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2004 Our Opinion!

Days Of Our Lives Commentary
by Kathy

Another week has ended in the days of OUR lives, but since April 14, it has been the same day in Salem. This is evidenced by the fact that with a few exceptions, hardly anyone has changed clothes in 2 ˝ weeks. This really bothers me – we really have had a lot happen over the course of the last few weeks, probably too much to squeeze into one day. Especially when you consider there was the double funeral, the test to see if Marlena was possessed, Marlena sent to prison, the prison fight, Marlena sent to the hospital for tests, and now she’s under the influence of the truth serum. That is probably one of my biggest gripes about the show – it moves slower than molasses in January! Since it moves along at a snail’s pace, I don’t have much incentive to watch everyday – I miss a day, I won’t miss much – I miss a week, I can catch right back up. Other soaps move along so rapidly, you miss a day, you could find yourself lost. Personally, I like a faster pace – I’m finding myself getting bored with DOOL.

On to the good stuff – Marlena was as entertaining as ever under the truth serum! Just watching her expressions as she described the murders had me giggling. We were also treated to her dramatic side, assuring her family that regardless of the outcome, she loves them all very much. Seeing her play out each murder as she remembered was equally entertaining – we got a glimpse of her dark side we’ve not seen since she fell.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I see a potential pairing with Lexie and Tek. I think these two might have some good chemistry, and especially since Abe told her to move on, perhaps we’ll see these two generating some sparks in the near future.

Casseroles were floating around Salem, as Bonnie brought one over for Jennifer. I’m not really sure why, then again, I’m not even sure a reason is necessary to bring someone a meal. Kate brought a casserole over for Lucas, but was halted at Sami’s door by the “noises” coming from within. This particular casserole turned into a weapon, as Kate flung a spoonful at Sami. Luckily, Lucas was there to help clean it off her. Again – I’m not sure why Kate brought the dish over – but I suppose it was a nice gesture.

The reading of Alice’s will was rather a letdown. I was truly hoping for a mass gathering of the Hortons, complete with flashbacks, as special items were distributed. Instead, Mickey seems to be hunting down each heir, one by one, and telling them in private. It was very cool that Abby got the cookie recipe – but again, I could have used a flashback. In my opinion, it was rather anticlimactic.

Not to sound like a broken record, but Sami and Lucas were awesome again this week! Sami is still fighting her inner feelings – trying to decide of they should be a real “couple.” The little polonaise in the living room was a great added touch – and I could definitely stand to see more of this! Lucas was ever so quixotic at the hospital – he truly is a white night! I was so touched by how he tended to Sami’s every need, and helped her emotionally through this trying time. Sami is staying true to form, even though she’s heard the confessions, she still believes that John is behind the murders, and probably with Kate’s help. Will she ever see the light?

I was more than a little upset with Kate this week – particularly where Rex is concerned. Kate said her long-lost daughter was killed before she ever got to know her, but since Cassie’s death, she has made little attempt to reach out to Rex. It was nice to see these two attempting to bond at the hospital.

How classy was that of Hope to tell Marlena not to take the truth serum? Wow – I certainly could not have held my feelings in check, if I had been through everything Hope has endured these last months. I thoroughly enjoyed their scenes together, although I thought it was a bit out of place, considering all that has happened – but, I guess Hope is more forgiving than I could ever be.

Page updated 12/7/12

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