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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2004 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 5/13/04 by Justin

Days of our lives should be called The Depression of our Lives, since everyone is crying and grieving over their losses. The only happy couple we are seeing is Rex and Mimi and those moments are few and far between. I really do like Mimi she is my favorite younger character, but she buts in to Shawn and Belleís life way too much. It is great that Mimi wants them to be happy, but you know worry about your own life and let Shawn and Belle work through their own problems sometimes you do more harm than good interfering in other peopleís problems.

I do not like the way they are writing Jan. I would rather listen to the other actress whine over Shawn. I figured since they brought on a new actress to play the part of Jan Spears they could have changed the character to be a stronger woman going after what she wants, instead of this insane character we are watching. The new actress who is playing the part is doing a great job so far, so itís not the acting, it the character.

Jason Cook is going to be initiated into soap opera clichť. I guess you know when you have made it as a soap opera fan favorite, when your character gets kidnapped. I donít want to sit through another kidnapping, but maybe this will take our minds off what is going on right now. I was impressed with Jan dressed up as the elder woman, the make-up artists should be commended they did a wonderful job with transforming her.

Marlena under the truth serum was fantastic scenes to watch, I havenít been disappointed in any of Ms. Hallís performances. She is starting to take us deep in the mind of a serial killer and we are seeing a side of Marlena that is fascinating and bizarre to the many Marlena fans.

I was genuinely touched when Hope was talking to Marlena. Hope being a concerned friend and advised Marlena not to take the truth serum. We are seeing the true colors of who these characters really are. Hope even though the evidence is pilled up against Marlena she still believes in her innocents, until she hears Marlena confess. Usually we get cheated from watching some these touching moments between characters, but Hope and Marlena were worth watching that episode.

I was touched deeply after Marlena got shot, and the reporters were letting her say what she needed to say to her children. Those scenes were emotional and the flashbacks they showed Iím sure didnít leave a dry eye for any viewer. Even though Marlena had committed these terrible murders, Iím still rooting for Marlena.

Kristen Storms and Allison Sweeny as always didnít disappoint me with their performances. I will admit when Kristen first came on the show, she seemed a little green, but as time went by she has proven that she is an amazing actor and really can hold her own.

I understood Boís point of view giving a shoot to kill order on Marlena, but still he is out for revenge, mostly for his motherís death. I just donít understand why Marlena kept holding the gun, being a trained psychiatrist she should have known that if the police saw her holding a gun they would consider her armed and dangerous.

I would like for Sarah Buxton to stay on Days. I really like her as an actress and Iím sure there are things for her to get into in Salem outside of prison. Crystal could be used to complicate things for Phillip or Patrick or even some of the other older characters in town. I see a lot of potential for her!

Sami is really going through a lot right now, even though she claims Kate and John are behind the ten deaths in Salem she is starting to realize that her mom is the one responsible. I know there will come a time when Sami will no longer be the bad girl, but maybe the time is starting to arrive sooner than we think.

Brady needs to get a life! He is constantly eavesdropping on Nicole and continuously making her tell him everything she is doing and it is getting old. We all know that she is responsible for Victorís death, but it is getting too annoying to have Brady always lurking behind Nicole, and every time seeing her mentioning an accomplice. If he things that Nicole is this horrible monster then he should just move out and wash his hands of her, it just seems that everyone in Salem has to play detective instead of leaving it to the professionals.

Hey, It is just what I think!


Page updated 12/7/12

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