updated 12/7/12

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