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2004 Our Opinion!

Days Of Our Lives Commentary
by Kathy

Finally…we get some real Lumi lovin’! I’ve been waiting for this for so long – but was it just me, or was it a let down? As I recall, their fantasies were hotter than what we saw this week. I’m not going to complain, though, because this has been too long in the making. I absolutely loved how Sami cleared Lucas at the police station of all domestic violence charges. I’m not saying Lucas was right in slapping Sami, but it did lead to both of them finally admitting their true feelings. In my opinion, this was the highlight of the week.

I was so shocked at the fight that broke out between Shawn and Philip. Mostly, I was shocked because they both kept their shirts on – although Philip’s was nearly ripped off, still, it was nice to see everyone clothed this week. Another thing that has really bothered me is the fact that Shawn goes from shunning Belle for lying, then in the next scene, he’s telling her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. And they say women are fickle! Poor Belle – all she can think about is how all of these deaths have directly affected her – and how her mom is being blamed – and how she, too, just might go crazy one of these days. Belle is the epitome of selfishness.

Another shocker for me was Mimi. Of all the younger people, Mimi is probably my favorite – so quirky and adorable. Mimi giving advice to two seasoned police officers by suggesting administering truth serum? I’m not even sure truth serum is considered proper police procedure. Between all the twenty-somethings, I believe they have all contributed to this investigation. Once again – I’m not sure that is proper police procedure. But then again, if the writers can rewrite history, they certainly can make up their own police procedures.

Now…on to the alleged possession. It was strongly hinted at early in the week – complete with Marlena dreaming of spewing pea soup. I was torn between being totally grossed out, and trying not to laugh. Then – John brings the priest in, who invites the dark forces into Marlena, to prove that there are no dark forces in her? The absurdity of these scenes is just beyond words. Finally, Marlena is carted off to jail. I honestly felt like I was watching a bit from “Saturday Night Live.” The stereotypical prisoners sharing her cell was just too much. In the past, whenever someone has gone to jail, they have been alone in a cell. But, in order to drive this plot, Marlena is thrown in with a bunch of women. Again, I was laughing at Nicole’s friend, Crystal – with her hair done, and perfect lipstick – I’ve seen enough Lifetime television movies to know that when a woman is in prison, she certainly doesn’t look like that. After watching the brawl, we saw that all the women were piled on top of one another – again, another scene that was just too funny for words. I have to admire John for standing by his woman, especially considering she has confessed to him, tried to kill him, and didn’t she also attack Sami early on in this story? And, thanks to medical science, there is no physiological reason for her to be killing, nor is there any sign of possession. Taking into consideration all of these facts, I wonder how the writers will redeem her, and will they be successful? I’m sure if they want her redeemed, they’ll just spoon feed us some more baloney, and we’ll be expected to buy into it.

Finally, Nicole. I’ve always been kind of neutral where she is concerned – I don’t really like her, or dislike her, however, I really wish we could wrap this one up. First, we still have the Colin Murphy murder hanging out there. Next, she conspired to kill her husband, and I was a huge Victor fan – I’ve always liked him right from the beginning – he was one of the best bad guys. Now, she tried to have Marlena killed. With each of these dirty deeds, it gives her a chance to whine to Brady, beg for his support, remind us of the horrible things her father did to her, and throw herself at him. This is getting very old, and I really do wish they would move it along. But, alas, one day in Salem takes about two or three weeks to get through. It is my personal theory that the writers believe the longer they keep us hanging, the longer we will continue to watch, and therefore, the ratings won’t suffer. I guess they feel if they resolve a storyline, we’ll just stop watching. Personally, I say finish a storyline, and bring something new to the table to keep us interested.

Page updated 12/7/12

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